Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Paris, London, and Me

It's been a while, but I'm officially back on the blog and ready to go straight up diary of a fashionista this season. With summer coming to an end (sad face emoji), I'm way more excited for fall than I should be because fall fashion is my absolute favourite kind of fashion. I'm thinking bulky sweaters, sexy over-the-knee suede boots, and a faux fur fall coat. Just the thought makes my heart jump a little bit.

This summer, I traveled to Paris and London, two of my favourite fashion capitals. Of course, I couldn't help but explore every single shop I spotted from the corner of my eye. From the Stella McCartney near my hotel to Chanel's flagship in Paris, I finally reached my own personal heaven (a healthy blend of the two cities) and was reluctant to come home.

During my short stay in each city, I learned a few things. For one, everything they tell you about Parisians is true. Simplicity is the key to true elegance, and let me tell you, those Parisians are the masters of elegance. As for England, 'tis the land of sweaters and rock n' roll.

While dressing light was essential in Paris due to the warm summer weather, the constant London drizzle made it imperative to get those fall clothes out immediately. Thankfully, London is amazing, so don't let that weather discourage you.

My favourite part about Paris and London is that their personalities are so distinct (as seen through the weather alone). Though crowded with tourists at this time of year, the locals remain recognizable solely based on their garb. Neutrals tones and classic cuts are the epitome of Parisian chic, while Londoners remain intent on breaking the rules by mixing prints and fabrics with each look (faux fur was a popular choice).

Zara London
While one may criticize the other, whether for being too minimalist or too eccentric, their opposing personalities is exactly what qualifies them as fashion capitals of the world (other than the abundance of luxury fashion in the vicinity).

Though I personally identify with the unruliness of the British, I appreciate that je ne sois quoi possessed by most Parisians. There's nothing more liberating than the no makeup makeup look and Parisians do it best while dressed to the nines. Unfortunately, effortlessness is not in my DNA, and my outfits in Paris were some of my most thought out ever. Clearly, I'm no match for a true effortless Parisienne.

London was even more of a challenge due to the unpredictable weather conditions (or rather, constant rainfall) that seemed to mimic British style. In a land where sweaters are often worn with shorts and boots are a summer staple, my ignorance was certainly my downfall. Thankfully, matching is unnecessary when in London and one good sweater can be worn with just about anything. Though wearing the same thing every day may seem boring and repetitive, the challenge to create multiple looks with that one piece adds a little thrill to dressing up every morning (or maybe I'm just telling myself that for reassurance). Next time I go to London, I'll be sure to pack accordingly.

121 Regent Street - Burberry Store
If you're unsure of how to pack for a summer trip to Paris or London, here are some tips I picked up along the way.

When in Paris:
1) Less is more. Make that your mantra.
2) Neutral tones are everything.
3) Let your femininity shine. Dresses are the preferred look for summer, so scrap the shorts.
4) Bring a cute hat to protect yourself from the sun and look good doing it.
5) Bring comfortable footwear, but also, a chic pair of heels for your nights out.

When in London:
1) Be prepared for every possible weather condition.
2) Also, bring your sexiest outerwear (it will be your main look).
3) Sun hat is to Paris as rain mac is to London, so accessorize wisely.
4) Pack more than one pair of pants (I learned my lesson).
5) Matching is not essential. You're in a fashion capital and a foreign country. Let your creativity run wild.

Ponder it,