Thursday, March 20, 2014

Socks and Sandals. Sandals and Socks.

via Harper's Bazaar
You're sitting on the bus humming you're favourite Justin Timberlake song under your breath with your legs crossed and your cobalt blue Jansport on your lap. Suddenly, your eyes are diverted towards a disturbing image. A middle-aged man wearing socks with his sandals.

Believe it or not, this happens to me on a daily basis.

In the very same day, I rush home, flip up my laptop, and sift through images of the Fall 2014/2015 collections. I sigh over gorgeous Tommy Ton shots of beautiful fashionistas in eccentric clothing. Then, I stop. Women wearing socks with sandals. Lo and behold, I am obsessed.

Now, here's the question that's been racking at my brain. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Is this trend permissible for women, but not
for men?
Is this merely acceptable in the fashion world?
Is the new fashion week rule: anything goes?
Did I miss some crucial style information?

What is up with this double standard?

via Harper's Bazaar
New York Fashion Week Fall 2014
Before my fashion obsessed days, I used to look at these photos with critical eyes, staring at editorials featuring models wearing socks under sandals and cringing at the sight. Today, I've been brainwashed into accepting this trend as the fashion norm. Perhaps I'll try it myself. Or will I? Will the rest of the world understand that I'm just a fashionista who wants to express herself? Or will I be marvelled at in the same way I ogled those models in my pre-fashion days?


Excuse the caps lock, but it was intentional.

What do YOU think of this look? Do or don't? Should we welcome a trend we stole from middle-aged men into our lives with open arms?

Ponder that.


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