Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chic Marie Makes Dreams Come True

Every year, awards season sweeps us off our feet with elegant dresses worn by our favourite celebrities by designers like Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, and Naeem Khan. Ever since I was a little girl, before I even understood the meaning of fashion, I've been fantasizing about walking down that Red Carpet in a stunning gown that would make it onto everyone's best-dressed lists. At 6, I would watch Cinderella and wish I could pull off that chic baby blue gown because inevitably, it would bring me my Prince Charming.

Chic Marie is about to make that dream come true.

I spoke to Marie-Philip Simard, co-founder of Chic Marie, and she gave me the scoop on her new startup dress, suit, and accessories rental business.

Image from Source
Marie-Philip Simard is a girl just like you and me. She simply didn't drink the fashion juice that made its way into my diet, but rather, followed her brains and became a lawyer. After finishing her studies at Universite de Montreal, she currently works at the law firm, Fasken Martineau. For the past year and a half, she's been attending glamorous charity events with simply one worry in mind.

What am I going to wear?

A month ago, she managed to answer that question (sometimes it takes that long). After searching the closets of her mind and speaking to various people in her surroundings, she teamed up with Philip Rivard and together they came up with Chic Marie, the solution to your evening affairs and the product of all your Oscar fantasies.

According to Marie-Philip, "some company in New York was doing it. They weren't shipping in Canada. That's why I decided to push this idea with men and women."

Hear that, Canadians? We're about the become the coolest kids on the block.

After joining the Founders Institute Incubator, they began building their own team of stylists to put together a dress rental website that would fulfill the needs of every business professional. Not the most fashionably inclined? Neither was she. Lucky for you, these stylists will put together three looks to suit your needs and all you have to do is present your measurements on an avatar of yourself and await the dress of your dreams.

"We wanted to democratize fashion, she said, people cannot afford these kinds of things. People want to look good. It's important to look good at a big evening. You can be Cinderella for a night."

And isn't that what we all really want?

With names like Harry Rosen, Birks, Tiffanys, Marie St. Pierre, Denis Gagnon, Hugo Boss, BCBG, and Louboutin being name dropped as potential suitors, we're all well on our way to falling in love. The best part? The dresses will be available to rent for 10% of the buying price! Moreover, shipping, returns, and cleaning will be free. I don't know about you, but I'm already drooling.

What lies ahead for this power team?

"Once we have an agreement with designers, they have warehouses all over the world. Technically we can transfer to London, Paris, San Francisco," said Simard.

For now, Montrealers get the insiders privilege of accessing this service. Chic Marie plans on shipping to Toronto and Boston as well. Mark your calendars, ladies and gents. On Sept. 1st, you'll stop asking yourself "what am I going to wear?" because Chic Marie will have the answer for you.

Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Basic T-Shirts Are Underrated

Hello Darlings,

I've fallen deeply and passionately in love with the t-shirt. We met when I was just a young girl and at the time, I didn't notice its value. I merely wore it because I didn't know what else to wear. As I grew older, I got sick of the basic t-shirt and decided to opt for the prettier blouse. It was much more appealing to a more mature me that had grown out of simple basics that reminded me of nights at the movies as a pre-teen. After a while, I noticed that the blouse lacked what the t-shirt had: comfort. As I've become an adult, my feelings for the t-shirt have resurfaced and while I continue to inspire myself with extravagant fashions, I still remain loyal to my trusty tee. 

Here are ten ways to wear the basic t-shirt that will make you fall in love just as I have.

Number 10
With a pencil skirt
For the chic fashion girl working at Vogue.
Number 9
With a blazer
For the sophisticated chick headed to a job interview.
Number 8
With cutoffs
For the festival goer.
Number 7
With skinny jeans
For the relaxed girl.
Number 6
With a maxi skirt
For the feminine princess.
Number 5
As a dress
For the daring diva.
Number 4
With a midi skirt
For the edgy lady.

Number 3
With a vest
For the trendsetter.
via WhoWhatWear
Number 2
With overalls
For the country girl.

Number 1
With a plaid shirt
For the 90s girl.
And that, my friends, is why the person who invented the basic t-shirt was a genius. All hail.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Resort Report: Part Dos

For those of you who don't know, dos means two in Spanish. Lucky for you, you get to experience a second report on resort because I simply love resort reporting (and tongue twisters). I've select another five resort collections as my favourites and look forward to your feedback. Now, enough with the jibber jabber and let's get down to business.

