Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Case You've Forgotten What I'm Blogging About, Here Is A Reminder

Last weekend, I was baffled and bemused at the fact that every other person in my proximity was staring at my faux-leather baseball cap shouting out jeers such as "nice hat" or "what are you wearing" or even "your hat sucks". I attended a party with my favourite weapon and conversation starter, my cap, only to be addressed with head taps by complete strangers and awkward comments.

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Mission accomplished. I think.

Mere moments after my arrival, I noticed a guy in the room wearing his very own baseball cap. Lo and behold, he received no comments whatsoever. Upon this discovery, I couldn't help but wonder why my hat was creating a mild uproar, while his had no effect on anyone in the room. When did it become the rule that men can wear caps and women cannot? Do I need to have a favourite sports team to wear a baseball cap? Clearly, I never got that memo.

Despite the puzzling effects produced by this hat, I realized that I was actually enjoying the attention. Guilty as charged. There's something about that understanding head nod following the words "I'm really into fashion" that is immensely satisfying for a late bloomer like myself. I may not have been born in a Louboutin, but I do know a thing or two about making a statement and breaking a couple of conventional style rules every now and then.

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Now, here's my challenge for you. Get ready for this one, readers.

I challenge you to wear something bold in a public setting. How do you know if it's bold enough? Here is a hint: If you think
people might stare at you like you're E.T and you've landed on this planet looking for home, then it's a go. Whether a printed pair of harem pants, a purple lip, a pair of creepers, or faux glasses, choose something that you secretly love, but refrain from wearing due to a fear of judgment. And if you happen to be too scared to take up this challenge, remember this: fashion is meant to be fun. Don't take it too seriously. After all, it's about self-expression, not the latest trend that we'll all be bored of within minutes of the next fashion week.

Challenge accepted? I hope so!


9 Days Until NYFW (and the excitement is currently mounting)

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