Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kate Moss and Topshop: The Best of Great Britain

It's official, your favourite British model has collaborated with your favourite affordable British label. It's a big day for all British wannabes (myself included).

I invite you to scream like a little girl now.

For all those Canadians, at exactly 12pm today, the launch commenced (probably to a bunch of screaming girls like yourselves or perhaps you were there...). This is wonderful news for two major reasons:

1) Kate Moss is the coolest dresser you've ever seen.
2) There will be fringe.


An icon and one of the remaining original supermodels in the biz, we all love Kate Moss for her laissez faire attitude, signature shoulder length blond locks, and edgy sense of style. Apparently, they're starting to call us "Mossaholics" (if you don't know what this is, you can look up "Beliebers", "Gagarazzis" or "Smilers"). Bonus points for those who can guess which fan name belongs to who. But I digress.

This collection with its 70's style vibes will attract fans of the Moss mainly because they are fans of the Moss. As you may know from H&M collaborations, ladies everywhere will sit outside the store for hours awaiting that launch and rustle in like animals merely to grab whatever they can, pay for it, and try it on at home. They probably won't return it because it's a piece from Kate Moss's collection and they WILL make it fit. Do they have to love it? No! They just need to be cool enough to own it. Or perhaps owning it will make them cool. I leave that to you to figure out.

Are you one of these, ladies? Did you attend the launch at the Bay?
Or even better, did you book yourself a ticket to this Kate Moss extravaganza in London? How much of a Mossaholic are you?



P.S If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the launch video live from London and a link to her new collection at the Bay:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some Things Were Only Cool When You Were 12

I'll probably wear this again. One day. Eventually. I'll just keep it.

Tell me that thought hasn't crossed your mind and I'll know you're lying. We all sift through our closet every once in a while only to discover those items we can't seem to part with. You know you haven't worn it since high school, but you worry an occasion might come up and you'll have given it up to the Salvation Army (not that that's a bad thing). If your closet is as tiny as mine, it's probably taking up space you'll need for future items or making you look like you have a lot of clothing when in fact, you don't wear most of it anymore. When trying to justify your purchases, this does not bode well. 
Remember when hoodies were cool?
via justjared
So how do you know when to let go? Here are some rules to guide you through these decisions.

1) Has it been more than 5 years since you've worn it? If the answer is yes, it's time to let go.
2) Is it torn, transparent, or stained with yellow? Get rid of it, please.
3) Is it in your "I don't wear this often drawer"? Probably best to give it away.
4) Is it something you'd be too embarrassed to wear in public? SAY GOODBYE.

Currently, I'm 22 and I'm embarrassed to say that there are certain things I've had since I was 12 that somehow remain in my closet. 
This just won't cut it anymore...
A logo t-shirt that I once thought was hilarious featuring a hot dog and a cupcake.
A pair of loose fitting jeans (eek).
A hoodie with either the words "I Love New York" or my high school logo.
My first pair of Converse.
T-shirts with names of places I've visited (keep those in the drawer).

Do they have sentimental value? Probably not. But, what if I decide to wear them one day? 

So every time you hesitate about giving something away, remember why you're so hesitant. Follow the five year rule. After all, clothing is just material and if it has no sentimental value or you bought it at Forever 21, you won't miss it much.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Fashion in Distress

"I Woke Up Like This" has a twin sister and her name is "Fashion in Distress". These are several ways in which Fashion in Distress differs from her sib.

1) Fashion in Distress is intentional. I Woke Up Like This is accidental.
2) Fashion in Distress is aggressive. I Woke Up Like This is nonchalant.
3) Fashion in Distress is grunge. I Woke Up Like This is Parisian chic.

via weheartit
Despite their various differences, these two have one common trait: they are both associated with an effortlessness that only a fashionista can do right.