Christian Siriano is my Dior. Don't get me wrong. J'adore Dior. Christian Siriano just happened to rock my world this season with retro eyewear and architectural dresses in pretty pastels. Feautring flowing summer dresses in pinks, blues, and yellows, this collection was even more delightful than my stash of candy. Synonymous with femininity, every look radiated elegance and each dress managed to make my jaw drop time and time again. It's rare to find a collection in which you desire everything, but this happened to be one them. I smell a new favourite.
Favourite Outfit: Look 16
(structure is overrated)

If it wasn't obvious enough, Elie Saab is basically every girly girl's favourite designer. Why? Probably because lace is a dominant characteristic of his clothing along with princess gowns in pretty pastels with floral appliques. Sigh. Isn't that every woman's fantasy? Of course, this resort collection was no different. Sequins and draping and florals were prominent features of the collection. An Oscar favourite, I'm just eager to find out which celebrity will be wearing Elie Saab at the next big event.
Favourite Outfit: Look 1
(Sometimes white is all you need)

Prabal is always a crowd favourite due to his artistic touch and penchant for colour. This collection featured colour blocked pieces, abstract prints, and pretty florals. An abundance of frills presented itself, proving that women are reverting back to a more feminine look. It's time to press pause on that boyish style we've all been trying to imitate and return to our roots. But don't get it mistaken. These loud prints ensure that we're still heard.
Favourite Outfit: Look 3
(I just really love shirt dresses)

I'm not usually a huge Jenny Packham fan, but this collection had me swooning. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for embellished gowns with that Cinderella quality. Aren't we all? Using bold yellows, mint green, and clean beige, Jenny Packham's collection revives the summer with a selection of looks perfect for wedding season. According to Rachel Zoe, "who doesn't love a sequin?" (answer: no one). I'm pretty sure Jenny Packham would agree with her.
Favourite Outfit: Look 36
(Guilty pleasure...)

Another Oscar fave, Naeem Khan has me wishing I had a big event approaching and an endless budget (or non-existing one). With baroque printed outfits that resonate resort, summer stripes, white shorts I'm already dreaming about, and Middle Eastern style dresses, you really couldn't ask for a more traditionally cruise appropriate collection. Naeem Khan knows exactly what women want and never fails to provide it. Let's go on vacation, shall we?
Favourite Outfits: Look 13, 25, 52
(Once again, I couldn't pick just one)

(Images via

That's all she wrote folks. Hope you enjoyed these resort reviews and look forward to reviewing Fashion Week in September. 



Monday, June 16, 2014

Why (Some) Award Shows Just Grind My Gears

Corny talk-show hosts, cheesy one-liners, awkward speeches, screaming teenagers, and a couple of Kardashians. Not exactly my sugar and spice. Stir that cauldron and you get last night's MMVA's.

And who did Canada select as co-hostesses? Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

via The Examiner
First of all, I can hardly imagine how they could possibly think that Kendall would make a good hostess after she publicly announced that she couldn't read (or properly announce an artist).

Model? Perhaps. But that does not a hostess make.

Clearly, this was just another call for attention as the other Kardashians are getting too old for this kind of thing and these two are the new fashionistas du jour. Unfortunately for Kylie, Kendall's appearance at the Marc Jacobs and Chanel shows make her far more popular than her sister, but who's counting?

Of course, Kendall shows up in a Fausto Puglisi dress with slits so high, she had Miley running for her money. In stark contrast with her beloved sister, Kylie showed up wearing a bedazzled orange Nicholas Jebran mini dress. She has really pretty hair.

After 5 minutes of listening to some obscure teeny bopper artist I've never heard of perform onstage in Toronto, I had to shut off the T.V. Maybe if I would've kept it on a little longer, I may have enjoyed the show, but the thought of Kendall and Kylie all night long was making my arm hair curl.

So why do we still watch award shows? Do we secretly wish we could show up in something outrageous and lavish for one night in a room full of other lavish and outrageous individuals? Do we just want to sit and judge with a bowl of popcorn? Are we simply waiting for someone to blunder so we can mock these socially superior beings the very next day?

I remember being a 12 year old girl, anxiously anticipating the MMVA's. I remember racing to that couch, snack in hand, staring at every celebrity as they walked down that red carpet in my homeland. I remember fantasizing about heading to Toronto for the show (only six hours away from home).

