Thursday, March 6, 2014

From McDonalds to Milk, Fashion Month Was All About Food

In lieu of the usual Fashion Week review, I've decided to hand out a series of awards to the spectacular runway shows of this past week. Due to the immense amount of talent at Paris Fashion Week, the possibility of selecting five shows to discuss was simply unfathomable. How can you narrow it down when everyone is just so fabulous? Alas, in honour of last Sunday's Oscars, I was inspired to concoct a list of awards for the shows that stood out. And if you'd like to critique the fashion, go on or check out the shows on YouTube.

Shall we begin?

The "Am I On Drugs Or Is This Really Happening?" Award
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Looking for the best DJ in town? He was probably at JPG this week strumming some tunes from the past (including The Clash and Queen). What began as a flight attendant directing our eyes towards the models in-waiting ended with a patriotic tribute to London (even though the show took place in Paris). If you weren't thinking WTF, you probably were on drugs.

The "Got Milk" Award
Duh. This season, Karl Lagerfeld took us to the supermarket. As per usual, there were tweed and pearls involved, but this time, the ladies carried grocery baskets and milk cartons as handbags. The real mystery lay in the locks around their necks. Perhaps: the key to my heart is through food?

The Rainbow Award
Christian Dior
The various shades of coats were a feast for the eyes at Dior's Fall 2014 runway show. Raf Simons clearly loves colour and ain't afraid to show it. New trend? Short sleeves, long gloves.

The "Too Cool For School" Award
Saint Laurent Paris
Taking it away every year, Saint Laurent is clearly the most popular girl in school because she doesn't even have to try to be cool. She just is. Are sequins involved? Perhaps. When you're that cool, it isn't a science.
The Grandma's Wardrobe Award
Usually, Valentino takes us back 100 years. This season, all we had to do was look into Granny's wardrobe and there it was (unless your Granny lived in the early 20th century). Florals dominated the Valentino runway as well as clown gear that we all secretly want to wear to our next birthday party.

The Downton Abbey Award
This season, Alber Elbaz clearly watched Downton Abbey and took his cues from there. From Edwardian gowns to flapper dresses adorned with feathers, we were taken on a journey through time that involved an abundance of extravagant hats. Apparently, 1920 is SO 2014.

The Gangster Award
Olivier Rousteing knows what women want: to look like Rihanna. That generally involves military jackets, leathers pants, and an abundance of embellishment. So if you're a G, Balmain is where it's at.

The Burgundy Award
Elie Saab
Elie Saab wins the award for the most burgundy used in one show. We all know that Burgundy is Fall's favourite colour. Apparently, that's the only colour. I challenge you to wear burgundy every day for the next month. Can you do it?

The PARTAY Award
Stella McCartney
Aside from Stella's usual sweater sets, the models danced down the runway this season led by Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls. Who wouldn't want to be at that party?
The Newcomer Award
Louis Vuitton
Yes, yes. I know that Nicholas Guesquiere is no stranger to fashion, but he still refreshed the page of Louis Vuitton and it was quite impressive. We all adored those Louis bags and the new sporty look of Vuitton. It may not have included escalators or trains, but it allowed for a greater emphasis on the fabulous collection of clothes.

The "I Dare You To Walk Down the Stairs in these Shoes" Award
Miu Miu
Why oh why did Miuccia Prada deem it a good idea to have models walk down an endless amount of stairs in heels to get to the runway? Was it a challenge to see which models were worthy of Miu Miu? Or simply a test of their athletic abilities? Who knows? All I know is that Lupita N'Yongo was there and she looked amazing.

There may have not been McDonalds sweaters (MFW) or pizza (The Oscars), but there were definitely some shows that we MUST watch (more than once). Which Paris Fashion Week show was your favourite? Supermarket Chanel or perhaps out of this world Jean Paul Gaultier?

Until next year!


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