Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shirt Dresses: My Current Obsession

Whoever invented the shirt dress was a freaking genius.

I remember being a little girl watching 13+ movies (even though I shouldn't) and aspiring to be a teenager wearing her boyfriend's shirt after a wild night together (even though I shouldn't). There's something undeniably sexy about a girl in an oversized button down, particularly when I looks like she took it from some handsome man. It signals that he conquered her, and though I don't particularly like the term 'conquest' in this context, I can't deny the sex appeal of the oversized shirt.

Today, women can achieve this look without borrowing it from their beau and being deemed conquered. Ever since androgyny become the new fad, designers have been taking bits and pieces from a man's wardrobe and integrating them into their collections for women. From baseball caps at DKNY to masculine blazers at Michael Kors, our favourite designers are taking their inspiration from the boy next door.

It's almost as though we are experiencing the sexual revolution all over again (and we probably need to considering all the talks about feminism and hook-up culture).

Where does this desire come from? Why are we all being pulled in by masculine attire? Are we going to shed our dresses for more practical clothing? Are we still trying to assert ourselves in society or are we simply feeling experimental?

Though we've opted for masculine choices in our wardrobes, one thing remains the same: our high heels. Whether a killer wedge or a sexy stiletto, our femininity resurfaces in our footwear. There's nothing sexier than a woman in a pantsuit and high heels, so you can only imagine the effect of stilettos with the shirt dress.

Here are some amazing shirt dress looks to try this season:

Classic Shirt Dress with Block Heels
via Man Repeller
Casual Shirt Dress With Mules
via Who What Wear
Denim Shirt Dress
via Sincerely Jules
Belted Shirt Dress
Classy Shirt Dress
via Pinterest
Your next purchase? Yeah. Mine too.


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