Thursday, December 31, 2015

#ForTheSakeOfFashion: Starting 2016 With The Hair Tuck

With the New Year rapidly approaching (it's tomorrow, in case you hadn't heard), it's time to start thinking about the trends that will jumpstart 2016. Rather than looking back at the most popular trends of 2015 such as Addidas Stan Smiths, fringe, and floppy hats (to name a few), let's look deep into the future and attempt to predict the next fashion trend to plague the (non)fashion world.

Based on my deductions, it seems that "turtleneck hair" may be the next mind-boggling fashion look of 2016. What is "turtleneck hair", you ask? According to several well-versed fashionistas (such as my personal favourite, The Man Repeller), turtleneck hair is the act of tucking your hair into your turtleneck. Though this isn't new within the fashion world, it has recently grown in popularity for some unbeknownst reason.


Could it be the faux bob it creates that allows us to change our hair without cutting off those beloved locks?

Could it be the cozy feeling it gives us by keeping every strand on our head snuggled inside our sweaters?

Could it be that our hair just needs a safe haven from that tumbling snow?

OR could it be that there is no reason at all?

Is it possible that we, the fashionistas, are doing it, "just because (it looks cool)"?

Whatever your reason for contemplating this trend, don't overthink it. Sometimes it's best to give it a shot and see if it feels like you. The benefit of looking just like a fashion girl? Well, that's just gravy.

Happy New Year!

(and ponder it),


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is Boxing Week

The inevitable Christmas post is finally here and although the holiday is not in my Jewish family heritage, I can't help but get in the spirit. There are sparkling lights adorning the streets, a jumbo snowman on my street corner, fifty different versions of "Last Christmas" replaying in my head, and Christmas movie promotions all over Netflix. It's unavoidable. Christmas is everywhere (except on the ground in the form of snow and for once, all Montrealers are mourning over it). While it may be a green Christmas this year, there are still certain things that Mother Nature cannot take away from us (like Christmas-themed cupcakes). So whether we receive a little sprinkle of Christmas dust on Friday or nothing at all, people will still unite with their families in honour of the much-commercialized holiday, ideally giving it deeper meaning than the association with shopping it has come to represent. I, myself, will be spending time with my family since it is a national day off and everything is closed anyway.  While mine may not involve Christmas trees and presents, the end result of family unity will be the same. This year, I have chosen to define Christmas in my world.

Here is what it means to me:

Michael Buble's voice radiating through store windows, singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You", serenading every window shopper around. All I want for Christmas is you, Michael Buble.

Elaborate Christmas displays in department store windows. If you don't stop and stare for at least a minute, you may in fact be a fashion grinch in disguise.
Endless shopping, just because I'm on holiday. Even though you aren't shopping for gifts, you can justify every purchase you make as "getting in the Christmas spirit". Nothing could be more wonderful.

Fluffy Santa-themed lingerie merely meant to get you in the mood, screaming "try me, try me".

Sequins. So many sequins. All day, every day.

Love, Actually. But actually, the film.

Friendlier people. This may be the only time of year when your grumpy next door neighbor will wish you happy holidays filled with Christmas cheer.

The last hurrah before the year comes to an end and you can make some resolutions you'll most inevitably break by February.

Chinese food.
Just kidding.

BOXING WEEK: The seven day reward for your non-stop spending in December. Even though you thought you were all shopped-out, you just can't resist another sale, can you?

Happy Holidays, lovelies!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Magical Third Element

Hello lovely readers,

I'm back after a four month hiatus with a deep and heartfelt apology. Due to foreseen circumstances (school, work, and other highly significant stress inducers), I put the blog on hold and am full of regret and a powerful new craving to write. Hopefully, this powerful new craving will translate into something magical in today's post.

Speaking of magic, for the last few months, I've been trying to determine what sets a fashionista apart from the rest. Don't get me wrong. I think we are all equals and that was in no way meant to place the fashionista on some kind of pedestal encrusted with Swarovski crystals (if it must). What I am inferring is that there is something special that makes one look at a girl on the street and exclaim (in our minds, of course), "that girl is a total fashionista" (perhaps in more natural-sounding words).

The question is: what is it? What is that magical element?

After much contemplation and a tad bit of research, I discovered that it must be her "third element". While my foray through Paris led me to believe that less is more, Montreal is all about "a little bit more is better than less". Allow me to explain.

When I get up in the morning, I have my outfit planned from the basic blue jean to the little black dress. However, once I am dressed and ready to go, I often feel like there's something missing. That feeling should not be ignored, my friends. Sometimes it's a sign that your outfit is incomplete and requires a little extra something to make it capital f Fashion. While anyone can throw on a pair of jeans with a basic white-tee (i.e sweater), it takes a fashionista to find that one extra piece that can attract onlookers and lead them to believe she is worthy of the title.