In case you're still confused, Fashion in Distress is when you've destroyed your clothing or shoes in a rage or in an accident caused by your own aggression and decided to wear it anyway. You remember those Converse you had back in 2006? Of course you do, they're still in your closet in their distressed form with holes at the soles. But alas, you're still wearing them because according to you, they're even cooler this way. In fact, they're MEANT to be worn this way. And ripped denim is not as edgy as when you've ripped it yourself. It's common knowledge that pre-ripped jeans are for poseurs. How about that yellow tank ripped down the sides that you continue to sport with your bandeau. No, you did NOT buy it at H&M. It was just you and a pair of scissors at your kitchen table.

Fashion in Distress is for the fashion rebel who refuses to follow a trend or purchase a replacement every time their clothes get ruined. The sign of a true rebel? Worn out clothing that you've lived in, stomped in the mud in, got caught in a fence as you were climbing it in. Though it defies the fashion rules of looking proper and put together, it radiates cool vibes due to its "I don't care" attitude that fashion people love.

So, are you a distressed dresser? Will you be throwing out those Converse one of these days in exchange for a cleaner pair?

Ponder that.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pharrellyn Monroe

Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe wore red lipstick and everyone thought it was revolutionary. Subsequently, the red lip became her signature and everyone who followed was merely imitating the Marilyn look. Today, we've got Pharrell Williams and his infamous (or famous) Vivienne Westwood hat that happens to be more popular than the Kardashians. After wearing this hat at the Grammys, the jokes flooded onto social media as some criticized his taste in fashion and others admired it. At that moment, the questions began.
Was this just a joke?
Was he hiding something in there?
Has he gone country?
Is he just looking for attention?

The second that hat hit the red carpet, it got its own Twitter account which is clearly a sign of the times. If a hat is getting more followers than I am, I should probably rethink my entire reason for existence. Insert existential crisis here.

As soon as he decided to wear the hat in his new music video ironically entitled Marilyn Monroe, the hat became his signature, and without it, we can hardly recognize him. A new set of questions now permeate our minds.

Who is Pharrell without his hat?
Is the hat permanently attached to his head?
How many hats does this man own of the cowboy variety?
Is this just his way of compensating for the "Blurred Lines" fiasco according to la feminist?
Will it eventually get old?

None of these questions can be answered and that's all part of the fun. We can endlessly obsess over this fashion statement for a reason nobody can possibly comprehend as it becomes Pharrell's wingman and partner in crime. Would we still love Pharrell this much without the hat? Well, let's just say it was a smart career moves along the lines of Miley's haircut and new bad girl image. Everyone loves a controversial fashion statement. And let's face it, if I'm writing an entire blog post about it, it must be worth talking about. Right?

Good Night Lovelies,


Friday, April 25, 2014

#IconCity: Olsen Twins Fashionably Twinning

Let's discuss the two women who can wear a sack of potatoes and still look fabulous (and they often do): The Olsen Twins. Growing up, I loved the Olsen twins for a number of reasons. 

1) They were freaking hilarious.
2) They knew how to solve every impossible mystery (they were badasses like that).
3) They ALWAYS got the hottest guys.
4) They looked killer in overalls.
5) I'm a twin too and therefore, we're basically part of the same exclusive club.

As a fellow twin, I've decided to omit usage of cliches when describing these two exceptional women. However, I've put them together in this post to honour their distinct senses of style that are equally enviable.

From the days of Full House to a sequence of chic flicks to their current status as fashion designers of two fashion brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, to the new release of their perfumes, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, these two don't seem to have a pause button. Currently, they are style icons that are invited to the hottest shows at Fashion Week and we all just want to be as cool as them. Has anything changed really? Perhaps the fact that they are no longer compelled to dress in identical outfits and can finally express their personal tastes through their style choices. I think it's safe to say that these two have come a long way and their style just keeps getting wilder. Here are some of my personal favourite looks:

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the queens of oversized fashion. From bulky vests to fabulous fur, these two know how to add the perfect layering pieces to a look. The matching sunglasses are an added bonus.
via fabsugar
These two may have their own individual style, but they're always twinning when it comes to their eye-catching eyewear.
via fabsugar
A fur vest and a red lip? These twins can teach us all a thing or two about statement making fashion choices.
via fabsugar
Can I have BOTH dresses please? Is it possible that I can't decide who looks more amazing in this photo?
via photobucket
In these sheer skirted dresses, these two are big time twinning at the 2010 Elle Style Awards. Who do you think is the evil twin? 
Which Olsen's style do you prefer? Are you a fan of Ashley's glamorous and feminine choices or Mary-Kate's boho chic looks? 

