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New York Fashion Week Highlights

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close in a clouded realm we like to call “Marc Jacobs”, it’s time to reflect on the collections that dominated this past week (in my personal opinion) otherwise known as: New York Fashion Week in Review. I’d like to focus on the five shows that I can’t stop fantasizing about, wishing I would’ve been there, and simultaneously taking note of every incredible piece I wish I had in my wardrobe.

Maybe it’s my Morrocan roots doing the talking or perhaps some 40s nostalgia surfacing, but from the moment this collection began, I wanted to incorporate a fez in my everyday life (just kidding). All fez (fezes? Fezi?) aside, the dark and luxurious feel of this collection blew my mind from here to Tangier. The combination of velvet with glamorous furs, snippets of leather and geometric prints was enough to tease the eye and play with feminine proportions. Round sunglasses were a cool touch that added some flavor, one that I predict will be a big winner this year in the sunglasses department. Let’s not forget those striking textured red earrings that complimented Herrera’s gowns in a way that added to the international saveur.

Favorite Look: The printed dress in Look 12 with Audrey Hepburn gloves.
You might say I am obsessed with hats and you’d probably be right. Although in this collection, they came in a very different form that I’d like to call “the rich lady hat” because you’d have to be of a superior class to pull this off which is exactly what places it at the top of my list. There’s something glamorous and powerful about a woman in a hat, especially a masculine hat with a pinstriped suit. The pinstripes were definitely a common theme at Kenneth Cole, offering that oh-so-popular androgynous appeal we all strive for. Apparently, black is the new black and leather is always involved in a pre-dominantly black collection. Whoever said black was boring never encountered Kenneth Cole.

Favorite Look: That coat in look 23? It has to be mine.

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Monique LHuillier encapsulated my personality this season with feminine pieces that each had a hidden dark side only to be observed by the perceptive eye. More 40s silhouettes reigned on the runway in 50 shades of pink with floral prints, subtle skulls, lace appliques, and 90s-inspired mesh. Adding a baroque twist, the romance oozing from this collection was beyond the imagination.  The show began with dark beauties conjuring an image of a black swan who transforms into a stunning princess by the very end. I’m pretty sure my future Oscar dress was in the mix.
Favorite Look: Though a close race, I’m a sucker for a black gown and number 39 definitely took the cake.
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DKNY was an absolute masterpiece, partially because Donna Karan is one of the coolest individuals in fashion (and that’s saying a lot), partly because it was her 30th anniversary and she’s clearly a pro, but mostly because of the real New Yorkers strutting their stuff on the runway. That’s right. Your every day next door neighbor got to do the walk this season in New York baseball caps (another incredible hat choice), bomber jackets, and the classic DKNY sneaker. Perhaps I’m in a menswear phase, but the skateboarder with a rock n’ roll edge is an inspired look that feels real and very modern New York, and it’s the kind of girl I yearn to be. Of course, it wouldn’t be a fall collection without the resident fur making its way down that runway in black and white a la Cruella Deville. The houndstooth is definitely a trend to watch this season in a variety of forms and the animal print is ready to have its moment in new unexpected colors. The show ended with a surprising splash of pink lace in flirty cuts for the coy New Yorker with feminine flair.

Favorite Look: Number 36, an asymmetrical houndstooth print dress in my favorite black and blue caught my attention and I definitely wouldn’t mind having it in my closet.

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My absolute favorite collection this season at New York Fashion Week this season was Vera Wang, partially because it reflected my dark and edgy interior and feminine exterior, but mostly because I’m dying for that “you bug me” t-shirt from Look 2. For this Fall 2014 collection, Vera Wang took on a new approach to her brand from a 90s grunge perspective. Incorporating leather pieces with oversized plaid sweatshirts, some black fur, and a few metaphorical bugs to express the mood, Wang takes us into a new world of women with attitude and spunk. Florals take on a new meaning on sheer dresses that float off the body. The gold lame dresses and sparkling numbers at the end at a touch of midnight glamour, taking this woman from the office to an evening affair filled with cocktails and chitchat with extravagant ladies. And of course, my favorite part, those hardcore black stilettos for the woman you’d never want to mess with.
Favorite Look: Look 19 had my name written all over it. Each and every perfect element in that composition radiates effortless glamour.
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In case you missed it, you can view all looks from the collections on
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