Friday, February 28, 2014

#IconCity: Mira Duma From Russian I Love

If I had to pick a fashion editor whose wardrobe I HAD to raid, it would be, without a doubt, Miroslava Duma. I've admired her street style picks since day 1 of my "fashion career" and undeniably, I'm obsessed. Not only is she a petite women standing amongst super models most of the time (and looking amazing in comparison), but her sense of colour blocking, layering, and proportion is impeccable. She wears a high-waisted pant like no other and it is no surprise that she is one of fashion photographer, Tommy Ton's favourite subjects. This Vogue Russia fashion editor owns the streets at Fashion Week and pulls off the matchy-match look like no other. On my dinner guest list with Victoria Beckham, she reaches a close second with her envy-worthy outfit choices and adorable hats.

Here are some of her best looks!

Let's just get one thing straight: everything this woman wears is fabulous. However, this is one her best looks EVER. This fuchsia coat is magical and I've been fantasizing about it ever since I lay eyes on it. Bonus: the belt and necklace. Layering your accessories over your outerwear just says "I look just as good underneath as I do on the outside". That's the sign of a woman with style.
At Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014, she wore this gorgeous burgundy leather ensemble and it was so classy we all died for it. First of all, capes are so on trend and she wears it perfectly (obviously). She's also the queen of the matchy-match chic look that can be overkill when done wrong (an concept she is unfamiliar with). Did you notice: even the handbag matches!
This season, at #NYFW, she wore this layered outfit with an adorable white beret. Just wait until you see the array of hats this woman can sport. You'll want to raid her hat closet and her regular closet (because we all know she MUST have one).
Head-to-toe Marni? CHECK. I seriously NEED this outfit. STAT. Orange is my new favourite colour because of it. Oh, and head count: hat numero dos.
via Glamour
And the final look to obsess over today: this purple mini dress and colour-blocked jacket. Did I mention she's a master at colour-blocking? HAT NUMBER 3!
via Glamour
And if you really loved these looks, you should check out her other ones on!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Go Back to Basics

Thoughts that cross my mind when I'm staring into the endless abyss I call a closet:

1) I have nothing to wear (cliche of the day)!
2) This doesn't go with ANYTHING I own.
3) Boring. Boring. Boring.
4) Too flashy for this event.
5) How long has it been since I even wore this?
6) Why does it look like I have so many clothes when I don't?
7) I need to go shopping!
8) I don't own enough pairs of pants.
9) Oh, this old thing? No.
10) I'm dizzy

Admittedly, I have a lot of thoughts that spring into my fashion-overwhelmed mind. Sometimes, I think that I will forever be doomed to reside in a realm of constant desire and satisfaction will never be achieved. Why is my closet so full and yet I have nothing? The fact is that there are way too many items I don't wear often and not enough BASICS. Basics are the keynote to every successful wardrobe. We need them like we need water. They are the fuel to our shopaholic engine. Without the basics, how can we adequately layer? What do you do with a bunch of layering pieces and no basics to layer over? Absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately, basics are the most difficult to buy because we are often drawn through love at first sight to the striking items in a store. "Oooohhh that cobalt blazer has to be mine!" and "I need those tribal printed pants NOW" are thoughts that resonate in our minds on our shopping excursions and NOT "I want that plain white-tee" or "Necessities are such a thrill". No. We don't crave necessities. We just need them. We need to invest in them even though we'd rather save our money on something special.

The bright side is that once you have them, it's for life and they will transform your wardrobe. No more: "what will match with this?" because with your basics, you'll always find that perfect match.

So here are the basic items you NEED (if you don't have them already). They may appear boring at first glance but they are revolutionary and integral to the layering game. Once they're yours, you can go on a shopping binge of impractical items like furry sandals and sleeveless jackets.
via Polyvore
1) A PLAIN WHITE TEE (a black)
- You need this to layer your brand new tuxedo vest or your military jacket. You also need to put it under all your colourful blazers. Having both colours will facilitate every outfit decision that you make, and if you'd rather not invest, you can probably find them for 10$ at Forever 21.

