Monday, June 9, 2014

Resort Report

Summer is a rough time for all of us. Or maybe just for fashion folk who have no runway shows to aspire to. Luckily, the resort collections flood during those summer months when fashion takes a short nap, preparing us for what's to come in September. Resort is one of my favourite collections because there's always an abundance of colour and innovative cuts galore. I love sifting through each and every collection to select my favourite looks and which ones I dream of adding to my own wardrobe. Realistically, they will most likely never make it into my wardrobe. I will probably grab snippets of inspiration here and there to get the creative juices flowing and store them inside my mental folder to reopen once I head on over to Forever 21. Luckily, I have my blog as an outlet for my fashion aspirations. To assist you with your own personal search, I've come up with some of my favourite looks so far.

DKNY is always one of my favourite collections. Lately, I've been inspired by the tomboy fad and I can't seem to get enough of baseball caps and sneakers. Don't get my wrong, I'm a heels girl through and through. Occasionally, I feel like changing it up and DKNY is exactly what I need. My favourite part about DKNY is that there's always a feminine touch integrated into the collection that reminds us all to keep our girly side alive. This resort collection was a panoply of feathers, fuzzy coats, and fringe. Somehow, it still felt like summer due to the dominance of baby pink. Of course, the classic NY cap was the centrepiece that caught everyone's attention. 
Favourite Outfit: Look 10
(I'm a sucker for black)

Honor is one of the most underrated collections. Pretty with a capital P, Honor is the emblem of femininity with ribbons, bows, and floral prints. The collection began with a selection of prim and proper ensembles in eyelet whites and creams with gorgeous bell sleeves, a look I was very excited to see return. They may be impractical in theory, but they're just so pretty we'll let them pass. After a series of pieces in bold florals, reminding us of the gardens of yore, bright coloured dresses from yellow to fuchsia and a final Victorian white gown made us all dream of getting invited to classy parties of celebrity caliber.
Favourite Outfit: Look 38
(Pretty in Pink much?)

The Roland Mouret Resort collection caught my attention last month as I fell in love with the asymmetrical cuts and colour blocked skirts. This collection smelled like summer with every pastel colour you could dream of on classic coats and sophisticated dresses. The colours had "I'm on a yacht at some fancy party in my expensive dress with a glass of champagne" written all over them. It was an assortment of your favourite fruits from your dream exotic destination and believe me, they were delicious. The final black halter jumpsuit had Beyonce's name written all over it.
Favourite Outfit: Look 4
(That coat though)

Alive + Olivia is for the woman with a little girl inside of her, but who still craves some sophistication. The first piece looked like something I wish I could've drawn at the age of 6 with aspirations of becoming a designer. The touch of whimsy made it especially reminiscent of summer vacations with the family. Bold colours were definitely a big theme of this collection along with mixed prints that reached a whole other level and bags the size of your barbie doll's handbag in florescent colours. The inserts of leather added some adult flair to the collection in sexy snakeskin. Your favourite new trend was part of this mix: the culotte. Vacation, here I come!
Favourite Outfit: Look 4
(I NEED that bomber)

Can you say "fresh of the runway"? Fausto Puglisi has been a major favourite of mine since I discovered him in the Fall. This resort collection was edgy as can be, but in all your favourite pastel shades from mint green to lilac. As soon as I saw this collection, I was smitten. By the first look featuring a black crop top, leopard print coat, knee length mint green skirt, and pointy toe lilac pumps, I was instantly drawn into the world of Puglisi. The sexy cuts and inserts of leathers are balanced by flared feminine skirts and button up shirts. Not usually a fan of tie-dye, I was a little unsure how I felt about this print when I spotted it in the collection, but somehow, he made it work a la 90's. With whimsical sweatshirts with the words Gladiator and Spartan spread across them, Fausto made us all feel like strong and powerful women and the gladiator sandals only amplified the badass theme. With just the right amount of sugar and spice, Fausto had the perfect concoction for my dream wardrobe.
Favourite Outfit(s): Look 4, 28, and 32
(Just TRY and pick just one)

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What is your favourite collection so far? Are you dreaming of Fausto like I am or fantasizing about DKNY?

Take a look and be inspired!


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