Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Petrifying Pixie

A woman's hair is her power source. It represents her sexuality, her appeal, her individuality. The all-consuming fear of a young girl is have it all chopped off. Will I look like a boy? Will I still be attractive? Will it highlight my acne? These are all questions we ask ourselves as we contemplate taking the plunge into pixieland. It's a bold statement that suggests spunk, fearlessness, and a solid backbone. And in 2013, it was the Hollywood hair trend of the year.

From Jennifer Lawrence, to Emma Watson, to Michelle Williams, it seems that every burgeoning celebrity wants to get on the pixie bandwagon. As each of these women chopped off their locks, social media spheres exploded with commentary and magazines nominated this look as the hair trend to follow. The question is: can we "normal folk" pull this off? Is the pixie versatile enough to enter the realm of regular people with average day jobs? Or is it simply a celebrity trend representative of a woman with a career in the spotlight? Will this haircut work in the real world?

As I walk down the streets of Montreal and stumble across a few pixies in my wake, I wonder if I'll ever try this look. Do I have the face for it? Can I even imagine the prospect of abandoning my wavy locks? The women who sport this eye-catching haircut have the easiest time fixing their hair and I can't help but envy their ability to wash and go. My shoulder-length curly hair requires extensive blow drying (a concept I have yet to master) and an endless assortment of hair products (with placebo effects). Nevertheless, despite the easy maintenance, this look requires extensive mental preparation and an exploration of the best makeup tutorials on YouTube. With that much emphasis on your face, your makeup case is bound to become your best friend.

Now that I have these tips in my pocket, will I venture into pixieland myself?

The truth is, I don't think I'm there yet. Will I ever get there? We'll see where my fashion evolution takes me. For now, I'll stick to my half hour hair routine. Who knows? One day you may stumble upon a pixie and it might be me.


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