Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Magical Third Element

Hello lovely readers,

I'm back after a four month hiatus with a deep and heartfelt apology. Due to foreseen circumstances (school, work, and other highly significant stress inducers), I put the blog on hold and am full of regret and a powerful new craving to write. Hopefully, this powerful new craving will translate into something magical in today's post.

Speaking of magic, for the last few months, I've been trying to determine what sets a fashionista apart from the rest. Don't get me wrong. I think we are all equals and that was in no way meant to place the fashionista on some kind of pedestal encrusted with Swarovski crystals (if it must). What I am inferring is that there is something special that makes one look at a girl on the street and exclaim (in our minds, of course), "that girl is a total fashionista" (perhaps in more natural-sounding words).

The question is: what is it? What is that magical element?

After much contemplation and a tad bit of research, I discovered that it must be her "third element". While my foray through Paris led me to believe that less is more, Montreal is all about "a little bit more is better than less". Allow me to explain.

When I get up in the morning, I have my outfit planned from the basic blue jean to the little black dress. However, once I am dressed and ready to go, I often feel like there's something missing. That feeling should not be ignored, my friends. Sometimes it's a sign that your outfit is incomplete and requires a little extra something to make it capital f Fashion. While anyone can throw on a pair of jeans with a basic white-tee (i.e sweater), it takes a fashionista to find that one extra piece that can attract onlookers and lead them to believe she is worthy of the title.

Here are some examples of pieces you may add to make your look go from regular to fashion girl (if those are indeed your aspirations):

1) A belt (preferably one with some fringe or some elaborate buckle)

2) A statement necklace (for those times when you have no clue what to add)

3) A fur vest (it's almost winter and you know you'll thank yourself later)

4) A scarf (because all the cool french girls are doing it)

5) A hat (if you claim to have a hat head and nobody has told you otherwise)

6) Funky socks (only when appropriate and can be shown off)

7) A headband (if you're feeling a bit nostalgic for Blair Waldorf)

So, ladies and gents (but probably mostly ladies), I challenge you to add a third element every day for one week. And believe you me, this is a challenge because I have tried it myself. If you can pull it off, you may put on the fashion girl crown and prance around the streets like you own the place (respectfully, of course). Have a lovely week and ponder it.



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