Today, I find myself struggling to stay interested. I'm not sure if it used to be more entertaining or if I'm just plain growing up. Perhaps you can call me during the Oscars or the Grammys. Or don't. I'll probably be too busy tweeting them to death. Hopefully, a Kardashian won't be hosting.

Sorry, Canada. Better luck next time.



Friday, June 13, 2014

#IconCity: Kiernan Shipka, Member at Large

I nominate 14 year old, Kiernan Shipka, as youngest member of IconCity to become a Member at Large. After suffering from Mad Men fever last month, I fell head over heels for her style. From 60s inspired shifts to school girl ensembles, this little lady knows how to dress and we can all take a few tips from her. After beginning her career at age 6 with her role on Mad Men as Don Draper's daughter, Sally, Kiernan Shipka has quickly grown into a fashion savvy young woman. After this star role, we can only expect greatness from Shipka who also happens to be a leading lady in the best-dressed list department.

Here are some of her best looks:
This Max Mara white sleeveless blouse with pleated leather skirt screams chic (in a ladylike fashion), while remaining age appropriate. The mini yellow handbag is right on trend this season as minis make a comeback and who better to sport this look than this mini celeb?
via People Stylewatch
The bold prism print combined with an asymmetrical hemline further proves Kiernan's status as a trendsetter. This preen outfit is definitely on our covet list.
via Glamour
Another reason to admire Shipka? Her ability to adorable hairdos and propensity towards bold colour schemes. Shipka pairs these turquoise shoes with an Opening Ceremony cobalt blue dress like a pro. Obsessed? Me too.
via Pinterest
Did you even know what Baroque was at the age of 14? Kiernan Shipka looks beyond chic in Emporio Armani. Once again, she adds a pop of colour to her look with a mini red handbag.
via InStyle
One of my favourite Shipka looks, this outfit styled by Rachel Zoe, was taken directly from my dreams. This Delpozo burgundy dress with a pleated peach skirt is currently on my wish list.
via Getty Images
Which look is your favourite? Don't you wish your wardrobe was as hot as Kiernan Shipka's?


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shirt Dresses: My Current Obsession

Whoever invented the shirt dress was a freaking genius.

I remember being a little girl watching 13+ movies (even though I shouldn't) and aspiring to be a teenager wearing her boyfriend's shirt after a wild night together (even though I shouldn't). There's something undeniably sexy about a girl in an oversized button down, particularly when I looks like she took it from some handsome man. It signals that he conquered her, and though I don't particularly like the term 'conquest' in this context, I can't deny the sex appeal of the oversized shirt.

Today, women can achieve this look without borrowing it from their beau and being deemed conquered. Ever since androgyny become the new fad, designers have been taking bits and pieces from a man's wardrobe and integrating them into their collections for women. From baseball caps at DKNY to masculine blazers at Michael Kors, our favourite designers are taking their inspiration from the boy next door.

It's almost as though we are experiencing the sexual revolution all over again (and we probably need to considering all the talks about feminism and hook-up culture).

Where does this desire come from? Why are we all being pulled in by masculine attire? Are we going to shed our dresses for more practical clothing? Are we still trying to assert ourselves in society or are we simply feeling experimental?

Though we've opted for masculine choices in our wardrobes, one thing remains the same: our high heels. Whether a killer wedge or a sexy stiletto, our femininity resurfaces in our footwear. There's nothing sexier than a woman in a pantsuit and high heels, so you can only imagine the effect of stilettos with the shirt dress.

Here are some amazing shirt dress looks to try this season:

Classic Shirt Dress with Block Heels
via Man Repeller
Casual Shirt Dress With Mules
via Who What Wear
Denim Shirt Dress
via Sincerely Jules
Belted Shirt Dress
Classy Shirt Dress
via Pinterest
Your next purchase? Yeah. Mine too.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Matching and Stuff

Remember when you were a little girl and your mom would dress you in matching getups. In my case, I'd be dressed in a matching getup alongside my twin brother, but that's another story altogether.

One day, you woke up and learned how to dress yourself. Your mom started taking you shopping, only to have you reject her every selection with all the attitude you could muster. You realized that it wasn't necessary for your bottoms and tops to be in the exact same print. You wanted to play it up a little.

And besides, "These look like jammies", you thought to yourself.

Last year, "jammies" were suddenly back on trend and you couldn't wait to prance around the street in yours.

Now, let's get back to reality. Pyjamas may have been trending lately, but I'm not buying it. Sleepwear is not and will never be outdoor wear unless...

