Thursday, February 6, 2014

Miley Cryus is Everyone's New Nude Muse

It's official. Miley Cyrus has invaded the fashion world due to her lack of clothing. While that may sound non-sensical, her overwhelming sensuality and flavour of the week haircuts have every designer and fashion editor at the edge of their seats, waiting to see what she'll do next. From her campaign with Marc Jacobs (view post here) to her jaw-dropping photoshoot for W magazine (with envy-worthy jewelry) to her recent Vogue Germany cover, everyone is plagued with the Miley disease. So as much as we'd all like to judge her, is it possible that we're concealing mixed feelings of admiration for this young "diva"? Do we all secretly wish we could pull off Jays on our feet and compromising photos in uncomfortable body suits?

Or the real question: Do you love Miley, hate her, judge her, wish you were her? Or do you fall somewhere in between? Do you prance around pretending not to care about Hannah Montana gone wild, while secretly tweeting about her in the privacy of your bedroom? Are you on the verge of cutting your hair and dying it bleach blond? I'm not suggesting these are healthy thoughts, but merely that some of them have crossed our minds, because whether at your local drugstore or television screen, Miley is unavoidable. She may have missed the Grammys this year, but frankly, she was probably engaged in more exciting activities, including just being too cool for a show that dull.

Her album, Bangerz, destroyed her good girl image a la Rihanna and well, now we're just waiting for a collaboration to occur between the two a la Britney and Christina. Or maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic.

Whatever your opinion on this celebrity, the reality is that she may be a marketing genius. Or she just goes by the mantra that "sex sells". Either way, she's doing something right. Or wrong. I'm not so sure. What do you think?


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