Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can I Get A Karl Doll At Toys R' Us?

Something very strange happened on the Fendi runway this season at Milan Fashion Week (which sadly ends tomorrow). As Cara Delevingne strutted her stuff down the runway in a classic black coat with a fur trimmed hood, there was something dangling from her white-gloved fingers. As she approached the crowd, a furry mini Karl Lagerfeld materialized. At the end of the show, she did a little whirl and appeared with the real Karl AND his doll self in hand. What this means is yet to be discovered.

As we all know, Karl loves to make a statement, whether at Chanel or Fendi (or both). We also know that this man happens to be an avid fan of la fourrure. But the question eating at our souls is: what was the purpose of this doll?

Was it to expose his genius in miniature form? Was it a proclamation of his vanity? Does he just love Cara so much that he wants her to have a mini version of himself on her mantle? Is a Cara doll in the making? OR maybe it's just Karl's peculiar sense of humour surfacing. Affirmative.

Though I was always the girl who loved to play with her dolls, this was more like a dog's chew toy. Or a cat's. Perhaps Choupette's. But, I also have a sick fascination with it (hence this post). It makes me wonder what is going on in that creative mind of his (as per usual). MAYBE IT'S A GIANT METAPHOR. Or maybe I'm looking too far into this.

Either way, I secretly want one. Don't tell anyone though.

What did you think of this Karl puppet doll ball of fluff? Super cute? Fashion's new fave accessory? Will we soon be holding fluffy key-chains of all our favourite designers to attach on our Fendi baguettes? Is Marc next? Or maybe Donatella? Or maybe it's just plain weird.

Let's just clear the air and say that the Fendi show was fabulous, all dolls aside. Also, who's excited for Chanel? Maybe furry Karl will make an appearance there as well. Who's placing bets?

Have a lovely evening,


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