Here are some examples of pieces you may add to make your look go from regular to fashion girl (if those are indeed your aspirations):

1) A belt (preferably one with some fringe or some elaborate buckle)

2) A statement necklace (for those times when you have no clue what to add)

3) A fur vest (it's almost winter and you know you'll thank yourself later)

4) A scarf (because all the cool french girls are doing it)

5) A hat (if you claim to have a hat head and nobody has told you otherwise)

6) Funky socks (only when appropriate and can be shown off)

7) A headband (if you're feeling a bit nostalgic for Blair Waldorf)

So, ladies and gents (but probably mostly ladies), I challenge you to add a third element every day for one week. And believe you me, this is a challenge because I have tried it myself. If you can pull it off, you may put on the fashion girl crown and prance around the streets like you own the place (respectfully, of course). Have a lovely week and ponder it.



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Paris, London, and Me

It's been a while, but I'm officially back on the blog and ready to go straight up diary of a fashionista this season. With summer coming to an end (sad face emoji), I'm way more excited for fall than I should be because fall fashion is my absolute favourite kind of fashion. I'm thinking bulky sweaters, sexy over-the-knee suede boots, and a faux fur fall coat. Just the thought makes my heart jump a little bit.

This summer, I traveled to Paris and London, two of my favourite fashion capitals. Of course, I couldn't help but explore every single shop I spotted from the corner of my eye. From the Stella McCartney near my hotel to Chanel's flagship in Paris, I finally reached my own personal heaven (a healthy blend of the two cities) and was reluctant to come home.

During my short stay in each city, I learned a few things. For one, everything they tell you about Parisians is true. Simplicity is the key to true elegance, and let me tell you, those Parisians are the masters of elegance. As for England, 'tis the land of sweaters and rock n' roll.

While dressing light was essential in Paris due to the warm summer weather, the constant London drizzle made it imperative to get those fall clothes out immediately. Thankfully, London is amazing, so don't let that weather discourage you.

My favourite part about Paris and London is that their personalities are so distinct (as seen through the weather alone). Though crowded with tourists at this time of year, the locals remain recognizable solely based on their garb. Neutrals tones and classic cuts are the epitome of Parisian chic, while Londoners remain intent on breaking the rules by mixing prints and fabrics with each look (faux fur was a popular choice).

Zara London
While one may criticize the other, whether for being too minimalist or too eccentric, their opposing personalities is exactly what qualifies them as fashion capitals of the world (other than the abundance of luxury fashion in the vicinity).

Though I personally identify with the unruliness of the British, I appreciate that je ne sois quoi possessed by most Parisians. There's nothing more liberating than the no makeup makeup look and Parisians do it best while dressed to the nines. Unfortunately, effortlessness is not in my DNA, and my outfits in Paris were some of my most thought out ever. Clearly, I'm no match for a true effortless Parisienne.

London was even more of a challenge due to the unpredictable weather conditions (or rather, constant rainfall) that seemed to mimic British style. In a land where sweaters are often worn with shorts and boots are a summer staple, my ignorance was certainly my downfall. Thankfully, matching is unnecessary when in London and one good sweater can be worn with just about anything. Though wearing the same thing every day may seem boring and repetitive, the challenge to create multiple looks with that one piece adds a little thrill to dressing up every morning (or maybe I'm just telling myself that for reassurance). Next time I go to London, I'll be sure to pack accordingly.

121 Regent Street - Burberry Store
If you're unsure of how to pack for a summer trip to Paris or London, here are some tips I picked up along the way.

When in Paris:
1) Less is more. Make that your mantra.
2) Neutral tones are everything.
3) Let your femininity shine. Dresses are the preferred look for summer, so scrap the shorts.
4) Bring a cute hat to protect yourself from the sun and look good doing it.
5) Bring comfortable footwear, but also, a chic pair of heels for your nights out.

When in London:
1) Be prepared for every possible weather condition.
2) Also, bring your sexiest outerwear (it will be your main look).
3) Sun hat is to Paris as rain mac is to London, so accessorize wisely.
4) Pack more than one pair of pants (I learned my lesson).
5) Matching is not essential. You're in a fashion capital and a foreign country. Let your creativity run wild.

Ponder it,


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#ForTheSakeofFashion: Booties In The Summer?

If you live in a warm country (which I do not), you may be faced with the following dilemma. Can I still buy a pair of boots? What if they're cute Chelsea boots? Is this purchase justifiable?

Your answer is most definitely yes.

Though it may seem like an illogical purchase in every way, little booties have become a style statement. Even those of the over-the-knee variety can now be worn with a mini dress for a different effect altogether.


We've all seen the Mileys and Caras of this world sport some combat boots with a pair of shorts. Depending on whether or not you live in L.A, this can be permissible. In fact, it's almost encouraged, especially when combined with an edgier outfit.

