Monday, January 6, 2014

British Invasion Is Not Just A 60's Movement, It's A Lifestyle

Ever since I could remember, I've been undeniably and unconditionally obsessed with British culture. When I was 10, all I could listen to was S Club 7, The Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten, and Blue (holler if you were fans too). Now, I listen to the Beatles, The Libertines, and The Kooks (I also spend countless inexplicable hours searching for new British Indie bands). When I was a child, I created an entire imaginary world within England as a grade 6 school project (it was clear that I was unnaturally obsessed).

I also firmly believe that British authors are the best authors. From Shakespeare to Eliot to J. K. Rowling, the Brits rule the world when it comes to literature. The entire English canon consists of the various works of British writers and upon entering a literature program, it's common knowledge that most of what you will be required to read WILL be British. Duh.

My favourite store is TopShop (for obvious reasons). Urban London is just a dream to me. Since reading Shopaholic, one of my life's ambitions is to roam the streets of London and shop at Harrods and  Selfridges (even though I can't afford it). London Fashion Week is one of the most creative displays of hipster art one can imagine. From Temperley London to Sass and Bide to Burberry London, I absolutely CANNOT get enough.

My personal fashion icons happen to be British as well. Cara Delevingne has become the new Kate Moss of fashion that we have all grown to love due to her infectious personality. Her model bestie, Jourdan Dunn, is just a laugh and a half that I absolutely cannot get enough of. When she was cut from Dior's Couture show due to her large bust, I knew we were soul sisters. Oh, and the iconic Twiggy also happened to be British along with designer of the moment, Mary Quant, a fashion revolutionizer. Victoria Beckham is the queen (not only because she's married to the most attractive soccer player known to man), but also because her sense of style is IMPECCABLE and don't even get me started on her clothing line. Alexa Chung is just my favourite person. Period. And if you hadn't noticed, the woman running American Vogue, Anna Wintour, is British (in case you forgot that the Brits rule the world).

Let's not even dive into the most charming older man in film, Hugh Grant. Or Jude Law. Or Orlando Bloom. Or Ed Westwick. Or Colin Farrell (he's Irish, but I don't care).

Hello, Jude Law.
Some of the loveliest expressions in the English language came from the Brits including bugger, bollocks, and full monty. And, how can I forget one of my personal favourites: put a sock in it.

And the accent is just the cherry on top of the cupcake. Delicious.



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