Monday, March 10, 2014

Graphic Prints: Because I Like To Read On The Go

Back in the 90s, everyone was wearing their heart on their sleeves (literally). It was an angst-filled decade where grunge was all the rage (puns!) and we all had an undying need to express ourselves (I use the general we, but I was merely a toddler at the time). Today, this trend has magically resurfaced with the 90s resurrection as designers from Versace to Kenzo were inserting subliminal messages in their clothing. What do these messages mean? That's for us to interpret. And there's nothing more thrilling than the possibility of interpretation and reading into the mind's of creative geniuses (or common folk, like ourselves). Here are some graphics you'll definitely want to get your hands on.

Alexander Wang Spring 2014
Are you dangerous? Do you feel the need to provide a warning to those in your immediate surroundings? Alex Wang has the solution for trucker tongue syndrome.
via Fashion Magazine
Kenzo Spring 2014
No fish allowed on the runway.
Jeremy Scott Spring 2014
Clearly, Jeremy Scott has a strong message to convey: Earth Sucks. Time to immigrate to Mars, ladies.
Moschino Spring 2014
Who doesn't love a play on words?
What should we take from all this? People want to read on the go and self-expression has become more explicit. In the age of social media and the selfie, it is no wonder designers are screaming their thoughts on the runways. Personally, I love words and combining fashion with language is my ice cream sundae.



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