Friday, January 31, 2014

#IconCity: It Really Is A Brad World

You might know him from his former collaboration with celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe (I really hope they eventually kiss and make up). Perhaps you're familiar with his signature bow tie, hipster glasses, and vibrant use of colours in his day to day? Maybe you've heard of his show, "It's a Brad Brad World", in which we get a peak at all things Brad, including his impeccable style with regards to menswear and womenswear?

Brad Goreski has crossed the gates of IconCity because of one simple thing: his style is freaking fabulous (and also makes me wish I were a man). As someone who is not afraid to experiment with colours, he is a fearless fashion icon who will consistently stop you in your tracks. Are you ready for a general overview?

Excuse me, I'm too cool for pictures.
Caught in the spotlight with his classic bow tie, Brad is absolutely effortless in these white pants and a bold yellow shirt. Frankly, I'm obsessed.

Tommy Ton action shot
How many men have you met who can pull off this flamboyant combination of colours without looking like a clown? None. And Brad absolutely kills it. Until this very day, I never would've imagined anyone in yellow pants. Hashtag trendsetter.

I'm feeling orange
In case you were feeling a little orange today, why not wear it? This is monochrome chic at its best and doesn't even scream pumpkin (much). How does he manage it? Magical powers.

Red, red wine.
As Bill Blass once said: "When in doubt, wear red" and Brad is definitely an advocate for that saying. A traditional man would go for the black Hugo Boss, but Brad is not the traditional man. Opting for a bold red, I think it's safe to say that this man can pull off any colour, so why restrict oneself to black?

I spot a sequin!
Any man who can pull off a sequin deserves a trophy in my book. This is just plain awesome. If you're going to go for basic black, better add some texture, right?

As you can see, Brad is just every flavour of lollipop and we all want a taste. In Brad's world, we don't discriminate between colours. That's how it's done.

Catch you later!


6 Days Until NYFW (OMG)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

BIG NEWS: Gwen Stefani is BACK

Refusing to hide under her pregnancy rock, Gwen Stefani has been hibernating for a reason (and it's not the baby in her belly). Get ready. This information is about to blow your mind.

She's so cool. Don't you want to be her?
A new collection, Design with Purpose, is in the works for Stefani, the woman who never presses pause. A fashion icon and musical talent, it was only a matter of time before we discovered what she's had up her sleeve. If you thought L.A.M.B was "the shit", you'll be tugging at your leather jacket sleeves, anxiously awaiting this one to hit the racks.

Teaming up with Michael Glasser, denim guru who launched 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, and Rich and Skinny, Stefani's line is bound to be revolutionary, especially since it won't have any denim (WHAT?).

According to, "the goal of DWP is to 'take the pressure off denim'" and "the focus of the line is of a slouchy, cropped, tapered pant". In other words, it's time to put those jeans to rest and opt for something a little edgier. Though this new line will resemble denim, it will be more like denim's hot older cousin. Including an array of tees and motorcycle vests, we're all headed towards a place that's a little more rock n' roll. 

Eager to explore this collection? It's scheduled to hit stores in Spring 2014, so stay tuned!
Are you ready for this, ladies?


7 Days Until NYFW (current mood: freaking out)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Current Obsession: Asymmetry

There is nothing more captivating to the human eye than a lopsided or asymmetrical image. If someone were to cross your path with one arm, would it capture your attention? Don't lie. Nobody's judging. What if you were to walk down the street with one shoe. Would people stop and stare? Most likely. We all seem hold a deep fascination with anything slightly off putting.

Society's definition of beauty implies a certain symmetry, which is why the women or men deemed most attractive by others tend to have very symmetrical features. However, in fashion, we must take that permanent marker and mark a giant X on that concept, because beauty takes on a new meaning.

Recently, designers have been hiring models with gaps between their two front teeth, baffling the average magazine subscriber. An attractive woman must have perfect pearly whites, right? Apparently, for a designer, this isn't the case. Interesting grabs beauty by the arm, shoves it aside, and beats it in the race towards the top.

"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting" - says fashion designer, Marc Jacobs.