2) BLUE JEANS (and black)
- A classic pair of jeans is a staple. Obviously. No matter what you're feeling, jeans will always be just right. If you're not in the mood to get fancy, but you have to? Put on those jeans and grab any crazy top from your closet. They match EVERYTHING. It's magical.

- Now, I know what you're thinking. I never go out. At least not to a place that requires pumps. What for? Well, one day you'll be happy you bought these beauties because though they may hide in the back of your closet, when your friend gets married and you need something to wear with your bright red dress, those black pumps will be very enticing.

- Even if you don't go to the gym, you need leggings. They solve all your sick day problems with the utmost comfort and the least possible effort. They are NOT PANTS, but they will look super cute with that oversized sweater you just bought at H&M.

- Whether a job interview or simple a night out with your girls, a white blouse is that "I don't even need to think" choice that you can just slip on with a pencil skirt or pants. It should just be in your wardrobe in case you need it, like your reliable childhood friend.

- If you aren't familiar with this acronym, we have a serious problem. An LBD, otherwise known as the Little Black Dress, is a must. When you have an semi-fancy affair to attend and no budget for it, this LBD lying in your closet is an easy solution. Keep it there and you won't regret it.

- Family events and job interviews generally call for pencil skirts. I'd go for black first for that standard look, but you might love what it does to your body so much that you'll get another colour or dare I say, a print.

- I hate flats. They're the most unflattering shoe on the planet. HOWEVER, you need them. Sometimes we need to treat our feet and allow them to heal from our heels. Purchase a pair of ultra comfortable flats that happen to be chic and you win at wardrobes.

9) TANK TOPS (1 Black, 1 White)
- Everything today is transparent. So, here's the key: TANK TOPS. You need to wear them under your blouses OR on their own at the gym. Either way, they need a place in that wardrobe to ensure that classiness is upheld.

- It's just something you might want to have for that impending job interview I keep talking about. It also amps up EVERY look. I swear.

HONOURABLE MENTION: A leather jacket (you don't need this, but you kind of do. It adds coolness factor to everything. Take note.

That's only ten items! It's time to make a budget, ladies, and get the boring stuff out of the way. Once you do, you may still wonder what to wear, but there will always be a solution.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fashion Month's Weirdest Sunglasses

One thing that just grinds my gears is when people blindly follow a trend (no pun intended) because all the cool kids are doing it. Seriously, STAWP. When it comes to sunglasses, you have two options: aviators and Ray Bans. EXCEPT YOU DON'T. There is a whole world of sunglasses that hasn't been explored because people are afraid to try something different. What happened to originality? What happened to our sense of humour? Have people forgotten that it isn't just what come out of your mouth, but what comes out of your closet! Or it can be if you stop taking trends so seriously and open your eyes to the magical world of creativity. It's time to place those trendy shades in a box and opt for a new pair of wild eyes. If fashion month was any indication, you'll be way ahead of the trend with these shades on.

Here are some of the top contenders:

If you're not much of a risk taker, this is a great transitional pair that's been in the works since last Spring. Very John Lennon and the perfect dab of weird. 
FENDI Fall 2014
Don't shy away from colour. Embrace it. Whether in your furs or your eyewear, colour blocking is always a creative thrill.
The rule is: the bigger the better. This model has a small face and she's pulling it off, so why can't you?
KATE SPADE Fall 2014
Pink is the colour of season. In the land of Kate Spade, it is also a perfectly acceptable colour for Fall.
Did I say pink was on trend? I meant: it's a must. You need it. Audrey Hepburn believed in pink, so you should too.
So stop being such a trend follower, start experimenting, and get yourself a new pair of sunglasses that will stop people in their tracks. All the cool designers are doing it.



