Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I REALLY Want To Talk About Eyebrows

Fashion's favourite new look? Heavy duty Sandy Cohen meets Bert eyebrows. It's time to put those tweezers back in the drawer and cut down on your visits to the aesthetician. All your woes have come to an end. Eyebrows are in. They have invaded the runways and the faces of all our favourite models, starting with my favourite brit, Cara Delevingne. And for those who don't have eyebrows, with the magic of makeup, you can make it happen (just don't paint them on inadequately, because it's frightening for onlookers). So, this post is dedicated to our new favourite facial feature: Eyebrows. Forget those fake lashes and bold lips, it's time to direct the attention towards your brows. If I say eyebrow one more time, my brain will combust, so let these photos speak for themselves.

If you aren't yet sold on this concept, don't fret. These ladies will convince you to let your facial bush run wild. Here are some of my favourite heavy browed babes:

CARA: Queen of the Eyebrow
She rules the eyebrow world because she started the trend. At first, we thought "where are her tweezers?" Who's laughing now?
via www.fashionthroughtravel.com
LILY COLLINS: Eyebrow Princess
I have a crush on her eyebrows and they make me want to be her best friend. Is that normal?
via Glamour
AUDREY HEPBURN: Original Eyebrow Ruler
Okay, maybe Cara didn't start it. But if Audrey Hepburn is still iconic and known for those bushy brows, we all better follow suit.
via elegantaudrey.tumblr.com

And then Brooke Shields did it in the 80s and it was pretty wow. If it's on Vogue, it's high fashion. It's law.
via www.selfserviceuk.wordpress.com
And today, this Australian model is rocking those brows like it's nobody's business. Does that make her unattractive? As a matter of fact, I'd kill for that level of fierce only attainable through those massive brows.
via roseoverclothes.blogspot.com
So, thick brows are the new gap tooth. Embrace your weird defects because they are now your most beautiful asset. Then again, some women (Miley Cyrus) are bleaching their brows. Pick your extreme. There's nothing in between. Go big or go home.



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