Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Go Back to Basics

Thoughts that cross my mind when I'm staring into the endless abyss I call a closet:

1) I have nothing to wear (cliche of the day)!
2) This doesn't go with ANYTHING I own.
3) Boring. Boring. Boring.
4) Too flashy for this event.
5) How long has it been since I even wore this?
6) Why does it look like I have so many clothes when I don't?
7) I need to go shopping!
8) I don't own enough pairs of pants.
9) Oh, this old thing? No.
10) I'm dizzy

Admittedly, I have a lot of thoughts that spring into my fashion-overwhelmed mind. Sometimes, I think that I will forever be doomed to reside in a realm of constant desire and satisfaction will never be achieved. Why is my closet so full and yet I have nothing? The fact is that there are way too many items I don't wear often and not enough BASICS. Basics are the keynote to every successful wardrobe. We need them like we need water. They are the fuel to our shopaholic engine. Without the basics, how can we adequately layer? What do you do with a bunch of layering pieces and no basics to layer over? Absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately, basics are the most difficult to buy because we are often drawn through love at first sight to the striking items in a store. "Oooohhh that cobalt blazer has to be mine!" and "I need those tribal printed pants NOW" are thoughts that resonate in our minds on our shopping excursions and NOT "I want that plain white-tee" or "Necessities are such a thrill". No. We don't crave necessities. We just need them. We need to invest in them even though we'd rather save our money on something special.

The bright side is that once you have them, it's for life and they will transform your wardrobe. No more: "what will match with this?" because with your basics, you'll always find that perfect match.

So here are the basic items you NEED (if you don't have them already). They may appear boring at first glance but they are revolutionary and integral to the layering game. Once they're yours, you can go on a shopping binge of impractical items like furry sandals and sleeveless jackets.
via Polyvore
1) A PLAIN WHITE TEE (a black)
- You need this to layer your brand new tuxedo vest or your military jacket. You also need to put it under all your colourful blazers. Having both colours will facilitate every outfit decision that you make, and if you'd rather not invest, you can probably find them for 10$ at Forever 21.

2) BLUE JEANS (and black)
- A classic pair of jeans is a staple. Obviously. No matter what you're feeling, jeans will always be just right. If you're not in the mood to get fancy, but you have to? Put on those jeans and grab any crazy top from your closet. They match EVERYTHING. It's magical.

- Now, I know what you're thinking. I never go out. At least not to a place that requires pumps. What for? Well, one day you'll be happy you bought these beauties because though they may hide in the back of your closet, when your friend gets married and you need something to wear with your bright red dress, those black pumps will be very enticing.

- Even if you don't go to the gym, you need leggings. They solve all your sick day problems with the utmost comfort and the least possible effort. They are NOT PANTS, but they will look super cute with that oversized sweater you just bought at H&M.

- Whether a job interview or simple a night out with your girls, a white blouse is that "I don't even need to think" choice that you can just slip on with a pencil skirt or pants. It should just be in your wardrobe in case you need it, like your reliable childhood friend.

- If you aren't familiar with this acronym, we have a serious problem. An LBD, otherwise known as the Little Black Dress, is a must. When you have an semi-fancy affair to attend and no budget for it, this LBD lying in your closet is an easy solution. Keep it there and you won't regret it.

- Family events and job interviews generally call for pencil skirts. I'd go for black first for that standard look, but you might love what it does to your body so much that you'll get another colour or dare I say, a print.

- I hate flats. They're the most unflattering shoe on the planet. HOWEVER, you need them. Sometimes we need to treat our feet and allow them to heal from our heels. Purchase a pair of ultra comfortable flats that happen to be chic and you win at wardrobes.

9) TANK TOPS (1 Black, 1 White)
- Everything today is transparent. So, here's the key: TANK TOPS. You need to wear them under your blouses OR on their own at the gym. Either way, they need a place in that wardrobe to ensure that classiness is upheld.

- It's just something you might want to have for that impending job interview I keep talking about. It also amps up EVERY look. I swear.

HONOURABLE MENTION: A leather jacket (you don't need this, but you kind of do. It adds coolness factor to everything. Take note.

That's only ten items! It's time to make a budget, ladies, and get the boring stuff out of the way. Once you do, you may still wonder what to wear, but there will always be a solution.


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