Monday, March 17, 2014

Get On The Green Scene

Have you heard? There's a disease travelling from Canadian to Canadian called: The Winter Blues. I have it, you have it, and the girl next door has it. It is highly contagious. There is only one cure to this disease and it's not what you think. The arrival of spring is beyond our control and there is no physical medication to take.The past weekend brought the cure we like to call The Irish Greens. As winter spreads through the ides of March, we yearns for that sunshine and crave spring greenery to spurt from the ground. It's also St. Patrick's day, reminding us once again of the green that we lack in our lives. In a sense, it is a protest, demanding the return of the colour green while celebrating Irish culture. Two birds with one stone? I think so. So, let's celebrate green through the one item of clothing we use most at this dire time of year: the transitional jacket. As the weather fluctuates from -5 to +4, we like to play with the variety of jackets in our closets. Here are some of the jackets and coats that permeated the streets of Fall Fashion Week. Have a look and get inspired!
The Green Biker Jacket
The Lavish Greens
The Lime Green
via fabsugar
The Girly Green
via Elle
The Green Fur
via fabsugar
Happy St. Patricks Long Weekend! May the future be greener for all of us!


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