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I REALLY Want To Talk About Eyebrows

Fashion's favourite new look? Heavy duty Sandy Cohen meets Bert eyebrows. It's time to put those tweezers back in the drawer and cut down on your visits to the aesthetician. All your woes have come to an end. Eyebrows are in. They have invaded the runways and the faces of all our favourite models, starting with my favourite brit, Cara Delevingne. And for those who don't have eyebrows, with the magic of makeup, you can make it happen (just don't paint them on inadequately, because it's frightening for onlookers). So, this post is dedicated to our new favourite facial feature: Eyebrows. Forget those fake lashes and bold lips, it's time to direct the attention towards your brows. If I say eyebrow one more time, my brain will combust, so let these photos speak for themselves.

If you aren't yet sold on this concept, don't fret. These ladies will convince you to let your facial bush run wild. Here are some of my favourite heavy browed babes:

CARA: Queen of the Eyebrow
She rules the eyebrow world because she started the trend. At first, we thought "where are her tweezers?" Who's laughing now?
LILY COLLINS: Eyebrow Princess
I have a crush on her eyebrows and they make me want to be her best friend. Is that normal?
via Glamour
AUDREY HEPBURN: Original Eyebrow Ruler
Okay, maybe Cara didn't start it. But if Audrey Hepburn is still iconic and known for those bushy brows, we all better follow suit.

And then Brooke Shields did it in the 80s and it was pretty wow. If it's on Vogue, it's high fashion. It's law.
And today, this Australian model is rocking those brows like it's nobody's business. Does that make her unattractive? As a matter of fact, I'd kill for that level of fierce only attainable through those massive brows.
So, thick brows are the new gap tooth. Embrace your weird defects because they are now your most beautiful asset. Then again, some women (Miley Cyrus) are bleaching their brows. Pick your extreme. There's nothing in between. Go big or go home.



Monday, February 24, 2014

Arrivederci Milano

And another Fashion Week comes to close leaving us all at the edge of our seats as we await the much anticipated Paris. As we exit Milan (in our imaginations), the opulence at Dolce and Gabbana, the flamboyant furs at Fendi, and the vivacious sex appeal at Versace linger in our minds as we begin to mentally reconstruct our Fall wardrobes. While some designers opted for a more edgy rocker chic look (Versace, Just Cavalli, and Fausto Puglisi), others redefined class on their own terms (Gucci, Emporio Armani, Ports 1961) and some offered conspicuous consumption as a treat (Moschino). A Karl doll also made an appearance as well as Spongebob (Yes, you read that correctly). So before perusing the fantasies of Chanel, Lanvin, and Balmain, let's reflect upon the extravagancies of Milan that had us all wishing we were glamorous enough to indulge in them.

Milan Fashion Week started with a bang as Gucci hit the runway. And then it ended. Just kidding. But it might as well have. All other designers go home and make room for Frida Giannini, queen of chic. This collection was sexy librarian meets Austin Powers with luxe furs in sophisticated pastels, knee high flat boots, 60s dresses and wide rimmed glasses, as we were all taken back to a time where glamour reigned supreme. The coats were the main attraction, particularly the leopard print only worthy of a true diva (A.K.A Queen Bey). Brown and pastel leather gave it just the right amount of edge to go from classy fashionista to va-va-voom.

Favourite Look: If you haven't guessed it already: the leopard coat. Duh. (Look 24)

John Richmond was comprised of just a few of my favourite things: bulky sweaters, fuzzy coats, and masculine blazers. I can safely say that I had a crush on this collection and wanted ALL OF IT. From the mini dresses in asymmetrical cuts to the floor grazers in abstract floral prints to the wide variety of hooded getups, this was all very effortless and model-off-duty (everything I strive for). Obviously, it increased my desire to wear baggy leather pants too. I also want bangs now. HOW AM I SO EASILY INFLUENCEABLE?

Favourite Look: Look 27. Baggy leather pants, please be mine?

