Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Letter to Stilettos

Dearest Stilettos,

Once upon a time, you were the most popular shoe on the market. Women everywhere desired you despite the pain that you caused and collected as many of you as they could squeeze into their closets. You gave them a sense of power and confidence that couldn't be attained through any other means. You were Regina George. Every other shoe wanted to be you. The higher you were, the more covetable you became. Short girls bowed down to you. But alas, your days came to an end. Like a high school prom queen who has finally moved on, you have lost your crown to the white sneaker. At first, you snickered at the thought. How could a sneaker be half as cool as a stiletto? Women want to be tall and elegant. Don't they? When Karl Lagerfeld converted, you knew your days were numbered. Then Marc Jacobs followed suit and your popularity status decreased immensely. However, for a classy night out, you knew you still had a purpose. Suddenly, your arch rival, the wedge, made a comeback. Isabel Marant invited a panoply of sneaker wedges, combining the two biggest shoe trends of 2013-2014. New fashion philosophy? The chunkier, the better. Though Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik continue to shower you with affection, you know that you must face the reality. Stiletto, you have fallen from grace. During Award Season, women continue to invite you to all the biggest parties, but you've been replaced as designated bestie. I hope you understand that this isn't the end for you. Remember that you'll always have a place in a woman's heart. You may not be number one, but you'll always be that wild high school friend we like to party with every once in a while.

Jimmy Choos
See you in a few weeks!



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