Monday, February 24, 2014

Arrivederci Milano

And another Fashion Week comes to close leaving us all at the edge of our seats as we await the much anticipated Paris. As we exit Milan (in our imaginations), the opulence at Dolce and Gabbana, the flamboyant furs at Fendi, and the vivacious sex appeal at Versace linger in our minds as we begin to mentally reconstruct our Fall wardrobes. While some designers opted for a more edgy rocker chic look (Versace, Just Cavalli, and Fausto Puglisi), others redefined class on their own terms (Gucci, Emporio Armani, Ports 1961) and some offered conspicuous consumption as a treat (Moschino). A Karl doll also made an appearance as well as Spongebob (Yes, you read that correctly). So before perusing the fantasies of Chanel, Lanvin, and Balmain, let's reflect upon the extravagancies of Milan that had us all wishing we were glamorous enough to indulge in them.

Milan Fashion Week started with a bang as Gucci hit the runway. And then it ended. Just kidding. But it might as well have. All other designers go home and make room for Frida Giannini, queen of chic. This collection was sexy librarian meets Austin Powers with luxe furs in sophisticated pastels, knee high flat boots, 60s dresses and wide rimmed glasses, as we were all taken back to a time where glamour reigned supreme. The coats were the main attraction, particularly the leopard print only worthy of a true diva (A.K.A Queen Bey). Brown and pastel leather gave it just the right amount of edge to go from classy fashionista to va-va-voom.

Favourite Look: If you haven't guessed it already: the leopard coat. Duh. (Look 24)

John Richmond was comprised of just a few of my favourite things: bulky sweaters, fuzzy coats, and masculine blazers. I can safely say that I had a crush on this collection and wanted ALL OF IT. From the mini dresses in asymmetrical cuts to the floor grazers in abstract floral prints to the wide variety of hooded getups, this was all very effortless and model-off-duty (everything I strive for). Obviously, it increased my desire to wear baggy leather pants too. I also want bangs now. HOW AM I SO EASILY INFLUENCEABLE?

Favourite Look: Look 27. Baggy leather pants, please be mine?

In a stream of colours, Fausto Puglisi made all my colour blocking dreams come true. Any collection with leather in it is always a favourite of mine. The rule is: the more leather there is, the more obsessed I become. Take note. Another dominant theme: the statue of liberty. Yes, we were in Milan, but the American Dream still permeated the scene, as Lady Liberty appeared on a wide variety of sweaters amongst the colourful rainbow skittles dresses. Ending with embellished skirts, this collection was definitely eye candy.

Favourite Look: Look 8 had my name written all over it. That jacket was insane.

I've always adored Dan and Dean Caten because they have thy ey always dress their ladies extravagantly, while avoiding a descent into tackyhood. They're also Canadian (Represent!) and every collection looks like a big party that I'd really like to join. The contrast between vibrant purples and blues with clean white looks was divine and the gowns captured that 1960s beauty of the rich sophisticate. It was a little Audrey Hepburn meets Brigitte Bardot (the greatest combination one can possibly imagine) with shift dresses and large Jackie O sunglasses. The hats reminded us all that fashion week is ALL about the hats (as I've always suspected) and if it were a contest, these bros would win. Also, snakeskin is coming back in a big way, fellas, so get ready.

Favourite Look: Undebatably, look 23. Those glasses are simply amazing with a capital AZING.

Obviously. As if you could've ever doubted that Karl wouldn't make this list. Also, I hinted at it yesterday here. It all started with Cara, because who doesn't love Cara? Oh, and the Karl doll dangling from her fingers that nobody will ever forget. Don't you love his sense of humour? If you hadn't figured it out, Karl loves to play with fur. Hence, the fur doll. Incorporating fur in every possible way on wool coats and classic parkas, Karl proves himself to be the master of the trend. From jackets to bags to neckwear, fur dominated the runway, complimenting silky skirts, black mesh, and le fameux leather. Playing with fabrics is clearly his forte as he provides an expert display of layering. Let's all learn from Karl and look this good doing it. If only.

Favourite Look: Look 22. So. Freaking. Chic.

And now, we can all say Arrivederci Milano and Bonjour Paris. Time to shed the layers of extravagance for some traditional parisian non-chalance. I can't wait.

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