Thursday, December 31, 2015

#ForTheSakeOfFashion: Starting 2016 With The Hair Tuck

With the New Year rapidly approaching (it's tomorrow, in case you hadn't heard), it's time to start thinking about the trends that will jumpstart 2016. Rather than looking back at the most popular trends of 2015 such as Addidas Stan Smiths, fringe, and floppy hats (to name a few), let's look deep into the future and attempt to predict the next fashion trend to plague the (non)fashion world.

Based on my deductions, it seems that "turtleneck hair" may be the next mind-boggling fashion look of 2016. What is "turtleneck hair", you ask? According to several well-versed fashionistas (such as my personal favourite, The Man Repeller), turtleneck hair is the act of tucking your hair into your turtleneck. Though this isn't new within the fashion world, it has recently grown in popularity for some unbeknownst reason.


Could it be the faux bob it creates that allows us to change our hair without cutting off those beloved locks?

Could it be the cozy feeling it gives us by keeping every strand on our head snuggled inside our sweaters?

Could it be that our hair just needs a safe haven from that tumbling snow?

OR could it be that there is no reason at all?

Is it possible that we, the fashionistas, are doing it, "just because (it looks cool)"?

Whatever your reason for contemplating this trend, don't overthink it. Sometimes it's best to give it a shot and see if it feels like you. The benefit of looking just like a fashion girl? Well, that's just gravy.

Happy New Year!

(and ponder it),


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