About Me

My name is Belinda, but I go by Bella because that’s what they call me at Starbucks. Some know me as the small girl with the red lipstick. And to those I say, “sometimes it’s hot pink.” I enjoy prancing around in high heels at the most inappropriate times and if you catch me in a pair of flats, it’s probably not by choice. In my free time, I like to read classic 18th and 19th century novels on my kobo and watch Mad Men or Downton Abbey (call me nostalgic for a time when I wasn’t yet born). I have an odd fascination with British culture including, but not limited to, the Beatles, Victoria Beckham, Topshop, and Shakespeare. I also have a slight aversion to conventions, which has led me away from red nail polish and into the arms of the purple lip a la Lorde. My irremediable cliché habits include best-dressed lists, coffee, and a shoe addiction. I could write the rainbow, but I prefer to write about fashion stories that invite us to question the unwritten rules of a paradoxical industry that encourages us to break them, while dictating how one should dress. So, argue away. I’d love to hear what you think.

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