Friday, March 7, 2014

#IconCity: Who Run The World? Lupita N'Yongo

Step aside Beyonce and Miley, this year is all about 12 Years a Slave actress, Lupita N'Yongo. I believe she may have fallen from the sky (like the corny pick-up line) or perhaps landed the best stylist in the history of styling. Amazingly, this girl just recently hit our radars and now she's all anyone wants to talk about. Time after time, she is number one on everyone's best-dressed list and let's not forgot that she's already landed a modelling contract with Miu Miu for their new Spring 2014 ad campaign. Is she some kind of angel brought upon this earth or a princess from a disney movie not yet created? Her inspiring speech at the Oscars was beyond humbling and if you didn't shed a tear, you're clearly dead inside. Not only does she look good in EVERYTHING, but she's also a trendsetter. Enter the headband. Watch out magazine editors, headbands are making a major comeback thanks to Lupita. If you haven't yet had a chance to spot this actress, you have probably been living in a cave. If so, this post will fix that as Lupita lands a spot in IconCity.

Golden Globes
Ralph Lauren
In case you weren't watching the Golden Globes, here was Lupita's stunning red Ralph Lauren dress accompanied by a cape, proving that she's clearly our fashion superhero.
Critics Movies Choice Awards
Calvin Klein
This cutout white Calvin Klein dress looked beyond incredible on Lupita. Wouldn't you agree?
via Huffington Post
Entertainment Weekly
Lupita looking adorable in a Valentino mini dress.
Chateau Marmont
Stella McCartney
This girl can definitely rock a cobalt dress. She wears this Stella McCartney like a high-class glove.
This princess gown is one for the books and proved that Lupita can do no wrong. She also rocked the headband like it was nobody's business.
via Huffington Post
Conclusion: Lupita is an angel sent from heaven to turn us into better people princesses.

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