Monday, March 31, 2014

Leggings Are Not Pants

I was standing in the metro as per usual, when I noticed something particularly disturbing. It was round, prominent, and extra shiny. A girl was wearing leggings as pants and I cringed at the sight (even though I struggled to divert my eyes). Yes, I encourage everyone to make a fashion statement. Yes, you should be proud of your assets. And YES, you should wear leggings. But, they are NOT and will NEVER be pants. Last year, I wrote on my tumblr about this phenomenon and since it is still unclear, I thought I'd remind us all of that post.

Dear Leggings Girl,
Although this title is pretty self-explanatory, I feel the need to express my frustration towards the misused leggings trend. Since the 80’s, leggings have been a symbol of comfort, a fashion staple that women, athletic or not, will be forever grateful for. It’s also a fashion staple that men have come to see as a gift from G-d brought down to this earth to give them a little peak of what women have to offer…or maybe more than just a peak. Back in the day, leggings were worn under giant sweaters or tunics. However, as women began to care less and less about showing off their assets, the hems progressively rose up to the waist, and leggings became pants. As a woman, I understand the comfort of the legging and embrace this trend, BUT only with tops that cover my backside.
There are certain parts of our body that should remain private, but have become overexposed due to the tight fit of the legging. These are parts of the body that nobody should see and yet, women are wearing crop tops with their leggings (why!). Whether you’re a size two or size 16, leggings should never be worn as pants, even if you have a model figure. Now, I’m not saying that you should never wear leggings. What I am saying is that you could save them for the gym or wear them the way they used to in the 80’s, under an oversized sweater. Men have a vivid imagination, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you still want the sexy look of the legging, there are alternatives. Nowadays, jeans are made with spandex and are almost as comfortable as leggings, so you get that same feeling without the overexposure. And, as a bonus, jeans are actually pants. Not to mention, black denim is a huge trend for fall. So, next time you feel like walking out the door in leggings, take a good look in the mirror first to make sure you aren’t showing off anything that shouldn’t be seen by the public and if you are, embrace the jeans and I promise that you won’t regret it.

This is what you look like to other people:

I know, I was disturbed too. So, please dear, cover yourself. 

Uncomfortable Commuter 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

#ForTheSakeOfFashion Part II

via The Satorialist
Last month, I introduced the concept of #forthesakeoffashion and have neglected to mention it since. Today, I revive the term through a fashion statement I decided to indulge in last week: wearing your cardi or jacket over the shoulders. Upon observing fashion week street style photos, I noticed that many of these ladies were not wearing their arms inside their sleeves. It was a phenomenon I struggled to understand and it started with fashion queen Anna Wintour herself.

Why didn't she just put her sleeves in?
Why are they even there?
Is it a blanket?

I couldn't quite fathom how women could just decide not to use a crucial element of this piece of clothing.

For some strange reason, I couldn't keep my eyes away from this trend. I noticed that it radiated "cool" vibes and there was no rhyme or reason. Of course, I had to try it myself.

I was wearing one of my favourite fluffy cardigans and suddenly, I felt a surge of heat rush through me. I decided to remove it to air myself out and consequently, I felt a slight chill. I subconsciously slipped the jacket over my shoulders and voila, I was wearing the trend without even being conscious of it. Though I could not wear my bag on my back any longer, I felt instantly cooler as I walked around campus. It also warmed my shoulders like a husky boyfriend.

Now, this may seem silly to the average person, but there was something thrilling about wearing it in the way it wasn't supposed to be worn purely #forthesakeoffashion. Maybe I'll get inspired to wear sunglasses indoors. Admittedly, I'm probably not ready for that leap just yet...

Have A Lovely Sunday!