Whether a pair of peep-toe booties for a night on the town or combat boots for your daily shopping excursion (or monthly, depending on your level of addiction), boots have transformed into a year-long versatile look that never goes out of style. Sometimes you're not in the mood to wear a sandal, possibly because you haven't had the time to redo your pedicure. No matter. Boots are here to rescue you from a chipped nail fiasco.

Sure, the sneaker is the most logical alternative, but as I always say, fashion should (almost) NEVER be about logic, but rather about playful creativity. In other words, you should be wearing booties #forthesakeoffashion and not because it's cold outside. In fact, the cold should not dictate how you dress (for the most part). You should control the weather by wearing what you please, when you please. That may be our only way of coping with our weather woes.

So, next time you're considering wearing those little black boots in the summer, don't let warm weather get in the way of your decision.

Ponder it,


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's Talk About Metallic Nails

A traditional manicure generally consists of a red, pastel pink, or nude polish. The boldest amongst us will occasionally try the color of the moment like a turquoise or baby blue for summer and navy or burgundy for fall. For special occasions, a french manicure is a popular look and the reverse french, even more so. Some fashionistas are inclined to go for nail art. I am not one of them. But what ever happened to metallic nails? Have they been forgotten in the mix?

While I am generally inclined to choose a matte colour that suits my skin tone, I've been contemplating metallics and to my consternation, I can't seem to decide whether or not I could "pull this off". Are metallics tacky? Or are they fashion?

When it comes to our jewellery, many of us have a favourite metal, be it silver or gold. Some of us will even opt for a chic rose gold. When it comes to our timepiece, the metal you choose is everything, so you must choose wisely. While we tend to prefer metal for our jewellery to plastic (which can be perceived as cheap and tacky), why is the reverse true for our nails? Perhaps the new chic is metallic gold or silver. 

Now, as someone who is willing to try almost anything when it comes to fashion, I'm tempted to dig into this further and explore the metallic nail. Who knows? It may become the next fall trend to hit the runways and before you know it, bloggers will be promoting it everywhere.

So, next time you hesitate with the tacky vs. non-tacky debate, try it out. If it doesn't feel right, you don't have to do it again. When it comes to your nails, there's always a good polish remover to save you from an awful mani.

Ponder it,


Monday, July 20, 2015

Five Easy Ways To Improve A Basic Outfit

This may look like your average style guide, but it's actually your average style guide simplified. Ever wonder how your favourite model-off-duty (Cara Delevingne) pulls off her basics without deviating into boring territory? Ever wonder how fashion editors stay unique all the time without busting their budget? Ever wonder how you can turn your white t-shirt into a style statement? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have stumbled upon your perfect list. This basic guide is here to help you pick out the best accessories to compliment your white-tee and jeans. Let's face it, some of us don't have the patience to pick out an elaborately extravagant look every single day and need a little help finding that one piece that can take our outfit from simple to every photographer's dream. Are you ready?

NUMBER 5: The Vibrant Scarf
When trying to figure out what to wear, take your tips from Giovanna Battaglia. This woman knows what she's doing. This may look like a basic grey sweater dress, but Battaglia transforms into a fashion editor extraordinaire with this vibrant printed scarf.
NUMBER 4: Show Stopping Shoes
If it's alliterated, than it's most definitely true. A pair of killer shoes will transform any outfit. Don't be afraid of a wild color (no more black!) and even dare to try a print, because sometimes a crazy shoe is even better than a crazy outfit.
NUMBER 3: A Statement Necklace
Your plain white tee will never look better than with a statement necklace. If you're planning a casual day and have no time to change for your night out, this might be just what you need to prepare yourself for a 5 a 7 with the girls.
NUMBER 2: A Printed Handbag
Preferably, an animal print. Nothing says "I know style" better than a bold handbag. While most will opt for their basic black, some of us prefer to make a statement with a bright pink or some stripes. If your wardrobe consists of basics anyway, who wants a black purse?

NUMBER 1: A Killer Hat
Nothing makes a statement better than some wild headgear. Not sure if you're ready to walk out the door? Add a hat to your look that suits the season. Trust me when I say that this will turn you into an instant fashion girl.
Are you ready for your close-up?

Ponder it,


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An Ode To Summer Hats: The Accessory That Protects You AND Looks Cute

If you walk down the streets of Montreal, rare is the day you spot a girl in a hat. In the winter, it's a whole other story, but that's by mere necessity. Why don't we see hats in the summer as a necessity as well? Let's face it. It's hot outside and my head gets sweaty. A hat just makes it worse. Or does it? While sunglasses project cool vibes (whether worn indoors or out), a hat is a style statement that many are reluctant to make. That's exactly what makes it such fun.

