Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Sarah Carrie Jessica Parker Bradshaw

I know that Sarah Jessica Parker has acted in a number of romcoms as damsel in distress (The Family Stone, Failure to Launch, Did You Hear About The Morgans). I also know that she starred in Glee as Vogue Editor and mentor to Kurt Hummel. And I know that she currently has her own line of shoes with Manolo Blahnik (that we've all been anticipating). And I also know that she has her own perfume called Lovely (you're nobody until you have a signature scent). BUT predominantly, she remains Carrie Bradshaw: the icon, fashionista, and sex columnist with enviable wit, a pink tutu, and a curly blond fro we all wish we could pull off. As a writer and fashion girl, Carrie is one of my own personal icons and I've always identified myself with her character. Who hasn't called themselves a Carrie at least once in their lives in reference to a one-that-got-away ex-boyfriend or date with destiny gone wrong. Today is SJP A.K.A Carrie Bradshaw's birthday and in honour of this grand event, let's reminisce about her most iconic Sex and the City looks.

She wore this on a billboard ON A BUS. If you don't recognize this look, you've never watched SATC and I'm not quite sure what you're doing here. However, I invite you to start viewing the show and subsequently, you can come read this post.
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Carrie wore a fur coat on SATC like it was nobody's business. Back then, it was social taboo. But nothing stopped this fashionista. Also, note that she's wearing a fur coat with sandals #forthesakeoffashion.
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Carrie Bradshaw was one step ahead of us all in a fringe dress. How adorbs does she look with her french lover?
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Back in the 90s, Carrie would wear a crop top and we'd all catch ourselves staring enviously at her abs, wondering if we'd EVER wear this trend. Today, we eat our words as the crop top comes back, giving us all a second chance to give this Carrie favourite a try.
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I may have not worn this back in the early 2000s, but I'm proud to say that this vintage newspaper dress stuck and that I currently have one of my own in my wardrobe. Wait to go iconic Carrie.
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Carrie clearly loves her Dior as this shirt clearly indicates. If ever you wondered why bloggers everywhere are sporting t-shirts with full skirts, here is your answer.
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Can we all steal Carrie's coats pretty pretty please? I'm in love with this feminine and romantic look on Carrie. So very Dior.
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Like myself, Carrie carries her Vogue like a fashion accessory. In this head to toe black look, you can't leave the house without that splash of colour. And what better way to explore that then with a magazine? Let's not neglect to mention that adorable hat. And we all know Carrie loves her headwear.
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This look is kind of amazing. Three reasons. Mixed prints. Short sleeved jacket. Studded belt. Who could've know that Carrie would have predicted all the hottest trends of the new millennium?
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Though the Sex and The City movie fell short of the television series, we still obsessed over that wedding dress that happened to be featured in a magazine photoshoot (NBD). Only an icon would choose Vivienne Westwood on her wedding night. Even though she was left at the alter, we still got to sit at the edge of our seats as she entered the room in a glorious gown and argue with our friends about that awkward bird on her head.
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Now that you've reminisced about Carrie's best looks, giving you an urge to marathon the series, what are YOUR favourite outfits? Were you a fan of the wedding feather? 



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