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm On Lorde's Team

We may never be royals, but we can be Lorde (sort of). The M.A.C collaboration we've all been anticipating has released it's official launch date (June 5th) and we're all wondering why we didn't have a makeup collection at 17 (check it out at WWD). Go Lorde! It is common knowledge that M.A.C lipstick is the gold medal of lipsticks. Diamond's aren't a girl's best friend; her M.A.C lip collection is. M.A.C is the motherload and Lorde has reached it while we were all at the prom. Clearly, we're all underachievers.
If this realization put you down, don't feel too sorry for yourself because this is actually just a mini collection featuring a bold purple lip colour called "Pure Heroine" and Penultimate eyeliner in Rapid black. The moral of this story is that wearing crazy lipstick makes you a contender for M.A.C. In case you were unaware, Rihanna owns Marilyn Monroe red lips and Nicki Menaj is queen of fuschia land. You either go bold or go home (as per M.A.C's new slogan that I've just invented). You could also try putting together an album of music that crosses all boundaries. If neither of these options appeal to you, you probably won't be getting a collection with M.A.C anytime soon. Maybe Rimmel will take you, but then again, if you're not as British as Kate Moss or Rita Ora, you probably aren't a contender for that one either.

Having your own perfume used to define you as a superior individual, but today, everyone whose anyone has their own perfume. A lipstick collection (preferably with M.A.C) or even just a single lipstick with your name on it is the new emblem of high class. But if you don't aspire to have your own lipstick line with M.A.C, you can always just wear Lorde's new Pure Heroine and hope someone important notices you.

Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Honey, I Shrunk My Handbag

While fall was about the art of layering, spring requires us to shed those layers as we prepare ourselves for the warmer weather that lies ahead. While fall inspired us to put thought and time into our daily looks, spring is about that easy dress that you slip over your head in a bright coral or bold floral print. While fall invited us to try innovative accessories from the various forms of beanies to a Fendi furry purse chain, spring is about minimalism and blending with the natural landscape.

How do creative fashionistas explore their artistic side with such limited quantities of fabric? How do we appear fashionable while exercising minimal effort?

The Mini Bag.

It's a known fact that everything in miniature form is automatically deemed "cute" because it is likened to babies. Who hasn't squealed over a teeny pair of Converse in a store window? Who doesn't fall in love with babies in Burberry trenches fit to size? We all turn gaga at the sight of miniature versions of our favourite things. The mini bag is one of those things. We've all had it with those satchels we've been lugging around all year. There's only so much you can stuff inside your handbag without carrying your entire bedroom. It's time to stop and select 5 items you need with you at all times such as your lipstick, your keys, your wallet, a packet of Kleenex, and perhaps a pair of tweezers. We all have our must-have purse items, but most of us tend to take it to another level. Enough is enough.

Spring is about stepping outside, hands-free, dancing beneath the sunshine in our Jackie-O sunglasses, twirling our full skirts and breathing in the clean air. A large handbag will only hold you back.