Friday, March 28, 2014

#IconCity: BadGal Wins Fashion Award

Rihanna doesn't do normal. It's just not part of her fashion vocabulary. A bold diva through and through, this woman aims to impress. Nobody wears a baseball cap like Rihanna and that's one of the reasons she's so fabulous. After winning the CFDA award for Icon of the Year, she obviously needed a place in IconCity. It's self-explanatory. At Paris fashion week, our jaws dropped lower and lower with each outfit and somehow, she managed to distract us from the other fashionistas on the streets. As the recent poster girl for Balmain, she incites us all to take a step closer to the wild side with loud embellishments that emanate sex appeal. Are you ready for some badgal Riri? If not, don't fret. Most people aren't prepared for these extravagant fashion statements.

Rihanna is the queen of boyish hats and she inspired me to give this look a try. That's a sign of a true fashionista.
Rocking a high slit and some trendy white sneakers, Rihanna knows how to add sex appeal to her tomboy style.
via Pinterest
A lady who can pull off any hairstyle and colour, this redheaded bombshell looked elegant and cool in a full skirt, t-shirt, and grey blazer.
via Pinterest
Wearing denim on denim like a second skin, Rihanna kills this look, adding a half-leather cap for a sprinkle of attitude.
Meanwhile, at the Chanel Haute Couture fashion show, Riri sported this gorgeous sheer white dress with layers and layers of pearls. Let's not neglect to mention that amazing bag.
via Mail Online

So, let's all propose a toast to Rihanna's impeccable sense of style and to her CFDA Icon Award. Based on these choices, she definitely deserves it.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flats Are My Fruits and Vegetables

Let's get this established right from the get-go: I do not believe in trends. Is that a fashion cliché? Perhaps. But it's one that I'm willing to indulge in for the sake of avoiding a more serious faux-pas. I'd also like to let something else off my chest: I prefer fashion-averted girls who stay true to themselves over trend-following fashionistas. Remember ladies, trends are simply there for inspiration. They are NOT the ten commandments.

Now, how does this relate to shoes? Or better yet, how does it relate to fruits and vegetables? Let's just say that the fashion world loves to connect food to fashion. Hence the term, "arm candy".

What are the similarities between fashion and food, you ask?

1. They are both desirable.
2. They share addictive qualities.
3. Everyone has different tastes.
4. They consume us. We consume them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.
5. They're both associated with guilty pleasures and instant gratification.

Sophia Webster Shoes
This Spring, the magazines and the media have thrown flats our way, inspiring ladies to give their feet a break, while still looking put-together. For a fleeting moment, I was sold. Three cheers for comfort. The Chanel Haute Couture runway show featured sneakers and the world was revolutionized. Mind-blown as I was, I wasn't falling for this ploy. Pointy-flats elongate the foot, ballet flats are still for little girls, and sneakers are for the gym. Even then, I do Pilates and that requires bare feet. Universally unflattering, what qualities do flats have that heels do not (comfort aside)? In my eyes, flats are merely a necessity created to recuperate the damage done to our poor calloused toes from our stilettos. Like fruits and veggies, they are thrust upon us with the promise of health and an illusion of beauty. But at the end of the day, as the wise Aaron Carter once said "I Want Candy". Heels may destroy your feet to no avail, but they're so darn pretty. At a mere 5 feet tall, I need the extra inches and if it didn't hurt so much, I'd wear them every day. Like candy, high heels exude endorphins (or maybe that's just me) and fill us with incomparable thrill. We just can't get enough.

But then again, I'm a junk food addict, so what do I know?

Sophia Webster Shoes

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These Overused Fashion Phrases Are My Mantra

X is the new black.
Y is the new black.
Orange is the new black.
Pink is the new black.
Black is the new black.
Lady Gaga is the new black.

Heard it before? That's because it's the biggest fashion cliché around and it will continue to be until after Karl Lagerfeld retires which is never. Despite my aversion to fashion conformity, I unabashedly love these fashion clichés. Let's call them "my guilty pleasures"(cliche). My weakness? CHIC (There's just no other word to describe certain outfits). As a fashionista (cliche) and a writer, I can't resist a good pun or even a line with no pretension of being clever that somehow caught on.

Here are 15 fashion clichés that aren't going anywhere.