In a stream of colours, Fausto Puglisi made all my colour blocking dreams come true. Any collection with leather in it is always a favourite of mine. The rule is: the more leather there is, the more obsessed I become. Take note. Another dominant theme: the statue of liberty. Yes, we were in Milan, but the American Dream still permeated the scene, as Lady Liberty appeared on a wide variety of sweaters amongst the colourful rainbow skittles dresses. Ending with embellished skirts, this collection was definitely eye candy.

Favourite Look: Look 8 had my name written all over it. That jacket was insane.

I've always adored Dan and Dean Caten because they have thy ey always dress their ladies extravagantly, while avoiding a descent into tackyhood. They're also Canadian (Represent!) and every collection looks like a big party that I'd really like to join. The contrast between vibrant purples and blues with clean white looks was divine and the gowns captured that 1960s beauty of the rich sophisticate. It was a little Audrey Hepburn meets Brigitte Bardot (the greatest combination one can possibly imagine) with shift dresses and large Jackie O sunglasses. The hats reminded us all that fashion week is ALL about the hats (as I've always suspected) and if it were a contest, these bros would win. Also, snakeskin is coming back in a big way, fellas, so get ready.

Favourite Look: Undebatably, look 23. Those glasses are simply amazing with a capital AZING.

Obviously. As if you could've ever doubted that Karl wouldn't make this list. Also, I hinted at it yesterday here. It all started with Cara, because who doesn't love Cara? Oh, and the Karl doll dangling from her fingers that nobody will ever forget. Don't you love his sense of humour? If you hadn't figured it out, Karl loves to play with fur. Hence, the fur doll. Incorporating fur in every possible way on wool coats and classic parkas, Karl proves himself to be the master of the trend. From jackets to bags to neckwear, fur dominated the runway, complimenting silky skirts, black mesh, and le fameux leather. Playing with fabrics is clearly his forte as he provides an expert display of layering. Let's all learn from Karl and look this good doing it. If only.

Favourite Look: Look 22. So. Freaking. Chic.

And now, we can all say Arrivederci Milano and Bonjour Paris. Time to shed the layers of extravagance for some traditional parisian non-chalance. I can't wait.

Be sure to check out these Fashion Week looks on!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can I Get A Karl Doll At Toys R' Us?

Something very strange happened on the Fendi runway this season at Milan Fashion Week (which sadly ends tomorrow). As Cara Delevingne strutted her stuff down the runway in a classic black coat with a fur trimmed hood, there was something dangling from her white-gloved fingers. As she approached the crowd, a furry mini Karl Lagerfeld materialized. At the end of the show, she did a little whirl and appeared with the real Karl AND his doll self in hand. What this means is yet to be discovered.

As we all know, Karl loves to make a statement, whether at Chanel or Fendi (or both). We also know that this man happens to be an avid fan of la fourrure. But the question eating at our souls is: what was the purpose of this doll?

Was it to expose his genius in miniature form? Was it a proclamation of his vanity? Does he just love Cara so much that he wants her to have a mini version of himself on her mantle? Is a Cara doll in the making? OR maybe it's just Karl's peculiar sense of humour surfacing. Affirmative.

Though I was always the girl who loved to play with her dolls, this was more like a dog's chew toy. Or a cat's. Perhaps Choupette's. But, I also have a sick fascination with it (hence this post). It makes me wonder what is going on in that creative mind of his (as per usual). MAYBE IT'S A GIANT METAPHOR. Or maybe I'm looking too far into this.

Either way, I secretly want one. Don't tell anyone though.

What did you think of this Karl puppet doll ball of fluff? Super cute? Fashion's new fave accessory? Will we soon be holding fluffy key-chains of all our favourite designers to attach on our Fendi baguettes? Is Marc next? Or maybe Donatella? Or maybe it's just plain weird.

Let's just clear the air and say that the Fendi show was fabulous, all dolls aside. Also, who's excited for Chanel? Maybe furry Karl will make an appearance there as well. Who's placing bets?