I couldn't agree more. This morning, I stepped into Topshop and stumbled upon this white high-low baby doll blouse and the concept blew my mind. I like to call it "a t-shirt dress", because that was exactly what it appeared to be. Not only can this top potentially transform any look into one that is utterly chic, but it accomplishes two roles at once: that of a blouse and that of a dress. Its asymmetry drew me in and from that moment on, I was hooked on this look.

This look is evolved from designer fetish to closet must-have. My prediction? Asymmetry is the next big street style trend of 2014. Get ready, fashionistas.


8 Days Until NYFW (AHHH!)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Case You've Forgotten What I'm Blogging About, Here Is A Reminder

Last weekend, I was baffled and bemused at the fact that every other person in my proximity was staring at my faux-leather baseball cap shouting out jeers such as "nice hat" or "what are you wearing" or even "your hat sucks". I attended a party with my favourite weapon and conversation starter, my cap, only to be addressed with head taps by complete strangers and awkward comments.

Mission accomplished. I think.

Mere moments after my arrival, I noticed a guy in the room wearing his very own baseball cap. Lo and behold, he received no comments whatsoever. Upon this discovery, I couldn't help but wonder why my hat was creating a mild uproar, while his had no effect on anyone in the room. When did it become the rule that men can wear caps and women cannot? Do I need to have a favourite sports team to wear a baseball cap? Clearly, I never got that memo.

Despite the puzzling effects produced by this hat, I realized that I was actually enjoying the attention. Guilty as charged. There's something about that understanding head nod following the words "I'm really into fashion" that is immensely satisfying for a late bloomer like myself. I may not have been born in a Louboutin, but I do know a thing or two about making a statement and breaking a couple of conventional style rules every now and then.

Now, here's my challenge for you. Get ready for this one, readers.

I challenge you to wear something bold in a public setting. How do you know if it's bold enough? Here is a hint: If you think
people might stare at you like you're E.T and you've landed on this planet looking for home, then it's a go. Whether a printed pair of harem pants, a purple lip, a pair of creepers, or faux glasses, choose something that you secretly love, but refrain from wearing due to a fear of judgment. And if you happen to be too scared to take up this challenge, remember this: fashion is meant to be fun. Don't take it too seriously. After all, it's about self-expression, not the latest trend that we'll all be bored of within minutes of the next fashion week.

Challenge accepted? I hope so!


9 Days Until NYFW (and the excitement is currently mounting)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Reasons Not To Yawn at Last Night's Grammys

I think we can all agree that last night's 56th Annual Grammy Awards were a major yawn fest. The ratio of country stars to "other" was far too high for my taste and the pace was slower than a turtle on Marijuana. However, we must remember the reason we all watch these Awards shows to begin with. No, it is not the talent (okay, maybe partially). It is NOT because we love watching the host make corny jokes about all the nominated stars (Sorry, LL Cool J). It's because we love replaying those fashion moments in our minds and translating them into best-dressed lists. It is our obsession as human beings with nothing better to do than rate our favourite celebrities and tweet all about it.

In case y'all are getting a little bored of the best dressed list, here is a "best fashion moments list" (a.k.a the reason it was worth staying up for the Grammys):

NUMBER 10: Giuliana Rancic's Alex Perry Orange

Giuliana Rancic HAD to have a place on this list merely because she's always well dressed. She may not be a country star, or a pop star, or any kind of musician, BUT she is our favourite fashionista. This E! host was like a bottle of orange crush and we're totally crushing on her look (corny pun intended).

NUMBER 9: The Robo Helmut

Headwear was surprisingly popular last night at the Grammys. You all know I'm a sucker for a great hat and the Daft Punk robo helmut appearance was no exception. These boys make me want to be one of the guys and a Star Wars geek all at once (and that's saying a lot).

Let's get one thing clear. Yoko Ono herself is a fashion statement. Yoko Ono with those glasses was "I'm so drugged tonight" chic and well, who can blame her? We all could've used some drugs to get excited about the Grammys last night.

NUMBER 7: Anna Kendrick's Boobs

Last night, Anna Kendrick made a statement, with her boobs. It took a moment to take in the beauty of this Azzaro dress merely because we were all very distracted by the awkward boob situation. I kind of secretly love it though.

NUMBER 6: Madonna's Suit and Child 

Madonna arrived at the Grammys in a suit and child. No, this is not a Justin Timberlake song. This is real life. Her adopted son, David, arrived as her chic accessory in a matching Ralph Lauren tuxedo.

