Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who's Ready for Fashion Month?

The day we've all been anticipating since Pre-Fall has finally arrived. Tomorrow, Fashion Month commences in New York City and all the cool kids are invited, while us regular folk watch it in the comfort of our homes through Live Streaming. As fashion journalists, bloggers, magazine editors, designers, and celebrities alike gather in the city that never sleeps, models invade the streets (making average people feel even smaller), and street photographers get camera ready, everyone is scrambling to prepare for this long awaited extravaganza that's seasonally 7 months in advance. Go fashion for not being a procrastinator! As someone who hasn't yet entered the realm of fashion, I have my own methods of preparation for this beautiful month of style. If you're looking for some tips on how to prepare as someone not attending any events, today is your lucky day.

Step 1: Plug into your favourites/bookmarks (if it isn't there already). is my fashion month bible and I check it a total of 954859834958034 times a day to ensure I don't miss a thing. As each show runs its course, I eagerly flip through all the looks prior to viewing the shows. It's essential.

Step 2: Follow FashionTv on YouTube. This is a crucial step to the process of staying up-to-date on shows after you've already picked your favourite looks on Uploading all the best designers runway shows along with some backstage sneak peaks, FashionTv is crucial to this month of madness.

Step 3: Make a schedule. The fashion month schedule is incredibly intense and unfortunately, we may only have time to watch our favourite shows first. Write down when the shows air in your agenda or smartphone because you'll want to know when the live streaming is happening so you can watch it in class while your professor rambles about lesser things.

Step 4: Stay up to date on Twitter. There is nothing more aggravating than getting your news second-hand on Twitter. However, we can't all watch the shows in the moment that they air, and so, Twitter is our saviour and our outlet for the opinions nobody important will ever hear.

Step 5: Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the shows. Nothing is more serene than a runway show and as spectators, it is our job to simply soak it all in and be inspired. After all, it is an artwork display and deserves our undivided attention as we marvel at the beauty before us.

And yes, that is ALL you need to do if you're not cool enough to be at any of the shows (like myself).

*Optional: Get dressed up. A wise man/woman once said, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have".

Have a lovely evening,


1 Days Until NYFW (Countdown Terminated. Let the games begin)

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