Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Leather Pant-Shaped Void In My Heart

Several weekends ago, after rummaging through my closet for several hours (true story), I found myself in a common predicament. I had no clue what to wear (stereotype of the century). Something was missing. There was a gap between my basic black Levi skinnys and Topshop pencil skirt that needed to be filled. I could feel it in my heart of hearts. An empty hanger demanded a piece of clothing. After giving it some thought, the realization came to me, the final puzzle piece: a pair of leather of pants.

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Whether with leather accents on the knees and legs or full-on decked-out leather, I've developed a need beyond explanation. Every woman needs that pair of pants that radiates cool vibes without any effort required. Every woman needs that staple that makes a plain Jane white tee look beyond fabulous. An item that can simultaneously provide an illusion of looking expensive combined with a 5$ tank top. Does such an item exist? Indeed it does. It comes in the form of skin-tight shiny leather.

BEWARE: Though leather pants have the ability to enhance an outfit by umpteenth per cent, they can also suggest "white trash" if they look fake. Now, I am NOT suggesting to purchase real leather pants by any means if they are not within your budget. However, the key to a solid pair of leather pants is finding the fake kind that looks real to the average viewer and all your wardrobe problems will be solved (more or less). It is the missing staple. The cream on your birthday cake. The flame to your candle. The cheese to your mouse.

What I'm trying to say is: Get yourself a pair of leather pants and STAT. I'm already on my mission.


P.S While we're on the subject, I'd like to leave you with a question: are you prepared to try the baggy leather pants trend? Has it hit your radar or have you dismissed the trend with the thought that it'll certainly go out of style?

23 Days Until NYFW

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