NUMBER 5: Queen Bey's Net Thong

Everyone was marvelling at the gorgeous momma bod on Beyonce and the thong that got caressed by hubby Jay Z. By far the hottest couple of the night, these two took the stage by storm, blowing us all away in the opening performance of Drunk in Love.

NUMBER 4: Katy's Valentino

Fresh off the runway, Katy Perry snags the Valentino Haute Couture opening look with Grammy appropriate musical notes at the skirt. That woman knew what she was doing.

NUMBER 3: TayTay's Chain Dress

I completely and utterly adored this Gucci dress as predictable as it was. We all know Taylor Swift loves herself some sparkling bling, but this was just mind-blowing. 

NUMBER 2: Queen Bey Does It Again

Beyonce is so darn gorgeous, she merited two spots on this list. The only reason she isn't my number one is because there was one fashion moment that was more talked about than her dress as you'll soon discover. But, all jokes aside, this was simply WOW. Breathtaking.

And The Number 1 is...

Pharrell's Hats

That's right. If you hadn't yet guessed it based on my hashtag subtlenotsosubtle clues, Pharrell KILLED it with his two cowboy hats. Not only was a Twitter account created in the name of the hat @Pharrellshat, reaching hundreds of followers in a number of minutes, but it was the best darn metaphor for America's country obsession that I've ever seen. Props to Pharrell for the being the fashion king at the Grammys.

(And I'd also like to give an honourable mention to Cyndi Lauper's hair. It was outrageously red and needs mentioning.

That's all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed this list more than the tedious Grammys. All things considered, there were some epic moments. Here's some advice for those hoping to catch it on YouTube. If you watch the last hour and the first hour, that's where it all happens. 

See You At The Oscars!


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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yes, There Were Sneakers On The Runway

Karl Lagerfeld does it again, folks. As sneakers paved the Chanel Haute Couture catwalk, I think we were all a little mind-blown. That's right, ladies. Sneakers are the new couture, which means that high heels are SO yesterday. As an avid lover of the high heel, I couldn't contain my jaw throughout the show. Though I already expect Karl to be full of surprises, this was beyond what I could've possibly imagined. Nevertheless, the only man I could've envisioned bringing sneakers to Couture is the masterful Karl himself.

Though he's made some "interesting" choices in the past few months, including choosing Kristen Stewart as his muse (view rant here) and using cultural appropriation in his Pre-Fall runway show, this designer's basket of surprises seems to have no end. I sense a pattern here, don't you? Someone seems to be challenging controversy time and time again and his name rhymes with snarl.

As much as I admire Lagerfeld for his bold choices, I can't help but question whether he's a creative mastermind or merely seeking attention from the fashion conventional. Has he chosen to put sneakers in a Couture show to make the models more at ease? Doubtful. Is he taking tips from K. Stew? Likely. Is this man just highly inspired by us regular folk? Maybe so.

Whatever this man is doing, it seems to be working. My fashion forecast definitely predicts sneakers in the near future, but I'm not ready to put those heels away just yet. Are you?

Happy Sunday!


11 Days Until NYFW

Friday, January 24, 2014

#IconCity: Diane Kruger Class Monster

I have a confession to make. I only recognize Diane Kruger as a style icon. Today, I found out she's actually an actress. As a matter of fact, she played in Inglorious Bastards and I happen to have seen that movie. In my personal opinion, her fashion status surpasses her actor's status. I don't think she'd be pleased to hear that, but some compliments are bittersweet. Kruger is my definition of the Chanel woman, a chic and sophisticated beauty with just enough edge to satisfy Lagerfeld. What makes her an icon is that sometimes you love it and she's on every best-dressed list and sometimes, it's not your cup of beer. Generally speaking, she's almost ALWAYS on my list. And for that, she deserves to reign in IconCity alongside Victoria Beckham.

Here are some of her best looks:
Diane Kruger defines elegance in a white Carven top and red leather Vanessa Bruno skirt. I love the juxtaposition of the crop top with red hot leather. Somehow, as a composition this look perfectly chic.

Anyone who wears Balmain is a fashion icon in my book and Kruger is no exception. Can I buy this off you please?