Have a lovely evening,


Friday, February 21, 2014

#IconCity: Well Done Jourdan Dunn

As promised, Jourdan Dunn is now a new resident of IconCity. One of the top models at London Fashion Week, a Burberry girl, and a woman with her own YouTube cooking show (Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn), this girl is every woman I aspire to be. Her effortless boyish style and undeniable sex appeal make her a top contender for IconCity (and another woman I'd love to have at a dinner party, mostly because she can actually cook). This girl is unstoppable and happens to represent my two favourite affordable brands: H&M and TopShop. Every morning I get dressed thinking "what would Jourdan Dunn wear?" and follow suit. She may have gotten kicked out of a Dior Couture show for her larger than average bust, but that's also one of the reasons she and I can relate (not the Dior part). Dior's loss, am I right?

Now, shall we review?

Jourdan Dunn basically invented sport-chic with her notorious jerseys. Let's not forgot those kick-ass stiletto heels.
Hello, Balmain. As per usual, one of my icons is caught wearing one of my favourite designers. Another reason I love Jourdan Dunn? I get to live vicariously through her Balmain.
This LBD is so beyond fabulous, there aren't enough words to describe it. If forgot to mention that black and gold is the best combination in my style book.
This black Calvin Klein jumpsuit is to die for. Just throw it on and you'll look like a model. It's that simple. Sort of.
Because she wore TopShop at the Met Gala, she deserves an award. Did I mention I love this woman's style?
And that just about sums up Jourdan Dunn. Don't you just want to BE her?

Have A Good Weekend Lovelies!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Would You Do For A Day In Carrie Bradshaw's Shoes?

Remember when you used to watch Sex and The City religiously with all your best girlfriends and a bottle of champagne? Remember when you thought to yourself "how does Carrie afford all those shoes with her writing job"? Remember thinking "why can't I BE her?". Well, now you can. Sort of. Lo and behold, Sarah Jessica Parker is collaborating with Manolo Blahnik to create her own line of shoes.

Take a moment to process this information.

Are you screaming yet? This is probably the greatest news since Big got Carrie a walk-in closet. Though the show ended back in 2004 and I was pre-pubscent at the time, it continues to live on and inspire women throughout the generations (even those who were too young to understand it). Who hasn't dreamed of having a group of best friends that fabulous? There's a reason that we're all still talking about Big and Carrie ten years later. Despite an attempt to recreate the show through Girls, offering a more realistic perspective with relatable 20 somethings, it doesn't have quite the same appeal as lavish 40 year olds with an envy-worthy lifestyle to boot (because somehow, being single and 40 becomes desirable in this show...). Though I occasionally call myself a Shoshanna, the reality is that I'm a Carrie through and through. And a bit of a Charlotte (who isn't?).

Until this very day, we all continue to fantasize about the characters on Sex and the City and there's nothing more emblematic than a pair of Manolos. So get yourself to a Nordstrom on February 28th because that is the date they hit the shelves. These shoes, under her label SJP, will be sold at $350 a pair, half the price of the regular Manolos. It really is a small price to pay for a lifetime in Carrie's shoes, is it not? All that's missing is a pink tutu and a Cosmo.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Power Of A Woman In A Tux

It's no secret that androgyny is a popular trend amongst fashion designers like Maison Martin Margiela and Saint Laurent Paris. What was once a power suit comprising of a classic pencil skirt in a chic pastel colour combined with a form-fitting blazer is now a head-to-toe tuxedo with an optional pair of killer stilettos. Last Sunday, at the 2014 BAFTA Awards, Angelina Jolie added herself to the list of statement-making celebrities who've opted for a suit rather than a flamboyant gown, the traditional garb for women in Hollywood at extravagant events. Though our fantasies generally involve elegant gowns by Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab and dominate our best-dressed lists, it is always refreshing to see a female celebrity in a tux. Though it may radiate masculinity, for some mysterious reason, it can be even more seductive than that full-skirted dress. So in honour of Angelina's bold move, here's a list of some of the best female tuxes that have made their way down the Red Carpet.

