Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's Colour Coordinate With the Weather

Every time I wear a peach, baby blue, lime green, or orange nail colour in the Winter, I get that "who dropped you on your head" look. It seems as though people are accustomed to a certain set of rules (involving colour) and can't seem to wrap their head around breaking them. We all want to postpone our homework to the last possible minute. Drinking coffee at night is a thrill. Kissing a new man (even when you shouldn't) is always exhilarating. So tell me this: if we're all so keen on breaking the rules, why can't we do so with fashion? Why do we need to coordinate with the weather network?

First rule of thumb: fashion rules are meant to bent, twisted, spun around, and spat out in a new modern way. That's how designers come up with new collections every season. They take a trend we're all afraid to change and reinterpret it.

Exhibit A: Let's take Summer pastels and bring them to Winter through knit sweaters and wool skirts.

What was once Taboo is now fashionably rebellious and soon, too trendy to be cool. I'm still waiting for white nails to transfer to Winter. I'm already on my way towards making that happen. And if you think I'm defying Winter colour rules, why don't you go take it up with mother nature or the fashion g-ds?

This weekend, I challenge you to try something people will cringe at. There's nothing more satisfying, I promise!


34 Days Until NYFW

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