While in some cities, hats may be all the rage. This one needs a hat awakening. When a girl walking down the street in a wide-brim hat becomes too much of a fashion statement, you know the masses haven't yet embraced it. It sets the fashion girls apart because of its ability to draw in everyone's attention and is perceived as a look associated with hipsters or artists.

While this is all true, it's also true that hats protect us from UV rays. While tanning is still rampant, the fashion industry continues to encourage skin protection in the best way they know how: turning it into a style statement. What better way to get everyone on the bandwaggon than to transform a necessity into a playful fashion trend?

While wide-brim felt hats were all the rage last fall, summer is all about chic berets, straw hats, and cool baseball caps. Gone are the days when hats were merely associated with athletes and farmers. With the wide selection of hats our favourite stores have to offer, there's a cute hat for fashionistas with all kinds of inclinations.

So, next time you think you don't have a "hat head", experiment a little longer. After all, the benefits make this one worth it.

Ponder it,


Monday, July 13, 2015

Let's Review Couture, Shall We?

As per my usual custom, I'm ready to offer you a full review of Paris Couture Week AKA The Greatest Fashion Event of the Year (after the Met Ball). Couture is my absolute favorite because it revives the fashion fantasy and reminds us why it's not all about spending money, but about dreams of luxury. This week, as I was watching Jean Paul Gaultier's couture show, my father stepped into my room and scoffed, asking me who would wear any of that? What did I answer? Probably no one. But then again, are museum artifacts for sale? Are they meant to be used in people's homes? No. They are works of art. Just like a painting, an Elie Saab Haute Couture gown is meant to be ogled at, admired, and analyzed. For the models on the runway, wearing these pieces is a dream, but in reality, that's all it's meant to be. People don't make art for money, but for the passion that flows through their veins. This year, we saw some beautiful tulle at Giambattista Valli, a brand new fur-based collection at Fendi courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld, and old school opulence at Valentino. My absolute favorites? Read more to find out.

What's not to love about Zuhair Murad? Some sparkle, some high slits, and deep Vs ideal for the J.Lo's of this world, Zuhair Murad fails to disappoint and always succeeds at making a woman feel glamorous. In his case, this collection is not only reserved for dreams, but for the celebrity Red Carpet. It's for the woman with a princess inside of her who wants to externalize her spectacular personality. This collection showcased some bright reds, turquoise, and the newly popular navy. It was sexy and showstopping so, if you're not a diva, you should probably search elsewhere for your next party dress.
My Favourite Look: 28
Nothing excites me more than the revival of an old house of couture from the times where fashion was just a burgeoning seed. Newly appointed Bertrand Guyon tried his hand at couture after the abrupt departure of Creative Director Marco Zanini and took us all back in time while adding a modern twist. There were midi skirts, plaid suits, and classic blouses for the career woman. Of course, there were also gowns fit for a queen topped with gold accessories for added drama. It may not have been from this time, but the nostalgia factor is exactly what made it special.
My Favourite Look: 15
Would it even be couture week without a breathtaking Dior show? Angelic white gowns, oversized cloaks, and sparkly dresses adorned this runway taken straight from your fantasies. It was a collection of dresses alone and projected a strong femininity and innocent sensuality. Let's not neglect to mention the beautiful set that served as a backdrop for the models. It was a fairtytale come alive with colours fit for a rendition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. You just wanted to enter Raf's world and never leave.
My Favourite Look: 31
I absolutely ADORE Giambattista Valli. It's undeniable that the man knows how to perfectly correlate our girly side with our dark side by combining chunky platforms with florals and infinite tulle. This collection was all about female whimsy with round sunglasses being a focal point accentuated by colourful beads on the frames. Puffy skirts were also a big part of this collection whether on a mini dress or a gown and the pop colours made every piece come to life from the not-so-mellow yellow to a pretty coral. It was a wardrobe made for the flirtatious 17 year old or a young women with an affinity towards the Lolita look. Bravo, Valli.
My Favourite Look: 11
NUMBER 1: Chanel
As if it wasn't obvious that Chanel would be the number one show at Couture Week. It may be a predictable choice, but somehow, Karl always delivers (whether he has one or two couture shows on his plate). While the luxurious furs at Fendi were fabulous, Chanel still reigns when it comes to couture. We were taken back to the days of Coco Chanel with elegant tweeds in a variety of cuts. The setting featured A-list celebrities playing poker center stage while models in cropped brown wigs and their best pastel tweeds walked around them. It wasn't all work and no play though, because at the end of the show, fluffy skirts and overpieces made their way down the runway to add some pizazz. Everything about the show screamed Parisian chic.
My Favourite Look: 53
Which was your favourite this couture week? 