1. That's SO chic (nerd-chic, rocker-chic, edgy-chic, chic-chic, CHIC)
2. Show me your fierce face (if it alliterates...)
3. Passion for fashion (if it rhymes...)
4. Dress to Impress (who said fashionistas weren't wordsmiths?)
5. SO on trend (ex: shoes are SO on trend)
6. Must-Have (Well, if I must...)
7. LBD (it's a must-have)
8. Wardrobe staple (Everything is a wardrobe staple. That's why we're all shopping addicts.)
9. And speaking of...SHOPAHOLIC (guilty as charged)
10. Work it (MANTRA)
11. Best-Dressed List (LOL)
12. Fashion Victim (Are we victims though really?)
13. Arm Candy (YUM)
14. Fashion Faux-Pas (such as...leggings as pants, visible undergarments, and crocs)
15. That's so fetch (Just kidding. Trying to make fetch happen since 2004)

Conclusion: it's a love-hate relationship.

Are you guilty? What's your most overused phrase?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Sarah Carrie Jessica Parker Bradshaw

I know that Sarah Jessica Parker has acted in a number of romcoms as damsel in distress (The Family Stone, Failure to Launch, Did You Hear About The Morgans). I also know that she starred in Glee as Vogue Editor and mentor to Kurt Hummel. And I know that she currently has her own line of shoes with Manolo Blahnik (that we've all been anticipating). And I also know that she has her own perfume called Lovely (you're nobody until you have a signature scent). BUT predominantly, she remains Carrie Bradshaw: the icon, fashionista, and sex columnist with enviable wit, a pink tutu, and a curly blond fro we all wish we could pull off. As a writer and fashion girl, Carrie is one of my own personal icons and I've always identified myself with her character. Who hasn't called themselves a Carrie at least once in their lives in reference to a one-that-got-away ex-boyfriend or date with destiny gone wrong. Today is SJP A.K.A Carrie Bradshaw's birthday and in honour of this grand event, let's reminisce about her most iconic Sex and the City looks.

She wore this on a billboard ON A BUS. If you don't recognize this look, you've never watched SATC and I'm not quite sure what you're doing here. However, I invite you to start viewing the show and subsequently, you can come read this post.
via Pinterest
Carrie wore a fur coat on SATC like it was nobody's business. Back then, it was social taboo. But nothing stopped this fashionista. Also, note that she's wearing a fur coat with sandals #forthesakeoffashion.
via Pinterest
Carrie Bradshaw was one step ahead of us all in a fringe dress. How adorbs does she look with her french lover?
via Marie Claire
Back in the 90s, Carrie would wear a crop top and we'd all catch ourselves staring enviously at her abs, wondering if we'd EVER wear this trend. Today, we eat our words as the crop top comes back, giving us all a second chance to give this Carrie favourite a try.
I may have not worn this back in the early 2000s, but I'm proud to say that this vintage newspaper dress stuck and that I currently have one of my own in my wardrobe. Wait to go iconic Carrie.
Carrie clearly loves her Dior as this shirt clearly indicates. If ever you wondered why bloggers everywhere are sporting t-shirts with full skirts, here is your answer.
Can we all steal Carrie's coats pretty pretty please? I'm in love with this feminine and romantic look on Carrie. So very Dior.
Like myself, Carrie carries her Vogue like a fashion accessory. In this head to toe black look, you can't leave the house without that splash of colour. And what better way to explore that then with a magazine? Let's not neglect to mention that adorable hat. And we all know Carrie loves her headwear.
This look is kind of amazing. Three reasons. Mixed prints. Short sleeved jacket. Studded belt. Who could've know that Carrie would have predicted all the hottest trends of the new millennium?
Though the Sex and The City movie fell short of the television series, we still obsessed over that wedding dress that happened to be featured in a magazine photoshoot (NBD). Only an icon would choose Vivienne Westwood on her wedding night. Even though she was left at the alter, we still got to sit at the edge of our seats as she entered the room in a glorious gown and argue with our friends about that awkward bird on her head.
Now that you've reminisced about Carrie's best looks, giving you an urge to marathon the series, what are YOUR favourite outfits? Were you a fan of the wedding feather? 