Here are some mini handbag ideas for spring:

If you're Whimsical...
A Deck Of Cards (Not Really, Though)
If you're Trendy...
Louis Vuitton Luggage Mini Bag
If you're Sporty...
Chanel Mini Backpack
If you're Classy...
Chanel Crossbody
via Babble
And If you're Wild...
Phillip Lim 3.1 Leopard Pashli Mini Satchel
Time to say goodbye (for now) to that giant go-to handbag and opt for something mini and hands free. Haven't you heard? Cute is the new black.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

I've Got 99 Problems And The Romper Is Occasionally One Of Them

One of the biggest trends at Coachella and spring (in general terms) is the romper. For those of you who don't know, a romper is the summer version of the jumpsuit involving shorts connected to your tank top by more fabric (in simple terms). It's the adult onesie, the cooler overalls, the dress's hipster cousin.

Rompers fall into the adorable category for a variety of reasons:

1) They provide comfort beyond anything you've ever worn before.
2) They can be classy or casual, but they will always feel like pyjamas.
3) You don't even have to plan your outfit. You just slip it on and instantly, everyone's wants your look.
4) The idea of a one piece exudes sex appeal for obvious reasons.
5) It's effortless fashion.

Despite the multiple positive aspects of the romper, you may also encounter some problems when sporting this look.

1) The bathroom problem (self-explanatory)
2) Bra or no bra (usually the answer is bra, but some people have to ponder this)
3) The inevitable question: will I look 12 in this outfit?
4) Followed by: am I too old for this?
5) ...there are no other problems

As you can see, the romper has more pros than cons. Time to hit the stores, ladies.

Here are some romper ideas to try:

The Classy Romper
Inspiration: Kourtney Kardashian
The Floral Romper
Inspiration: Audrina Patridge
The Denim Romper
Inspiration: Karlie Kloss
The Boho Romper
Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens
The Bad Girl Romper
Inspiration: Miley Cyrus
via Pinterest
Are you ready to let the romper into your life? Are you prepared to deal with the problems you may confront? Which romper style is your favourite?


Friday, April 18, 2014

#IconCity: That Other Delevingne Sister

Poppy is that girl who prances around Coachella hand in hand with Cara Delevingne. They look strikingly similar, but somehow, you can't quite place her. She may be her older sibling, but Poppy is the more subdued Delevingne that lingers in the shadows and occasionally models for brands such as Mango, Diesel, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry. Casual. She may be living in Cara's shadow, but perhaps it keeps her sane. A mix of country girl chic and a slice of glamour, Poppy never ceases to surprise her audience with her envy worthy style choices. Let's take a look at some of her best looks.

Yes, those are pants. Only a top model can look that amazing in palazzo pants. Of course, she brings that country twang with her in the form of a fringe cross-body bag.
via fabsugar
Taking a little music to the streets, this piano printed mini dress is to die for. Like a true brit, Poppy celebrates music in the form of fashion at last year's British Fashion Awards. 
via fabsugar
Who else is dying to raid Poppy's pants closet? Yet another pair of amazing pants with sexy slits that tease the onlooker. The cropped black jacket with gold trimming is an added bonus. 
This jumpsuit screams for attention. In a good way. Mary Katrantzou knows how to create a unique print and Poppy knows exactly how to own it. 
Chic Poppy in navy Louis Vuitton at Fashion Week 2012. A punch of red in the handbag and lips are the perfect compliments to her look.
via Getty Images
Do you love Poppy's style as much as I do? Are you a Poppy or a Cara? What's your favourite look from the top model?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Art of Being Sporty Without Being Sporty

Remember the days back in kindergarten when you yearned to be exactly like Sporty spice? No? That's probably because you it never happened. Everyone wanted to be angelic and sweet like Baby or chic and pouty like Posh. Or at least I did.

I was that girl who pretended to play soccer by standing in front of the net giggling with my fellow defence woman. I was the one running to my gym instructor in tears because I got a basketball in my face. I was the one that nobody wanted on their team (no matter what sport we were playing) and was almost always picked last. Let's just put it bluntly. I wasn't very athletic as a child, nor as an adult.

If you were like me (or still are), you can still look like an athlete because it happens to be the biggest trend of the season. Sport chic is the new peplum and nobody can get over it. Every April Issue from Dress to Kill to Elle Canada is shooting models in jerseys and sneakers. What gives?