Ponder it,


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Adapting VS Adopting: How Do You Know When You've Taken Trend Guides Too Seriously?

For those of us who read an abundance of magazines (myself included), how do you know when you've taken a trend too far?

What does this mean, you ask?

It means that you can't tell the difference between adopting this trend and adapting to it.

Let's go over some definitions here (taken straight from my computer's built-in dictionary)

Adapt: to make something suitable for a new use or purpose; modify
Adopt: to take up, start to use, or follow

Now, which one do you want to fall under? Well, let's say you see Man Repeller's Leandra Medine in a pair of round frame sunglasses. Subsequently, you see a trend report on round frames in your latest issue of Elle. Instantly, you get this urge to buy a pair because you want to be just like her (subconsciously, of course). This, my friend, is adopting. Now, if you arrive at the store and try on the same pair as Leandra, only to find yourself disappointed with how they look on your face, don't fret. You may not have the same face as she does, but this doesn't mean you can't experiment with round frames. Therein comes adapting. When you find a pair of round frames with wide rims that suit your big personality, you know you've found the ones. They may be different from the ones written about in Elle, but at least they feel like a version of the trend that suits you.

The idea is to pick and choose the trends you want to follow. Now, I'm not asking you to stop experimenting and limit yourself to your classic favourites, but rather, to experiment the right way. What does this mean? It means that it's important to find an item that makes you feel most like yourself while taking a fashion risk. After all, trends are simply guidelines. It's up to you to make them your own.

Ponder That,


Monday, July 6, 2015

My Newfound Love Affair With The Crossbody Bag

Ladies, it's time to let your hands spring free and your shoulders relax because summer is all about loosening up and letting go of that year round tension. Last week, I discovered the beauty of a crossbody bag and it changed my life. It's time it changed yours.

Now, as a smaller than average human, I'm drawn towards mini bags and anything that doesn't overwhelm my body. Unfortunately, there are so many things to carry in my day-to-day life that a little handbag just won't cut it. Somehow, I find myself with a giant purse filled with things I may or may not need to survive my day and I can't seem to get rid of any. Those days are over (for the most part).

I decided to take the leap and purchase a tiny crossbody bag, ideal for only a few essentials. This purchase was a lesson in packing light and selecting only the necessary. Here are some tips on how to do this:

1) Don't bring your entire makeup case. Your lipstick alone will do and occasionally, your eyeliner for quick touch ups.
2) You don't need to always have your entire wallet on your person. Take the cards you need every time you leave the house and you're golden.
3) If you're like me and need reading material, try an e-book. For travelling, you won't regret it.

Best part about this bag? You don't even need to hold it. Nothing in the world is more practical. So, next time you're thinking of stuffing your oversized tote with things, ask yourself whether you actually need every selected item. Eventually, you'll get used to choosing wisely and your shoulders will thank you.

Ponder It,


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is The LWD Replacing The LBD?

For those unfamiliar with fashion speak, let me give you the lowdown.

LBD: Little Black Dress
LWD: Little White Dress

Better? Now, I know what you're thinking. The LWD can never replace the LBD. It's a classic. It may be an alternative in the summer time, but each one serves its own purpose and thus, both are necessary assets to a wardrobe.

But how to choose which one?

In the past few months, the LWD has gained popularity in a variety of forms. From the feminine broderie anglaise to boho lace, off-the-shoulder and loose halters, combined with a killer pair of knee-high gladiator sandals, this look won this summer. If you're bold enough, you may even add a wide-brim hat for the full boho effect. In terms of trends, this one takes the cake.

When it comes to classics, the LBD will always win. Whether we like it or not, black is the most versatile look. It's flattering on blonds, brunettes, and redheads. It's slimming and looks great with gold or silver. No matter the season, it will forever remain in style. Let's face it, the LBD is jeans for the classy lady, the ultimate wardrobe essential. It also doesn't show stains.

However, one can also argue that white is quintessentially feminine and romantic. It can be edgy with the right pair of combat boots and girly with some strappy sandals. Its lightness makes it much less sombre than black and much more attention grabbing while simultaneously being subtle. Can any other colour accomplish such a feat?

The reality is that one of each is necessary. Whether you're sweet or spicy, black or white can be combined with any fashion accessory imaginable to suit your mood.

Verdict? Get yourself an LWD and an LBD. And never for one moment believe anyone who tells you that one can ever replace the other.

Ponder that,


Monday, June 29, 2015

Flats On The Red Carpet: A Do Or A Don't?

Back in the day, the Red Carpet was reserved for Elie Saab gowns and occasionally a Dior jumpsuit (if you're as cool as Emma Watson). While a few have played around with the rules, there is one that seems slightly less flexible.

Can one wear flats on the Red Carpet?

via pinterest
Obviously, we live in a world of progress. Pants are now permitted on and off the carpet. Gay marriage was legalized. Parisians are wearing sneakers. The world is clearly a'changing.