Diane Kruger makes menswear look feminine and classy. That's my kind of woman. P.S It's Chanel. Obviously.

This woman can do no wrong. Looking breathtaking in this Jason Wu gown at the 2011 Met Gala, "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty", she pulls off the Angelina leg better than Angie herself!

Did I mention Diane Kruger is my favourite menswear to womenswear dresser of all time? She may be wearing a vest, but it has that classic charm only fit for a woman. This 3.1 Phillip Lim Tuxedo dress is definitely envy-worthy.

Choosing my favourite Diane Kruger looks was nearly impossible, but these are some of the ones that make the top of my list. In a battle between her and Beckham, well, let's just say I'd be raiding both their closets in a nano-second.



13 Days Until NYFW

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Petrifying Pixie

A woman's hair is her power source. It represents her sexuality, her appeal, her individuality. The all-consuming fear of a young girl is have it all chopped off. Will I look like a boy? Will I still be attractive? Will it highlight my acne? These are all questions we ask ourselves as we contemplate taking the plunge into pixieland. It's a bold statement that suggests spunk, fearlessness, and a solid backbone. And in 2013, it was the Hollywood hair trend of the year.

From Jennifer Lawrence, to Emma Watson, to Michelle Williams, it seems that every burgeoning celebrity wants to get on the pixie bandwagon. As each of these women chopped off their locks, social media spheres exploded with commentary and magazines nominated this look as the hair trend to follow. The question is: can we "normal folk" pull this off? Is the pixie versatile enough to enter the realm of regular people with average day jobs? Or is it simply a celebrity trend representative of a woman with a career in the spotlight? Will this haircut work in the real world?

As I walk down the streets of Montreal and stumble across a few pixies in my wake, I wonder if I'll ever try this look. Do I have the face for it? Can I even imagine the prospect of abandoning my wavy locks? The women who sport this eye-catching haircut have the easiest time fixing their hair and I can't help but envy their ability to wash and go. My shoulder-length curly hair requires extensive blow drying (a concept I have yet to master) and an endless assortment of hair products (with placebo effects). Nevertheless, despite the easy maintenance, this look requires extensive mental preparation and an exploration of the best makeup tutorials on YouTube. With that much emphasis on your face, your makeup case is bound to become your best friend.

Now that I have these tips in my pocket, will I venture into pixieland myself?

The truth is, I don't think I'm there yet. Will I ever get there? We'll see where my fashion evolution takes me. For now, I'll stick to my half hour hair routine. Who knows? One day you may stumble upon a pixie and it might be me.


14 Days Until NYFW

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jeepers Creepers Sneakers

Back in the late 60's and early 70s, platforms were all the rage and frankly, I don't think anybody wanted that trend to resurface. Despite the comfort of the platform heel, it was a little too clunky to be chic. However, lo and behold, it has resurfaced in the form of creepers.

For those of you who don't know what these are, they are sneakers on an elevated platform (that can be spotted on Miley Cyrus), giving you your desired height without that feminine delicacy. They're an interbreed of wedge and block heels. They're the trend of the moment that you either love or hate, and that is exactly what makes them worth talking about. Let's ponder. Are creepers creepy or fashionably edgy? Is it just a phase that will slowly dwindle away into the abyss of fashion faux-pas?

Truth be told, I don't wear sneakers very often and so, this concept is as foreign to me as it gets. I loved the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker, but this is a whole other ball game. However, I decided to do some research to find a pair that might tickle my fancy. And ladies and gents, it happened. They came in the form of chunky Burberry with a hint of attitude and a lot more femininity (way up my alley). As a woman who loves her high heels, these creepers appeared to be tailored to my taste. I fell in love with another pair of shoes and I wouldn't have had them any other way than my beloved Burberry.

Are creepers on YOUR wishlist?


15 Days Until NYFW

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Category Do YOU Fall Under?

As a fashion blogger, the first question people tend to ask is: "how would you define your own personal style?". Well, according to the Oxford English dictionary, the word "personal" is defined as "having to do with or belonging to a particular person" and the word "style" is defined as "a distinctive appearance, design, or arrangement". Oh, was that not the answer you were looking for?