1) It's a slip dress and you're Parisian
2) You are Marc Jacobs

Otherwise, present yourself to the public respectably. Do you really expect to be taken seriously in your button down silk polka dot ensemble? Yes, it is undeniably the most comfortable outfit in your wardrobe, but so is a paper bag and you probably wouldn't want to leave the house wearing one of those, would you?

Here's your rule of thumb: if it looks like sleepwear, you probably shouldn't be walking down the street in it.

Next thing you know, slippers will become acceptable footwear. Although Celine almost rendered this a possibility with those furry flip flops from last year...

I may be raining on your parade, but it's only to your benefit. As your friend, I am not only here to offer sound advice, but to find a solution to your woes.

Yes, ladies. It's time to go back to our matching roots. Though we've spent our whole life mixing and matching ferociously, we're all secretly yearning for simplicity. This season, matching outfits are the new black so stop thinking so much and put those identical prints together to create one stunning ensemble. It may not be jammies, but it's the next best thing.

Here are some ideas:

via Harper's Bazaar
via InStyle
via Nylon Mag
Will you be sporting this look this season?



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your Summer Shoe Guide

Never heard that one before...

I know this is a caption you've seen in every fashion or lifestyle magazine on the planet from Elle to Flare to InStyle. Generally, this title is followed by a series of options for shoes you absolutely HAVE TO buy. I promise you, this one will be different.

Every summer, we find ourselves yearning to shop at every passing moment. This urge makes us ignore our bank accounts and omit the word "budget" from our vocabulary. In fact, there should be a rehab for summer shoppers who can't resist the bold colours sparkling in the windows of their favourite stores.

How do we quench that thirst, scratch that itch, satisfy that burning desire? Can it even be done? Can we resist those summer shoes that are calling our name? Lord knows there are enough excuses and justifications to last us a lifetime. "No room in my closet" doesn't seem to work.

The key is to establish some ground rules. A number. Let's pick five. If you had to choose five pairs of shoes for the summer, which would you pick? This may sound daunting to the average fashionista, but I've made it my duty to simplify this task for you.

Here are the five shoes you MUST HAVE this summer:

A Nude Wedge
I know that your tendency deviates towards black, but this summer, it is essential that you purchase this style in nude. Wedges are a godsend. You will live, shop, and party in them. Get yourself a pair of magical goes-with-everything nude wedges and your life will become significantly easier.
via Who What Wear
Classic Flats
This season, the trendiest flat on the block is the pointy toe D'Orsay flat. I'm not a huge fan, so I decided to go for the traditional round toe. Keep it safe in a traditional black pair or go wild with some colour blocking. Whichever you choose, this one is definitely a must.
via Lolobu
An Open-Toe Stiletto
Your every party need will be settled with this pair of stilettos. I would suggest nude, black, or tan if you must pick just one. Otherwise, choose something in a wild print. Everyone will be staring at your shoes!
via Lolobu
Every-Day Sandals
These will be your go-to flats when you want to show off that pedicure on the streets. These absolutely SHOULD be trendy because they will probably only last one season and that's OKAY. Go wild with this one. Gladiators are preferred.
The White Sneaker
The white sneaker is the new black (ironically). Everyone from Man Repeller's Leandra Medine to Rihanna swears by them. Naturally, we've all been racing to the stores just to be as cool as they are. Your white sneaker is the perfect daytime look when you're feeling sporty and heels ain't going to cut it. Wedge optional.
Now, I cannot control your shoe purchasing habits, but I can encourage you to take this list as your conscience when you walk into a store. 

Happy Shopping!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Resort Report

Summer is a rough time for all of us. Or maybe just for fashion folk who have no runway shows to aspire to. Luckily, the resort collections flood during those summer months when fashion takes a short nap, preparing us for what's to come in September. Resort is one of my favourite collections because there's always an abundance of colour and innovative cuts galore. I love sifting through each and every collection to select my favourite looks and which ones I dream of adding to my own wardrobe. Realistically, they will most likely never make it into my wardrobe. I will probably grab snippets of inspiration here and there to get the creative juices flowing and store them inside my mental folder to reopen once I head on over to Forever 21. Luckily, I have my blog as an outlet for my fashion aspirations. To assist you with your own personal search, I've come up with some of my favourite looks so far.