But flats on the Red Carpet? Meh.

It's commonly accepted that after hours of standing in heels, your feet will hurt. If you're Jennifer Lawrence, you may trip on yourself. Twice. Or was it three times? I've lost track. If you're Emma Thompson, you've already said "to hell with it" and discarded your heels in a moment of frustration in front of an audience of A-listers. However, those are the exceptions. Most women will never dare walk a Red Carpet event in anything but their classiest pair of shoes. Whether they are wearing a floor-length gown that hides them or even a tuxedo Diane Keaton style, high heels are always a MUST.

But what if they weren't?
What if someone decided to break the rules?

Sure, heels elongate your legs and make them look 10 miles longer, but what of comfort? What of elegant flats that don't deter from the centerpiece that is your dress? Could this possibly be an underrated concept?

Fashion is about crossing boundaries. It's about inspiring people to change their mind about something they once deemed unacceptable. It's about shortening hems, removing the corsets, and allowing women to move with ease. And isn't that the purpose of flats? Fluidity of movement? Are flats a stepping stone in the feminist debate?

Ponder it,


Thursday, June 25, 2015

When Are Face Nets Coming Back In Style?

Some associate this look with British royalty and others with brides. I, however, see it as a fashion statement that needs to be revived immediately.

Let me begin by saying that I'm a hat girl through and through. I love a great headpiece to decorate your er...head. From girly bows to chic headbands, even a good hairpiece sparks my attention. My question is:

Why is it so underrated?

A look best kept for special occasions, the "hair net veil" is ideal for the current wedding season. It offers a look of mystery and old school elegance that's lacking in today's society. With the rebirth of period dramas in recent years, it's a wonder that this look hasn't yet reached the masses. Though we are currently in the midst of a 70s revival featuring bell bottoms and maxi dresses, fashion tends to look back and with each passing year, we become nostalgic for one that's further and further away from where we are.

This particular trend takes us back to the 1920s flapper girl cloche hats that invited one to add an air of mystery. It's sexy in an understated way with a hint of flirtation hidden beneath it.

Can the face net veil (whatever it's really called) ever return? If it does, will it become the hottest new wedding look? Or can it make its way onto the streets and replace the wide brim hat?

If Beyonce can do it, why can't you?


Ponder it,


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Controversial Relationship With Slides and Their Inherent Ugly Appeal

Happy Tuesday!

In light of recent news that slides are the latest trend to dominate the streets permeated with fashionistas and my ambivalent feelings towards them, I felt that they absolutely must be discussed. First and foremost, until today, slides have been perceived by the general public as a man's shoe. As a self-proclaimed "feminist" (quotation to signal multiple definitions of the word), I'm pro dressing androgynously. I live for pants, pantsuits, tuxedos, and baseball caps. Slides have officially made the list of things women are starting to embrace and although men may not necessarily consider them "sexy", fashion girls are loving them.

Could it be that men cannot imagine women in this type of shoe because it's always been worn by men?
Or is it just plain ugly no matter your gender?

For those of you who don't know, slides are a form of flip flop without the tong in the middle. They resemble slippers, but they are meant to be worn outdoors. They can be straight or crisscrossed. They probably shouldn't be worn with socks, but nobody is stopping anyone from trying.

The moment I saw them on the feet of bloggers, I was appalled. How could they give in to comfort? Should I have seen this coming when sneakers dominated the stiletto? Is comfort really everything or are bloggers trying to turn something ugly into a fashion statement that everyone will be dying to wear? Is this simply a test that proves bloggers own the fashion sphere? Are they all secretly making fun of us for following suit?

Here is the reality fellas. I bought a pair. I gave in and my favourite part about them is, lo and behold, their ugliness. Whether we like it or not, they make a statement and the negative reactions often add humour to my day. Do I love them or do I love the reaction I get out of them? I couldn't tell. Perhaps a bit of both. Regardless, they are in my closet and I've already worn them.

What ugly trend will I love next? Are the ugly ducklings going to take center stage? What does ugly mean anyway?

Ponder it,


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The One-Piece VS The Two-Piece: The Battle of the Sexiest

While bikinis have always been a popular beach choice for everyone from celebrities to your average neighbor down the street, the one-piece has taken over, my friends, and it may be here to stay. Now that the summer is about to begin, it's time to do that dreaded thing we struggle with every year: shop for a bathing suit.

When it comes to shopping, finding something that suits your body type is everything. Whether we like it or not, our bodies dictate much of what we wear, even more so than our tastes. Bathing suit shopping is no different. When fantasizing about our next purchase, Pinterest may inspire, but body shape makes the final decision.