Asking me to place my own personal style into a category is like demanding a woman to give up her high heels. It just won't happen. We all strive to belong and achieve acceptance, but should that extend to our manner of dress? Is it crucial that all my friends dress the same if we want to be part of the same circle? To what extent are we attached to our labels? Pun intended.

Personally, I have an affinity for plaid. Does that make me part of the punk movement? If you saw me, you'd scoff at that suggestion. I also enjoy wearing a baseball cap every now and then, but that doesn't qualify me as a male, does it? Must I be restricted by these categories when dressing? What if I love skirts and bows, but that pair of sneakers is itching to make its way onto my feet? Does that make me a tomboy or a "girly girl"? Or is it tomboy chic? Have we reached a point in which all categories of dress must have their own label?

Ask yourself this: have you ever walked across the hall and stumbled upon an individual in large rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, and a sweater vest? Following this encounter, did you catch yourself saying "what a hipster"? Don't deny it. We've all been there. Every day, as we walk down the street and encounter a wide array of individuals in stereotypical dress, we place them in a category. It's human nature. After all, they need to belong somewhere, don't they?

So, what if we decided to break the rules? What if I told you I wanted to wear baggy pants with a bow in my hair and stilettos? What if I wore a band t-shirt with a full midi skirt and some faux fur? How would you define my style then? Eclectic? Daring? Classy, androgynous, feminine, masculine chic? Maybe there aren't enough adjectives to create a category? Perhaps the difference between a trendsetter and a trend follower is that a trendsetter is their own category. Undefined.



16 Days Until NYFW

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Magical World of Couture

Back in its early beginnings, fashion existed solely as couture. Every dress was intricately woven and sewn in a detailed manner for the aristocratic woman whose lifestyle consisted of parties and extravagance. Oh, how I long for that time. Today, casual dress is the norm and thus, we must settle for ready-to-wear and fast fashion. Couture has become a mere fantasy meant to be a runway spectacle. Fashionistas dream of swaying in these beautiful creations, while others ignore its value. I land in the first camp. Couture is an art form beyond a painting or sculpture. It is fabric in its best form. It's my obsession. Every day, I await that magical moment where the Couture shows will hit and my mind can wander off to Narnia, a hidden world in the depths of my closet that I can only dream about. Today, that moment happened.

The fantasy began with Atelier Versace, maintaining its timeless sex appeal with form hugging dresses and monochrome suits adorned in sparkle. From luscious furs to luxurious flowing fabrics and eye-teasing gowns, "I dream of Jeannie" came to mind. Let's not forget the dramatic touch of the head-piece that added a little mystery to this glamorous woman we all aspire to be. It was all so very Donatella.

Atelier Versace Spring 2014 Couture
And then, the magic of Schiaparelli came alive in a tribute to her beautiful collections by Creative Director Marco Zanini. With a little androgyny and some ambiguous gender dressing, he took us across the globe on his magic carpet by inspiring himself from cultural dress. And if you thought Versace's headpieces were wild, wait until you take a look at these. You know magic is being made when your hair becomes a centrepiece and your mind is transported to unlikely places. It was whimsical, fantastical, and theatrical simultaneously.

Schiaparelli Spring 2014 Couture

From theatre to classic romanticism, we all drifted into the world of Dior as gorgeous eyelet pieces in angelic white draped off the bodies of serene models. The resounding theme seemed to be the trickery of the eye as these designers played with gaps on these stunning dresses with illusory designs. Raf Simons consistently brings classic feminism to the table, but with modern flair and printed pleasures. His collections for Dior invite us to escape reality. Dior makes us want to fall in love.

Dior Spring 2014 Couture
Ladies, this is just the beginning. Couture is a way for us to survive the endless days preceding fashion month. It starts here. With a dream. A fantasy. A world outside of our own dull reality. Isn't it magical?

Have a lovely day,


P.S Check out the Spring 2014 Couture collections on!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why We're All Obsessed With Award Season

There's a mutual consensus amongst Canadians that January is the dreariest month of the year. Christmas spirit is drifting away, all of our money has been spent, temperatures are at arctic levels, and daylight is fleeting. The only salvation we can strive for resides in our fantasies and there is nothing that rings "fantasy" more than awards season.

