Friday, February 28, 2014

#IconCity: Mira Duma From Russian I Love

If I had to pick a fashion editor whose wardrobe I HAD to raid, it would be, without a doubt, Miroslava Duma. I've admired her street style picks since day 1 of my "fashion career" and undeniably, I'm obsessed. Not only is she a petite women standing amongst super models most of the time (and looking amazing in comparison), but her sense of colour blocking, layering, and proportion is impeccable. She wears a high-waisted pant like no other and it is no surprise that she is one of fashion photographer, Tommy Ton's favourite subjects. This Vogue Russia fashion editor owns the streets at Fashion Week and pulls off the matchy-match look like no other. On my dinner guest list with Victoria Beckham, she reaches a close second with her envy-worthy outfit choices and adorable hats.

Here are some of her best looks!

Let's just get one thing straight: everything this woman wears is fabulous. However, this is one her best looks EVER. This fuchsia coat is magical and I've been fantasizing about it ever since I lay eyes on it. Bonus: the belt and necklace. Layering your accessories over your outerwear just says "I look just as good underneath as I do on the outside". That's the sign of a woman with style.
At Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014, she wore this gorgeous burgundy leather ensemble and it was so classy we all died for it. First of all, capes are so on trend and she wears it perfectly (obviously). She's also the queen of the matchy-match chic look that can be overkill when done wrong (an concept she is unfamiliar with). Did you notice: even the handbag matches!
This season, at #NYFW, she wore this layered outfit with an adorable white beret. Just wait until you see the array of hats this woman can sport. You'll want to raid her hat closet and her regular closet (because we all know she MUST have one).
Head-to-toe Marni? CHECK. I seriously NEED this outfit. STAT. Orange is my new favourite colour because of it. Oh, and head count: hat numero dos.
via Glamour
And the final look to obsess over today: this purple mini dress and colour-blocked jacket. Did I mention she's a master at colour-blocking? HAT NUMBER 3!
via Glamour
And if you really loved these looks, you should check out her other ones on!


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