In today's day and age, when one-piece bathing suits are no longer associated with matronly figures, we can finally feel sexy without exposing our midriff. Though a cutout may not permit the best tanning experience, society has turned over a new leaf, one that recognizes the dangers of tanning and the value of protecting our skin. While bandeaus may still be popular, they are no longer necessary and with the wide variety of choice that exists, bikinis and one-piece bathing suits can now go head-to-head in the battle of the sexiest.

The bikini remains sexy in a conventional way. It shows off the midriff and accentuates your curves. However, the one piece leaves more to the imagination, especially when cutouts are involved. Moreover, even when it comes to bikinis, the waistline is getting higher and reverting to a more retro look. Can it be that imagination is being favored to exposing our skin? Is it time to reconsider our natural inclination towards the two-piece? 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

What Your Sunglasses Shape Says About You

Trends come and go, but there are always a few that catch our eye for a reason we can't explain. When it comes to eyewear, we tend to choose something that best reflects our personality since it becomes our statement piece come summer. As it is the season for sunglasses, let's try to deduce what your sunglasses say about you. Whether you have one pair or five, this may give you some insight if you're looking to try something new.

You lean towards convention and classic looks that never go out of style. Trends don't phase you because you already know what works for you and your inner confidence consistently shines through. Your style can be defined as effortless and easygoing with a bit of edge. You're a total jet-setter who lives for the sunshine.
Your friends see you as the quirky one in the group with the most upbeat personality. You love life, music, and simply hanging out with your friends at every occasion you can. You're a little bit offbeat and you live for good vintage finds. You're a girly girl, but with a slight inclination towards menswear.
You're a little more wild than the average girl and thrive off of risk taking, especially when it comes to your fashion choices. You constantly strive to make a statement and try something new and unexpected to explore different assets of your personality. You're highly experimental and love a good trend to challenge your personal style.

You're a classy lady who loves a good pair of Ray Bans that project sophistication and attitude. You always look put-together and elegant no matter the occasion. You live in your little black dress, but you also love feminine skirts in crisp cuts. You're a no fuss type of girl, but you're also well-dressed at all times. People aspire to imitate your style because of its effortless quality.

Which pair suits you?

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Multiple Things You Can Do With Your Ears

Ears seem like very arbitrary, though necessary, body parts that allow us to hear and listen to others, but they're also a vehicle for ornament. At a young age, parents pierce the ears of their daughters and as these girls grow into a women, there are many other piercings that follow (sometimes). This year, ears happen to be one of the most popular of all body parts when it comes to jewellery. Putting your hair up has never seemed more appealing. In the past few months, I've taken a look at some of the top ear trends of the moment and I must admit, there are many. While some would prefer a more subtle look, others are eager to opt for blingy ear cuffs that make a statement. Curious to know what you can do with your ears this season? Check out my top five favourite ear accessories of the moment.

NUMBER 1: The Ear Cuff
This ultra blingy accessory sparked an interest two years back at the Met Ball themed Punk: Chaos to Couture. Stars like Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller rocked this look like the rockstars that they are and everyone wanted to be cool enough to wear one. While sparkle isn't necessary, it is encouraged for this particular look. After all, it started on the Red Carpet.
NUMBER 2: Front and Back Pearls
Emma Watson wore this Dior look to the Golden Globes back in 2014 and a year later, we're all dying to own a pair. Everywhere you turn, one of these front and back pearl earrings are trending. Though the giant ball in the back may seem awkward at first, seeing it on Emma makes us feel ultra chic and modern doing it. It just goes to show that if you're Emma Watson, you can definitely make fetch happen.
NUMBER 3: One Earring
Looking for an earring trend? All you have to do is keep your eyes out for Emma Watson and her bold ear candy choices. A single long earring may appear imbalanced and possibly a cause of lack of sleep, but in this case, it's intentional. Perhaps its intentionality is precisely what makes it so cool and defiant. Asymmetry has never been so hot.
NUMBER 4: The Ear Climber
This one is kind of like the ear cuff's overshadowed sister. She's just as a bold, but slightly less dramatic. For the woman looking for something unique without drawing as much attention, an ear climber is the latest chic look to decorate the ear. Bonus? You can wear this one every day.
NUMBER 5: The Ear Jacket
This one is called the ear jacket. Why, you ask? Nobody truly knows. The one thing I do know it that it looks incredibly cool, unique, and edgy. Could this be the latest rising trend in ear wear?
Which ear trend are you loving this season? Are you ready to try one of these looks?

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why Are We All So Darn Nostalgic?

When it comes to fashion, it's well-known that designers like to look back in time for inspiration. Whether Dior's full-skirt a la New Look, Coco Chanel's tweeds, or DVF's 70s wraps, we can't help but bring it all back in the Millennium. What does 2015 look like? Perhaps a mix of all the trends we know and love from the past blended into one big nostalgic sandwich. Can we define it? Probably not as well as the other decades. Regardless, designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs continue to innovate and reinvent looks from the past.

