Thursday, January 2, 2014

Baby, It's STILL Cold Outside

Happy January 2nd Everyone!

If you left your house on this breezy January morning, you may have noticed how cold it was (Yes, I'm talking to you Canadians!). The single hardest thing to bear for any fashionista (or any person really) is layering to such a degree that you disappear. However, it is essential to our survival. Without our mitts, beanies, infinity scarves, Rudsak coats, and Uggs, we'd die (not to be dramatic of course). Personally, I wore 2 pairs of socks today along with a heavy sweater and a wool dress (it was not as cute as I hoped it would be). Being chic in the winter is probably almost as hard as climbing Everest (again, not being dramatic).

As someone who isn't significantly tall (to put it euphemistically), heels are my best friend and saying goodbye to them in the Winter is VERY dramatic. In icy winters such as these, high heels are just a safety hazard.

What I'm struggling to figure out is how much are we all willing to sacrifice for fashion? Is comfort really more important or is comfort a sacrifice in and of itself? Let's face it, winter is not comfortable. Wear the flattest boots you want with the furriest of fur trims and the bulkiest coat you can muster. Put on your ski gloves and engulfing hat. If you were cold before, now you're claustrophobic.

As pessimistic as this may sound, I'd also like to mention a few fashionable things about the Winter months (to end on a brighter note). First of all, white is ALWAYS chic. Second, there's nothing more glamorous than faux fur (except real fur, but we won't get into that debate). Third, EAR MUFFS. Fourth, naturally flushed cheeks (blush not required). And finally, layering is just another excuse to go shopping. Have I convinced you?

Even if this didn't work on you, it's just my way of keeping spirits up in the cold months that will follow. Also, positive thinking and my Fashion Week countdown are the only things that will get us through January.



35 Days Until NYFW

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