Monday, March 24, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week: What Winter Actually Looks Like

Remember Fall 2014 Fashion Month a few short weeks ago? Remember thinking that this is NOT how people dress in the wintertime unless they are polar bears with an inhuman resistance to low temperatures? That's what World MasterCard Fashion Week is for. Real Canadians know what winter is all about: fur trims, an abundance of leather, and oversized winter accessories. Though fashion remains a fantasy in which we can marvel at beautiful clothes that we'll probably never wear because they are unaffordable or simply impractical, we cannot live in this fantasy weather land where winter does not exist (especially not in Canada). We can always argue that it is #forthesakeoffashion, but alas, we may find ourselves with frostbitten toes and a permanent stuffy nose. Toronto Fashion Week takes us through winter in style while remaining realistic about the reality we must all face: Winter is real. Sickness is also real. And since winter hasn't yet ended, much to our dismay, we can still inspire ourselves with these looks.

Here are some of the best looks from Toronto Fashion Week that bring us back to earth, while maintaining impeccable style.

Matthew Gallagher Fall 2014
It is ESSENTIAL to cover up from NECK TO TOE. Turtle necks must become your new best friend for this temporary 6 month period.

Rudsak Fall 2014
Rudsak reminds us that fur is integral to warmth. Even in the form of gloves. Let's not forget that parkas can be chic and wool coats just won't suffice in -20 degree temperatures.

Joe Fresh Fall 2014
Invest in a quality scarf. Flimsiness is NOT an option.

Pink Tartan Fall 2014
Yes, you can wear white in the winter. But it SHOULD be a knitted headscarf. And don't leave the house without your fur boxing gloves and matching fur shoes.

Mackage Fall 2014
Don't forget your pompom hat. And if you're going to wear leather, it should be accompanied by fur. ALWAYS.

Laura Siegel Fall 2014
Oh, this old thing? This is what a REAL oversized sweaters looks like.

And on that note, as we get inspired by winter, let us dream of spring. Yes, I'm talking to you, Mother Nature.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

You Know You're Canadian When...The Fashion Edition

Last year, I wrote a post about the Canadian Thanksgiving and entitled it: "What I Am Thankful For: The Fashion Edition". Today, we talk about the unpredictability of the weather, a phenomenon of which we are all in denial. Here are the top ten Canadian fashion idiosyncrasies.

via Fashion Magazine
Toronto Street Style
You know you're Canadian when...there's a snowstorm on the first day of spring and you bring out that spring jacket anyway. If your calendar says it's spring, then it's spring.

You know you're Canadian're buying sandals in March even though you know it'll be snowing until the end of April. Best be prepared.

You know you're Canadian obstinately wear your highest heels in the slush on a night out even though you know it might destroy them. Snow won't stop us from looking our finest.

You know you're Canadian check the weather forecast daily for the disappearance of that minus sign. Even 0 is preferable.

You know you're Canadian when...your outdoor winter gear costs 5 pay checks (They're all necessities).

You know you're Canadian when...your closet is filled with coats because frankly, they are more important than your outfit which probably won't be seen.

You know you're Canadian when...your excitement mounts as you discover that the beanie is the biggest Fall trend.

You know you're Canadian glare at anyone who questions your fur coat (it's cold!).

You know you're Canadian enviously read tweets about spring fashion in warmer countries.

You wake up every morning hoping spring will magically arrive.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, March 21, 2014

#IconCity: Hermione No Longer

Due to unforeseen circumstances in the form of a J.Mendel jumpsuit, Emma Watson has wormed her way into IconCity. From nerdy school girl Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, to an edgy hipster named Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and finally, bad girl Nicki in The Bling Ring, Emma has come a long way. Transforming her childhood image, this brit has reinvented herself with her enviable style, quick wit, and versatile film roles. Let's not forget that she took a break from her hectic career to return to Brown and study literature. Smart and stylish? Now that's an icon if I ever saw one. Here are some Emma's best looks.