In today's fashion scene, many fashion houses have been reinvented by their new Creative Directors, blending the old with the new. Karl has been head of Fendi and Chanel for several decades, the Oscar de la Renta torch has been passed on to Peter Copping, Olivier Rousteing is the Balmain man we've grown to love, and Valentino currently takes its direction from Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. There is a wide array of designers who have taken the helm of these major names in fashion history and without tarnishing the name, they have managed to make it there own.

Though the 70s have made a major comeback this season, we've also seen trends from the 90s resurface. A blend of wide leg pants and crop tops, fringe and patchwork, platforms and bold wedges, have made there way onto the runways and the streets, combining decades in a way that wouldn't have been possible when they were actually happening. As we mix and match our favourites from times gone by, who can help but be nostalgic for a time many of us were not even born? I may have not been alive in the 70s, but how incredible is it that I get to relive it through the fashions?

So, this generation may not be defined by anything per say, but perhaps its undefinability is exactly what makes it special. Maybe being undefined is what defines us today. Can you really put a label on anything when the imagination reaches such heights?

If ever you feel as though it's the end of innovation, stop and contemplate the designers around you. Take a moment to think about what you're wearing today that you couldn't wear then. Yesterday may have been about discovery, but today is about crossing boundaries and putting something together in a way you never thought possible.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The CFDA Awards: Where A Fashion Statement Is A Must

The CFDA Awards were last night and if you don't know what those are, think of it as the ACTUAL Oscars of fashion (unlike the Met Gala which is mistakenly compared to the Oscars all the time). At the CFDA Awards, designers, models, bloggers, and celebrities alike gather in their most fashionable attire to honor fashion by wearing it and offering awards to those who created it. This year, one of my favourite fashion icons of the moment, Pharrell Williams received the Icon Award and I couldn't be more thrilled. As a major fashion event, the CFDA Awards always has a stellar Red Carpet, but rather than offering a list of the hottest looks, I will focus on those who made fashion statements and took a risk that worked.

Shall we begin?

Amanda Seyfried made her statement in a sparkling Rodarte dress. Though I'm not usually one for glitter, the colours and embellishement on this look worked for the star. I may have hesitated on this one, but if it makes you think, you know it made a real statement.
via The Cut
I'm a huge fan of menswear and womenswear colliding, and who better to pull off this look than Jenna Lyons? This jumpsuit may have looked borderline pajama-like, but that's exactly what makes it look so effortless. With a punch of metal in her shoes and leopard on her clutch, she knew just what she needed to give this head-to-toe black outfit that added flair.
via The Cut
The Blond Salad's, Chiara Ferragni, went for a Rebecca Minkoff outfit that confused me a little. Is it a dress? Is it a crop top? Are those real feathers? All these questions brought me to the conclusion that I liked it. She definitely gets points for being unique.
via The Cut
Hanne Gaby Odiele may not have pleased everyone with her Red Carpet choice, but that's exactly what made it so badass and oh-so model off-duty. A sheer dress paired with an unexpected pair of edgy leather shorts make us all want to be cool enough to pull this off. This outfit demands the attitude she possesses.
via The Cut
Devon Windsor also made her statement in a sheer black dress. This Jonathan Simkai outfit had so many layers of amazing on it, I couldn't stop staring. That's when you know a fashion statement has been made.
via Style Bistro
Gigi Hadid made her statement in a gold lame Michael Kors jumpsuit. Somehow, her outfit didn't look like it came straight out of an Austin Powers film, but more like a glamorous modern look that attracted a lot of attention.
via Refinery 29
You can always count on Alice & Olivia's Stacey Bendet to look fashionably eccentric at every event. Statement necklace, statement hair, statement denim, and statement overpiece. Did I forget anything? One can never make too many statements with one's outfit.
via Refinery 29
Choosing the hottest trend of the season to wear at the biggest fashion event of the year may not come off as surprising, but it definitely makes a statement. Rachel Zoe looks stunning as ever in a fringe dress straight out of the Great Gatsby (the modern one with Leo Dicaprio). It may not have been a perfect 10, but it looked like fun, and that definitely counts for something.
via Refinery 29
Binx Walton went for the cutout Hood by Air white dress that was minimalistic, yet anything but plain. It may look like nothing from the front, but it was the biggest party in the back. When each angle looks so different, you know you've made a winning statement.
via Vogue

Introducing Juliette Lewis in Christian Siriano next to the designer himself. A crop top and feathers are so of the moment, but also an unexpected and statement making choice. Though Nina Dobrev also went for the feathered look, this one came out the star last night.
via WWD
Which was your favourite look at the CFDAs? 

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