Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Chunky Necklace Is My New Boyfriend

After several months of tasting the various flavours of jewelry, I've set my eyes upon the chunky necklace (despite my concerns that my petite frame couldn't handle it) and it was love at first sight (Or second. Whatever). We batted eyes for several weeks as I continued to delve deeper into the realm of arm candy, but I came to realize that I couldn't quite resist the "come hither" looks of that chunky necklace.

For those of you who don't know, a chunky necklace is one which commands attention. It is the centrepiece to your favourite LBD, the accent, the crowd pleaser, and a conversation starter all at once (Not that I'm saying that men are accessories, but aren't these the qualities we all search for in a man?) The best part about the chunky necklace is that you can have a wardrobe consisting entirely of basics and your accessory can make each look unique and individual as though it were brand new (cliche, but undeniable). The illusion of newness is what we all strive for in a world where we are constantly being seduced by fashion magazines and street stylers. Jewelry was a gift brought to us by the stork to refresh an expired look. Miracle? I'd say so.

I may be a delicate young lady, but I can't resist a little bling every now and then. While your outfit may say "I'm stylish", you're neck-ware says "I'm a fashionista". In this day and age, necklaces speak louder than words. Pearls invoke class and timelessness. Diamonds indicate high standards and a penchant for sparkle. Coloured crystals are for the imaginative woman with a playful attitude. Your necklace has more to say about you than you may think, so wear it well and don't be afraid to be bold. And with those final words of wisdom, I say adios.


30 Days Until NYFW

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