Not only did she model for Burberry, but she sported this gorgeous Burberry trench with her bold pixie cut in 2011. And we can't ignore the lace-up boots and abundance of studs. Hermione Granger? I think not.
Watson rocked these black and gold wedges on Letterman and we all fell in love. Burberry, obviously.
Emma was a total showstopper in this Antonio Berardi dress at "The Bling Ring" Premiere.
At the Golden Globes, Emma proved herself as a fashionista in red Dior WITH PANTS.
And of course we save the best for last. Her recent J. Mendel jumpsuit had everyone obsessing.
This Brit has the fashion world wrapped around her finger. And her head-to-toe denim look on the new April 2014 Elle cover is divine. What's your favourite Emma look?

Have A Lovely Weekend!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Socks and Sandals. Sandals and Socks.

via Harper's Bazaar
You're sitting on the bus humming you're favourite Justin Timberlake song under your breath with your legs crossed and your cobalt blue Jansport on your lap. Suddenly, your eyes are diverted towards a disturbing image. A middle-aged man wearing socks with his sandals.

Believe it or not, this happens to me on a daily basis.

In the very same day, I rush home, flip up my laptop, and sift through images of the Fall 2014/2015 collections. I sigh over gorgeous Tommy Ton shots of beautiful fashionistas in eccentric clothing. Then, I stop. Women wearing socks with sandals. Lo and behold, I am obsessed.

Now, here's the question that's been racking at my brain. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Is this trend permissible for women, but not
for men?
Is this merely acceptable in the fashion world?
Is the new fashion week rule: anything goes?
Did I miss some crucial style information?

What is up with this double standard?

via Harper's Bazaar
New York Fashion Week Fall 2014
Before my fashion obsessed days, I used to look at these photos with critical eyes, staring at editorials featuring models wearing socks under sandals and cringing at the sight. Today, I've been brainwashed into accepting this trend as the fashion norm. Perhaps I'll try it myself. Or will I? Will the rest of the world understand that I'm just a fashionista who wants to express herself? Or will I be marvelled at in the same way I ogled those models in my pre-fashion days?


Excuse the caps lock, but it was intentional.

What do YOU think of this look? Do or don't? Should we welcome a trend we stole from middle-aged men into our lives with open arms?

Ponder that.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Aversion to Red Nails: Why?

Back in the hay days of nail polish, the only colour that existed was red. I wasn't born at the time. By the time I entered this world, 50 shades of Essie adorned the racks at every local drugstore and women were changing nail polish colours like they changed their undergarments. Despite my nail polish freedom, I've always held an unfathomable aversion to the red nail.


Colour me rebellious, but red nails represent convention and frankly, I aspire towards the unconventional. They're classy and timeless like my favourite red lip, but unlike the red lip, they remind us of female constriction. When women began wearing red nails, they had no other option. You either went red or went home. When blues and greens surfaced, it started a nail revolution. And suddenly, nail art became a trend and plain red was that boring look you opted for if you wanted to go back to basics.

But lo and behold, red has been reinvented. Louboutin nails are the latest fad. Matching your red lip to your nails is synonymous with vixen and we're back to square one. What gives?

Are women reverting back to red because they yearn for classicism in a world of over-the-top prints and an overuse of glitter? Or is the endless array of choice encouraging us to return to what we know best? Is the fact that we now have a choice making a red nail more inviting?

Whatever the reason, I painted my nails red last night after months of avoiding the colour. Am I becoming a conformist? No. I'm simply nostalgic and there's nothing more high fashion than nostalgia.