DKNY is always one of my favourite collections. Lately, I've been inspired by the tomboy fad and I can't seem to get enough of baseball caps and sneakers. Don't get my wrong, I'm a heels girl through and through. Occasionally, I feel like changing it up and DKNY is exactly what I need. My favourite part about DKNY is that there's always a feminine touch integrated into the collection that reminds us all to keep our girly side alive. This resort collection was a panoply of feathers, fuzzy coats, and fringe. Somehow, it still felt like summer due to the dominance of baby pink. Of course, the classic NY cap was the centrepiece that caught everyone's attention. 
Favourite Outfit: Look 10
(I'm a sucker for black)

Honor is one of the most underrated collections. Pretty with a capital P, Honor is the emblem of femininity with ribbons, bows, and floral prints. The collection began with a selection of prim and proper ensembles in eyelet whites and creams with gorgeous bell sleeves, a look I was very excited to see return. They may be impractical in theory, but they're just so pretty we'll let them pass. After a series of pieces in bold florals, reminding us of the gardens of yore, bright coloured dresses from yellow to fuchsia and a final Victorian white gown made us all dream of getting invited to classy parties of celebrity caliber.
Favourite Outfit: Look 38
(Pretty in Pink much?)

The Roland Mouret Resort collection caught my attention last month as I fell in love with the asymmetrical cuts and colour blocked skirts. This collection smelled like summer with every pastel colour you could dream of on classic coats and sophisticated dresses. The colours had "I'm on a yacht at some fancy party in my expensive dress with a glass of champagne" written all over them. It was an assortment of your favourite fruits from your dream exotic destination and believe me, they were delicious. The final black halter jumpsuit had Beyonce's name written all over it.
Favourite Outfit: Look 4
(That coat though)

Alive + Olivia is for the woman with a little girl inside of her, but who still craves some sophistication. The first piece looked like something I wish I could've drawn at the age of 6 with aspirations of becoming a designer. The touch of whimsy made it especially reminiscent of summer vacations with the family. Bold colours were definitely a big theme of this collection along with mixed prints that reached a whole other level and bags the size of your barbie doll's handbag in florescent colours. The inserts of leather added some adult flair to the collection in sexy snakeskin. Your favourite new trend was part of this mix: the culotte. Vacation, here I come!
Favourite Outfit: Look 4
(I NEED that bomber)

Can you say "fresh of the runway"? Fausto Puglisi has been a major favourite of mine since I discovered him in the Fall. This resort collection was edgy as can be, but in all your favourite pastel shades from mint green to lilac. As soon as I saw this collection, I was smitten. By the first look featuring a black crop top, leopard print coat, knee length mint green skirt, and pointy toe lilac pumps, I was instantly drawn into the world of Puglisi. The sexy cuts and inserts of leathers are balanced by flared feminine skirts and button up shirts. Not usually a fan of tie-dye, I was a little unsure how I felt about this print when I spotted it in the collection, but somehow, he made it work a la 90's. With whimsical sweatshirts with the words Gladiator and Spartan spread across them, Fausto made us all feel like strong and powerful women and the gladiator sandals only amplified the badass theme. With just the right amount of sugar and spice, Fausto had the perfect concoction for my dream wardrobe.
Favourite Outfit(s): Look 4, 28, and 32
(Just TRY and pick just one)

Images via

What is your favourite collection so far? Are you dreaming of Fausto like I am or fantasizing about DKNY?

Take a look and be inspired!


Friday, June 6, 2014

#IconCity: Don't You Wish This Kate Was Your Mom?

It's official. Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham need to form a best-dressed Hollywood moms club. If I could choose outfits from any celebrity wardrobe, it would probably be Kate's or Victoria's. Kate Beckinsale is not only the coolest momma of the year, but also an amazing actress. She gets points merely for being British and playing Douglas Quaid's bad-ass wife in Total Recall. This woman is ALWAYS on a best-dressed list of some sort because of her inability to pick something that doesn't look beyond incredible on her gorgeous bod.

Here are some of her best looks:

Kate Beckinsale is a vision in white Monique Lhuillier at the Opening Night of Macbeth in N.Y.C.
via People Stylewatch
This skintight black and white Antonio Berardi dress was one of her best and most flattering choices. How much do you envy that body?
via People Stylewatch
Is there a colour Kate can't pull off? If she can wear head-to-toe fuchsia, probably not. This DVF jumpsuit is definitely on our wishlists.
Does your mom look this cool when she buys her groceries? In stilettos, no less.
via Pinterest
This silver Zuhair Murad was one of my favourite evening looks on Kate. What do you think of this choice?
Which look is your favourite? Do you love Kate's style as much as I do?

Have a good weekend!