BAFTA Awards 2014
Saint Laurent Paris
via Elle Canada
Golden Globes 2014
Ralph Lauren
via Hollywood Reporter
Grammys 2014
Ralph Lauren
via Hollywood Reporter
Gotham Independent Film Awards 2010
Thom Browne
Met Ball 2010
Phillip Lim
These are some of my personal favourites. Who are your favourite female tux-wearing celebs?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

London Called. We Had A Nice Chat. Milan Is On The Other Line.

If my corny attempt at manipulating clichés did not offer you any hints as to what the hell I'm talking about, allow me to clarify. As with NYFW, this is my dedicatory post in which I say "cheers" to London Fashion Week by presenting my favourite collections. Tea, crumpets, and Tom Ford is exactly what the doctor ordered and though it was much too short, LFW exceeded expectations with vibrant prints, architectural cuts, and metallic accents. With a surprise by Cara Delevingne (view here) and just the right amount of hipster to suit our fancy, I hereby present to you: London Fashion Week In Review.

Did somebody order a dash of whimsy with a sprinkle of quirkiness? Holly Fulton offers a collection that satisfies your need to express your weird desires to simultaneously embody the eccentric school teacher and boho artist with a penchant for funky prints. From tailored coats to sophisticated dresses with whimsical patterns and sheer dresses with floral appliqués, Fulton plays with concepts and ideas, capturing the attention of women with an abundance of personality. As you'll soon discover, mixing prints was the flavour of the week in London this season as abstract art materialized inside the fabrics.

Favourite Look: I have a little nerd crush on Look 4 (the first look in this image).

With all the hype surrounding the new Target collection, Peter Pilotto is the talk of the town and if you didn't see this runway show, get thee to YouTube. Of all the #LFW shows, this was the only one I managed to watch Live and I was transported into another world. Illusion was the resounding theme as models strutted through a maze of colour in visually captivating prints exhibiting every shade of the rainbow. Whatever message was being conveyed, it was shouted out loud through abstract artistic designs that only served to further question our interpretive abilities. Interesting? Yes. Bold? Absolutely. Overkill? That's for you to decide.

Favourite Look: The sweater in Look 16. Because it made me question whether or not I'd actually wear it.

via Style Sight
Temperley London is always one of my favourite collections come London Fashion Week. Let me tell you why. It begins with the extravagant skirts with a strong dose of personality and end with a burning desire for romance. Integrating Byzantine mosaic prints and florals in bold shades of blue, the artistic flavour was nothing short of delicious. Scarves have become a fashion statement as they take on their own identities, becoming the centrepiece of every look. Katie Shillingford completes this collection by outlining the feminine figure as she slips into evening wear. Also, boot pants are the latest fad. Get with the program.

Favourite Look: My weakness for black has reared it's ugly head and the poncho in Look 17 propelled it to surface (but the third look in this image would definitely be my second favourite)
The backdrop, the music, the blankets embellished with initials. I think this may be love. This season, Christopher Bailey went above and beyond, with his juxtaposition of warm colours and abstract prints on flowy bohemian dresses and scarves that we'll all be dying to own as soon as they hit the shelves. The classic trench took on a new persona, appearing in warm Safari tones. Accessorizing with matching belts and handbags, these models were transformed into art pieces blending into the natural landscape. Yes, Christopher. I'd like all of those dresses delivered to my closet, please.

Favourite Look: The coat in look 5. I'm already swooning (the second look in the image below)

Let's take a moment to talk about those boots, which were basically the footwear equivalent of fishnet stockings. If that wasn't indicative enough of what this collection was about to offer, the form-fitting mini dresses revealed "sexy vixen" as the theme of choice. With geometric prints, architectural detailing, and vibrant metallic colours, this collection demanded just the right amount of attention, while remaining tasteful. The masculine inspired coats were the perfect compliment to these otherwise traditional feminine looks and they are currently on my "coveting" list.