As we began with the Golden Globes last Sunday, everyone awaited anxiously on Twitter (in the comfort of their homes) for the hour to commence. Countdowns began and snack preparations were made as we eagerly anticipated that glorious Red Carpet. It started with a bang as the first scandal of the year hit the social media spheres. The carpet was flooded by the sprinkler system. Alas, with the magic of Hollywood, the evening was salvaged and beautiful celebrities adorned in designer gowns materialized. Whispers of "That dress is fabulous. I'm obsessed" and "Who killed a banana and put it on her?" were exchanged between fashionistas, TV personalities, bloggers, and common folk alike. The excitement was palpable (as a taste of the Oscars stimulated our tongues). 

And then, last night, the SAG awards took place and once again, celebrities in beautiful dresses took us by storm. From Lupita N'Yongo in stunning turquoise Gucci to Amy Adams in a striking cobalt Antonio Berardi, the Screen Actors Guild Awards gave us all yet another reason to sigh, marvel, and judge. Isn't that what we all do best? 

The question is: why do we all love rating celebrity gowns so much? Why do we all spend hours watching these tedious award shows simply to discuss who's wearing who and whether it's worthy of our own personal best-dressed lists? Why are we all so intent on constructing the most convoluted metaphors to describe our least favourite gowns? Is it due to an obsession with playing celebrity stylist? Or, are we simply incurably bored? 

I, for one, am guilty of being addicted to ferociously checking every best-dressed list possible in order to concoct my own and read the judgments of others. There is something about rating celebrity gowns that makes us feel connected to our favourite celebrities (and gives me the tingles). Maybe we even proceed to imagine ourselves in one of these dresses strutting down the Red Carpet with a poised pout for all the world to judge. Don't deny it. There's nothing like a fantasy to get us through January, right?

Happy Sunday!


P.S Don't miss Oscar Sunday, hosted by Ellen Degeneres on March 2nd!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

#IconCity: Trend It Like Beckham

For those of you who don't know, IconCity is a fantasy realm inside my mind in which all my fashion icons gather together to look fabulous. I invented it in order to keep tabs on celebrity and blogger styles that I unabashedly adore. This is a new segment of MyFashionStatements that I have chosen to explore to give readers a broader picture of the women (or men) who inspire my fashion choices. As I select some of my own favourite outfits, you are all invited to judge, debate, or concur on these memorable looks. And I can think of no better way to begin than with my number one, Victoria Beckham.

Though previously known as Posh spice, she blossomed into a designer with two lines, Victoria Beckham and Victoria, Victoria Beckham, that continue to adorn the runways at New York Fashion Week. Her signature haircut created a domino effect as it rippled down to celebrities such as Rihanna and Jessica Stroup. Always chic and infinitely sophisticated, Victoria Beckham can do no wrong and is one of the most emulated fashionistas in the industry. Have you ever seen this woman badly dressed? No, you haven't, because it has never occurred. Here are some of her best looks:

If you search the word classy in your pocket dictionary, you'll find Victoria's name written beneath it. She effortlessly masters black and white chic with a gorgeous studded handbag and manages to make it look incredibly put together as she roams the busy streets of New York. Yes, this woman has four children and still, ALWAYS looks put together. A marvel I shall never understand.

Only a true fashion queen can pull off a fur this grandiose. Of course, the glamorous look would be incomplete without those stunning Louboutin booties. 

Victoria dresses in her own designs as any designer of her caliber would. This bold tangerine suit is one of the most memorable pieces of her Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It's classy with a sassy punch of colour. Exactly how I like it.

As per Victoria style, the designer is decked entirely in black, giving her that edge none of us can get enough of. This Balenciaga belted dress is chic without trying too hard and those Lanvin wedges are TO DIE FOR. Anyone else fantasizing about those landing at their doorstep? I know I am.

And finally, let's all reminisce about that gorgeous haircut from 2011 that we've all been dying to imitate, but haven't had the balls to do so. This look is the image of an expensive diva who won't let you mess with her. However, contrary to popular belief, Victoria is actually a sweetheart. Saying "Everyone thinks I'm a cow - I get it, because I think the same when I see the pictures", she warms our hearts by recognizing her own signature pouty face as falsely indicative of an unpleasant personality. If you've ever seen an interview of Victoria Beckham, you'll know that she is probably the furthest thing from a cow (in all senses).

