Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yes, There Were Sneakers On The Runway

Karl Lagerfeld does it again, folks. As sneakers paved the Chanel Haute Couture catwalk, I think we were all a little mind-blown. That's right, ladies. Sneakers are the new couture, which means that high heels are SO yesterday. As an avid lover of the high heel, I couldn't contain my jaw throughout the show. Though I already expect Karl to be full of surprises, this was beyond what I could've possibly imagined. Nevertheless, the only man I could've envisioned bringing sneakers to Couture is the masterful Karl himself.

Though he's made some "interesting" choices in the past few months, including choosing Kristen Stewart as his muse (view rant here) and using cultural appropriation in his Pre-Fall runway show, this designer's basket of surprises seems to have no end. I sense a pattern here, don't you? Someone seems to be challenging controversy time and time again and his name rhymes with snarl.

As much as I admire Lagerfeld for his bold choices, I can't help but question whether he's a creative mastermind or merely seeking attention from the fashion conventional. Has he chosen to put sneakers in a Couture show to make the models more at ease? Doubtful. Is he taking tips from K. Stew? Likely. Is this man just highly inspired by us regular folk? Maybe so.

Whatever this man is doing, it seems to be working. My fashion forecast definitely predicts sneakers in the near future, but I'm not ready to put those heels away just yet. Are you?

Happy Sunday!


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