Favourite Look: Look 6 has my name written all over it. In morse code.

That's all, folks. Ciao Milan.


Monday, February 17, 2014

The "Cara" Is The New Hermes

You know you've made it when you get to create a handbag collection based on your infectious personality. Remember the Kelly bag? If you don't, it's an Hermes bag that was named after fashion icon Grace Kelly. Ring a bell? At the ripe age of 21, it's Cara Delevingne's turn to model a bag after herself, collaborating with the Mulberry team to select impeccable leathers and hardware for this new design. If that's how old you are and there is no bag collection named after you (I'm 22. In case you were wondering), don't fret. The reality is that this is becoming the latest industry trend that has us all scrambling to get on that mysterious list and purchase a handbag to represent our favourite style icons. Once upon a time, there was the "Alexa", named after Alexa Chung. Then, there was the Del Rey (if you don't know this one, we cannot be friends). This time, Cara is the new Mulberry girl of the moment and we all want to be her.

via Luxury Launches
Based on the iconic "Bayswater", this collection will offer a variety of bags in all shapes and sizes, offering practicality and reflecting the multiple quirky personalities of Cara Delevingne. From a backpack, to a traditional arm carrier, to a chic hand clutching purse, you can wear it in any way you please. Selecting the fall colours of the moment, this bag will appear in oxblood, indigo, and emerald. What's your flavour?

According to Delevingne, "My granny will like this bag. She's one hundred and two years old. My five-year-old cousin will probably like this bag. He's a boy."

Needless to say, this bag is a guaranteed crowd pleaser meant to satisfy everyone from your third cousin twice removed to Choupette Lagerfeld. It's a bag for the masses at a price (starting at 890 pounds)...Well, let's just overlook that minor detail, shall we?

P.S. Big Secret. One of the bags will be modelled after Cara's lion tattoo.

Start Saving!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

#IconCity: Cara Calling

In honor of London Fashion Week starting last week, I'd like to take this opportunity to praise the style of top model, Cara Delevingne. Due to unforeseen circumstances (my laptop cord broke mid-Fashion Week), I skipped IconCity day and I'd like to play catchup with some Cara to uplift our spirits and remind us why London fashionistas rule the world. Propelled into the grand scope of fashion through her Burberry Prorsum campaigns and rising to the ranks of Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne is one of, if not THE most talked about model of the moment (alongside Karlie Kloss). Known for her wild just-don't-care personality, her bffs Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, and Rita Ora, as well as her infectious laugh and tomboy attitude, Cara Delevingne is the model we all wish we could party with every weekend. Her participation in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows have proven her top model status and her face on every other page of worldwide fashion magazines only further amplify the demand for this model in high fashion campaigns. Let's not forget that Cara is not merely a model, but a fashion icon for many teens and young adults looking to emulate her effortless style. Here are some of my favourite Cara looks.

Any girl who can pull off a Bart Simpson crop top and look unbearably chic is automatically granted supermodel status. Showing off her playful personality, Cara makes you want to steal her wardrobe with this edgy look.
Hitting up one of the biggest Fall trends, this cropped plaid jacket is definitely envy-worthy. Paired with the second biggest trend of the season, leather pants, I think it's safe to say, we're all dying to try out this look. 
How do you spell effortless? C.A.R.A. Actually, though.
When Cara wears a dress with a combat boots, you know all the cool kids are doing it.
via Vogue U.K
Cara at a Gala looking stella.
via Elle U.K
If you still don't believe Cara is the coolest model on the London scene, stay tuned for a taste of Jourdan Dunn, another one of my fave brits. 



Friday, February 14, 2014

New York Fashion Week Highlights

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close in a clouded realm we like to call “Marc Jacobs”, it’s time to reflect on the collections that dominated this past week (in my personal opinion) otherwise known as: New York Fashion Week in Review. I’d like to focus on the five shows that I can’t stop fantasizing about, wishing I would’ve been there, and simultaneously taking note of every incredible piece I wish I had in my wardrobe.