I'd like to end this piece with a quote that defines my own personal life and style:
"I can't concentrate in flats" - Victoria Beckham. Oh Victoria, I think it's time we meet.

Hasta la vista,


20 Days Until NYFW

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Love Affair With High-Waisted Pants

I suppose my story begins in elementary school when I had my premature growth spurt. I was 11, taller than most of the girls in my class, and seated at the front in the class picture (which meant everything back then). Suddenly, like lightening, high school commenced and something struck me (no pun intended) as odd. Everyone was growing but me. My doctor announced that it was the end of the road. I would never be deemed tall again. Alas, I realized that my legs would forever be stunted, reaching a staggering 5''. It was the end of the world as I knew it.

And then something crazy happened. I discovered the beloved high heel. I finally found my solution to looking chic and age appropriate on a night out. The only question that remained was: how could I possible create an illusion of height on the regular days? Would I ever be able to wear sneakers again without being mistaken for a 12 year old? Could I afford to dress casual? Would I have to give up flats forever?

And that's when I discovered high-waisted jeans and frankly, when my life changed forever. High-waisted jeans created that illusion of long legs by shortening the torso. They welcomed the crop top with open arms and invited my blouses to tuck themselves in. They are a godsend gift-wrapped for petite girls with height insecurities that come in all shapes and sizes. Whether in the form of a harem pant or denim, they will rock your fashionable world.

As you can see, I'm a major advocate for the high-waisted pant. When guys ask me: "why are your pants always worn so high?", I lift them even higher and proudly expose my long legs. There is nothing more satisfying.

Happy Thursday!


21 Days Until NYFW

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Menswear To My Closet: It's An Art, Really

Hey GUYS (folks, individuals, fashion friends, average Joes, awkward turtles),

It's Wednesday (almost Thursday) and the week is coming to a dear and long-awaited close. Before that happens, let's talk about my current style mood (because it's super relevant to your every day lives). I'd like to begin by saying that growing up, I was that little girl with a permanent smile etched on her face until her cheeks hurt as she stared at her reflection in the mirror wearing a bright orange. I'm the girliest girl since Barbie herself, but I've stumbled across a phase I never thought I'd experience. I landed in the men's section. Literally.

The other day, I was shuffling through the racks at Simons. Suddenly, I was caught off guard by a feeling of desire pulling me towards the men's section. No, it was not an actual man that attracted my attention, but an oversized Ineedtohaveyou sweater. Then, I envisioned it with leather leggings and heals. It painted a very intriguing picture.

As designers embrace androgyny as their favourite child, I've adapted it to my expired bubblegum personality (interpret that phrase as you wish). My story goes like this...

Once upon a time, I was walking the halls at school, when I noticed something about young adult males. Whether athletic or hipster (or anything in between), baseball caps are (for lack of a better word) the shit. And then I noticed something else. Women NEVER seem to wear them. Perhaps the rare tomboy will be spotted with a baseball cap on her head to match her sports jersey of a team I've never heard of (but even then, it's an infrequent occurrence).  Obviously, this had to change. I had to step out of the norm and the result was the following. I purchased a baseball cap in faux cuir of course (that's leather in French, the language of fashion) and it became my uniform for 2 solid weeks. When I bought that hat, I received compliments from the most unlikely sources and that's when I knew it was a success. If I could've, I would've slept with it (like a clingy cuddly hooker). Though I elude the realms of masculinity, I love to transgress in my own unique way. The faux leather makes this hat infinitely chic and untraditionally masculine, just how I like it.

From that point forward, I realized that I had discovered a new me. An edgier me. And new definition for androgynous. Here are a few ideas to explore if you want to master this look:

1) Pencil skirts with sneakers (undeniably cool):
2) Graphic Tee with full midi skirt:
3) A skirt/dress with a bow tie:
4) An oversized sweater with wedge sneakers:
5) Baggy pants with stilettos:
The list can go on endlessly if you know how to innovate, but the one thing to take from this is that no matter how masculine the item, if you combine it with something feminine (i.e a pair of high heels), you'll be the queen of androgyny. That's how it's done.