Nail polish: Essie Really Red
Lipstick: M.A.C Red

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Honour of L'Wren Scott

The passing of 49 year old designer L'Wren Scott permeated the social media spheres yesterday afternoon as news of her death circulated the fashion world much to everyone's devastation. The model turned designer was an inspiration to celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, and Sarah Jessica Parker, fans of her timelessly classy dresses. According to L'Wren Scott, if you weren't wearing the right clothes, you could end up having the worst night of your life and living by that rule, she ensured that every woman wore her designs with confidence and glamorous ease. She glorified the beauty of the female figure through elegant gowns we couldn't help falling in love with at every event. An icon with undeniable class, I'd like to honour L'Wren Scott through a series of beautiful dresses worn by her biggest advocates in Hollywood.

Penelope Cruz
Premiere of Elegy 2008
Penelope Cruz blew us away in 2008 with this L'Wren Scott gown featuring a frilled skirt.
Naomi Campbell
amfAR's Cinema Against Aids Benefit Gala 2010
Supermodel Naomi Campbell stood out in this silver L'Wren Scott gown with whimsical detailing.
Amy Adams
Oscars 2011
A vision in sequins, Amy Adams stunned photographers in this navy blue floor-grazing L'Wren Scott gown.
Tina Fey
Golden Globes 2013
Tina Fey rocked L'Wren Scott at the 2013 Golden Globes and was a vision in black lace.
Sarah Jessica Parker
29th Annual Fashion Group International Night of Stars
These L'Wren Scott colourful stripes are to die for on Sarah Jessica Parker.
Nicole Kidman
Stoker Premiere 2013
Nicole Kidman, a big fan of L'Wren Scott, wore this gorgeous blue dress with gold collar at the Stoker Premiere.

RIP L'Wren Scott. You will always be remembered as a talented designer with infinite class.



Monday, March 17, 2014

Get On The Green Scene

Have you heard? There's a disease travelling from Canadian to Canadian called: The Winter Blues. I have it, you have it, and the girl next door has it. It is highly contagious. There is only one cure to this disease and it's not what you think. The arrival of spring is beyond our control and there is no physical medication to take.The past weekend brought the cure we like to call The Irish Greens. As winter spreads through the ides of March, we yearns for that sunshine and crave spring greenery to spurt from the ground. It's also St. Patrick's day, reminding us once again of the green that we lack in our lives. In a sense, it is a protest, demanding the return of the colour green while celebrating Irish culture. Two birds with one stone? I think so. So, let's celebrate green through the one item of clothing we use most at this dire time of year: the transitional jacket. As the weather fluctuates from -5 to +4, we like to play with the variety of jackets in our closets. Here are some of the jackets and coats that permeated the streets of Fall Fashion Week. Have a look and get inspired!
The Green Biker Jacket
The Lavish Greens
The Lime Green
via fabsugar
The Girly Green
via Elle
The Green Fur
via fabsugar
Happy St. Patricks Long Weekend! May the future be greener for all of us!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

How High Is Too High?

Let's get one thing cleared up. This blog post is not what you think it is. While on the subject of shoes (my current obsession), I'd like to comment on the high heel craze that has taken over the fashion world.

The Wedge.

via Pinterest
Everybody raves about the comfort of wedges, a heel that boasts comfort and challenges ladies to take it higher. Back in the stiletto days, we knew our feet would be destroyed if we went too high. Three inches became the maximum heel height as ladies everywhere returned home from their glamorous events with blistering feet to soak them in a bucket of water. When the wedge entered the ball game, stilettos took the back seat and three inches became a laughable height.

If you're as tiny as I am, five inches is the bare minimum and the rule is: if you can bare it, you better wear it. As heels get higher, we find ourselves wondering: why do tall girls look better in high heels? Why do the shorter ladies look like we're on stilts every time we wear a heel above three inches? Though this remains a reality that we cannot contradict, I'm a bit of a rebel and frankly, my rule is that if you can walk in them, the sky is the limit.

Or Lady Gaga.

According to Brian Atwood, "life is short. Heels shouldn't be". And wise words from a brilliant shoe designer should never be ignored. Another quote to live by: "I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, 'Oh my god! That looks so comfortable", spoken by Christian Louboutin. Listen to your Louboutins and your Atwoods. They know what they're talking about!