Maybe it’s my Morrocan roots doing the talking or perhaps some 40s nostalgia surfacing, but from the moment this collection began, I wanted to incorporate a fez in my everyday life (just kidding). All fez (fezes? Fezi?) aside, the dark and luxurious feel of this collection blew my mind from here to Tangier. The combination of velvet with glamorous furs, snippets of leather and geometric prints was enough to tease the eye and play with feminine proportions. Round sunglasses were a cool touch that added some flavor, one that I predict will be a big winner this year in the sunglasses department. Let’s not forget those striking textured red earrings that complimented Herrera’s gowns in a way that added to the international saveur.

Favorite Look: The printed dress in Look 12 with Audrey Hepburn gloves.
You might say I am obsessed with hats and you’d probably be right. Although in this collection, they came in a very different form that I’d like to call “the rich lady hat” because you’d have to be of a superior class to pull this off which is exactly what places it at the top of my list. There’s something glamorous and powerful about a woman in a hat, especially a masculine hat with a pinstriped suit. The pinstripes were definitely a common theme at Kenneth Cole, offering that oh-so-popular androgynous appeal we all strive for. Apparently, black is the new black and leather is always involved in a pre-dominantly black collection. Whoever said black was boring never encountered Kenneth Cole.

Favorite Look: That coat in look 23? It has to be mine.

via Glamour

Monique LHuillier encapsulated my personality this season with feminine pieces that each had a hidden dark side only to be observed by the perceptive eye. More 40s silhouettes reigned on the runway in 50 shades of pink with floral prints, subtle skulls, lace appliques, and 90s-inspired mesh. Adding a baroque twist, the romance oozing from this collection was beyond the imagination.  The show began with dark beauties conjuring an image of a black swan who transforms into a stunning princess by the very end. I’m pretty sure my future Oscar dress was in the mix.
Favorite Look: Though a close race, I’m a sucker for a black gown and number 39 definitely took the cake.
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DKNY was an absolute masterpiece, partially because Donna Karan is one of the coolest individuals in fashion (and that’s saying a lot), partly because it was her 30th anniversary and she’s clearly a pro, but mostly because of the real New Yorkers strutting their stuff on the runway. That’s right. Your every day next door neighbor got to do the walk this season in New York baseball caps (another incredible hat choice), bomber jackets, and the classic DKNY sneaker. Perhaps I’m in a menswear phase, but the skateboarder with a rock n’ roll edge is an inspired look that feels real and very modern New York, and it’s the kind of girl I yearn to be. Of course, it wouldn’t be a fall collection without the resident fur making its way down that runway in black and white a la Cruella Deville. The houndstooth is definitely a trend to watch this season in a variety of forms and the animal print is ready to have its moment in new unexpected colors. The show ended with a surprising splash of pink lace in flirty cuts for the coy New Yorker with feminine flair.

Favorite Look: Number 36, an asymmetrical houndstooth print dress in my favorite black and blue caught my attention and I definitely wouldn’t mind having it in my closet.

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My absolute favorite collection this season at New York Fashion Week this season was Vera Wang, partially because it reflected my dark and edgy interior and feminine exterior, but mostly because I’m dying for that “you bug me” t-shirt from Look 2. For this Fall 2014 collection, Vera Wang took on a new approach to her brand from a 90s grunge perspective. Incorporating leather pieces with oversized plaid sweatshirts, some black fur, and a few metaphorical bugs to express the mood, Wang takes us into a new world of women with attitude and spunk. Florals take on a new meaning on sheer dresses that float off the body. The gold lame dresses and sparkling numbers at the end at a touch of midnight glamour, taking this woman from the office to an evening affair filled with cocktails and chitchat with extravagant ladies. And of course, my favorite part, those hardcore black stilettos for the woman you’d never want to mess with.
Favorite Look: Look 19 had my name written all over it. Each and every perfect element in that composition radiates effortless glamour.
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