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Leather Pant-Shaped Void In My Heart

Several weekends ago, after rummaging through my closet for several hours (true story), I found myself in a common predicament. I had no clue what to wear (stereotype of the century). Something was missing. There was a gap between my basic black Levi skinnys and Topshop pencil skirt that needed to be filled. I could feel it in my heart of hearts. An empty hanger demanded a piece of clothing. After giving it some thought, the realization came to me, the final puzzle piece: a pair of leather of pants.

Whether with leather accents on the knees and legs or full-on decked-out leather, I've developed a need beyond explanation. Every woman needs that pair of pants that radiates cool vibes without any effort required. Every woman needs that staple that makes a plain Jane white tee look beyond fabulous. An item that can simultaneously provide an illusion of looking expensive combined with a 5$ tank top. Does such an item exist? Indeed it does. It comes in the form of skin-tight shiny leather.

BEWARE: Though leather pants have the ability to enhance an outfit by umpteenth per cent, they can also suggest "white trash" if they look fake. Now, I am NOT suggesting to purchase real leather pants by any means if they are not within your budget. However, the key to a solid pair of leather pants is finding the fake kind that looks real to the average viewer and all your wardrobe problems will be solved (more or less). It is the missing staple. The cream on your birthday cake. The flame to your candle. The cheese to your mouse.

What I'm trying to say is: Get yourself a pair of leather pants and STAT. I'm already on my mission.


P.S While we're on the subject, I'd like to leave you with a question: are you prepared to try the baggy leather pants trend? Has it hit your radar or have you dismissed the trend with the thought that it'll certainly go out of style?

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Monday, January 13, 2014

My More-Or-Less Conventional Golden Globes 2014 Best-Dressed List

So...The Golden Globes were on last night and a lot happened on the Red Carpet (including some flooding), but what I'm hear to talk to you about is a list of women who rocked their garb like it was nobody's business. Though I'd love to dwell on the questionable dress choices, including Paula Patton's "Side Vagina" and Drew Barrymore's "Garden of Eden" (there seems to be a common theme there), I'd much rather pay attribute to those who excelled in their delicious dress choices. And so it begins...

Best-dressed list number 1093578475884590345978497584758:

KAYLEY CUOCO in Rani Zakhem
At every award show, Kaley gets a spot on my list because of her overall skills at looking like a hot-ass princess. This dress may resemble wallpaper, but it certainly was NOT boring.


Every year, someone shows up wearing a business in the front, party in the back situation at one of these events. This year, it was Emma Watson. I'm thinking the killer red dress was meant for the glamorous event, while the pants were reserved for the after-party. Just a thought.

Ladies and gents, it finally happened. Cate Blanchett snagged herself a spot on a best-dressed list written by me. Though this is as rare as the sound of Karl Lagerfeld's laughter, it has finally happened and she looks freaking fabulous. P.S I have a soft spot for black lace, so clearly, she knew what she was doing.

I think we can all agree that Allison Williams is fed up of being called "boring", and so, she opted for McQueen. It's the natural direction to take and frankly, I think she did it pretty well, while keeping her personal style image intact, wouldn't you agree?

Amy Adams NEEDED a wow moment after being nominated for American Hustle (and winning). This red dress definitely had that affect and I have to say, that plunging neckline was slightly more tastefully done than in the film. Overall, a wild success.

Everyone was obsessing over this dress on Twitter like the cape was real and she could actually fly. Generally, I think we were all mostly blown away by that breathtaking colour.

First of all, Maria Menounos could wear a paper bag on the Red Carpet and she'd look beyond amazing. However, this dress is worth noting because it was particularly striking and one of the first appearances on the Carpet. Bold colours were clearly a winner last night.

I don't even care who this woman is, but her dress was clearly underrated. The cut, the colour, the basicallyeverythingaboutit was so beautiful, it's probably what I would've worn at this event. LOVE IT.

NUMBER 2 (getting close, guys):
This is so freaking pretty I want to cry (because I don't own it). It's feminine and bold and overall, perfect. It's a dress straight from my own dreams.

First of all, Kate Beckinsale is ALREADY (no Red Carpet attached) one of my personal style icons. This sparkling number, however, blew my socks off (I know that's not the expression, but I needed two expressions to describe this wonder). Nobody shone (shined?) brighter than Kate Beckinsale. No one.

Allow me to give a shout out to best-preggo of the night: Olivia Wilde in Gucci as my final parting words.

And with that, farewell!


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