With the gym craze spreading across the nation, it's no wonder that everyone wants to be fit (or look like they are). Beware. I don't believe in blindly following trends just because all the Jourdan's and Cara's are doing it. Reinvent this look to suit your own taste. Or if you're like me, add a feminine twist.

Here are some of the ways to alter this trend to suit your own girly tendencies:

White Wedge Sneaker
White sneakers have become more popular than Justin Bieber's notorious reputation. Everyone from The Man Repeller to Alessandra Ambrosio is rocking this look. Bye bye stilettos. It's time for a break. And if you're girly like me, a little wedge never hurt anyone.
Jersey Dress
It's time to wear that jersey like you're on a professional sports team and you're the prized player. A sports team that requires a pair of stilettos and a dress. What? Walking in heels is a sport!
The Baseball Cap
I am all girl, but I'm obsessed with this trend. Why is it that a guy can wear a baseball cap indoors and a girl gets scrutinized for sporting (no pun intended) the same trend? Try it in leather for some added edge just because. If anyone asks, you did it #forthesakeoffashion.
The Bomber/Varsity Jacket
If you didn't know this was the latest trend, you've probably been living under a leather-clad rock because the bomber is the new moto. Since this looks like your non-existent boyfriend's jacket, you can make it feminine with a flared summer dress and you won't look like a try hard.
Sport Socks
Because socks are EVERYTHING. Every fashion girl knows that.
via Teen Vogue
And that's how girly girls do sporty. Take it or leave it.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Woke Up Like This: It's A Phenomenon

Hope that all my fellow jewsies had a lovely holiday. And for those celebrating Easter, hope your holiday is filled with just as much excitement and noise as mine was. On another note, let's talk about a phenomenon that's been sweeping the fashion nation: I Woke Up Like This.

via The Blond Salad
It's not just that sweater you stumbled upon at Forever 21 and thought 'this is the cutest thing EVER' (although it could be if you're lazy enough). It's an actual fashion movement that involves bedhead, a sprinkle of normcore, and Birkenstocks. At Prada, models walked down the runway with wet hair and all I could think about is how many times I'd have to wet my hair in the same day to maintain that look. Then Marc Jacobs popularized the Pyjama suit and I was just confused (is it acceptable to step out of my house in my jammies and a pair of stilettos?) THEN normcore became the new IT trend and I could not believe that people were just giving up on fashion altogether.

HOWEVER, this phenomenon is NOT as simple to pull off as you may think. It takes a lot of effort to look effortless to the average passerby. You don't want to look like you've been living on the streets, do you? So how do you wear this look without appearing as though you haven't showered in 6 months? How do you make people believe you didn't try hard to look this cool? Here are a few tips:

1) If you decide to wear a pyjama suit, add some simple stilettos to give it a sophisticated touch.
2) Combine that wet hair look with a killer pair of sunglasses and a bold lipstick.
3) If you're going to wear Birkenstocks, try it with a sleek leather jacket and boyfriend jeans for an effortlessly cool biker chick vibe.
4) You don't need to brush your hair, but run your hands through it and flip it a few times for that messy sexy look.
5) Just look at Kate Moss and imitate. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taking A Break From Fashion To Talk About Passover Finals (Sort Of)

With finals rapidly creeping up on us and the holidays coinciding with that last dreadful month of school, fashion tends to take a backseat, for some people. It's Coachella 2014, but I'm sitting at a computer typing a paper and contemplating the lack of bread in my life in the days that will follow. Alexander Wang is collaborating with H&M, but I can't even dwell on that piece of news because I'm too busy trying to fix my haywire printer (which happens to have a mind of its own) and thinking about how I'm going to get everything done before holiday dinner. The MTV Movie Awards are happening, but best-dressed lists are being replaced by a seriously long to do list that comprises all the tasks that need to be completed in the next 24 hours.

I just took a breath.

The truth is, fashion is ALWAYS on my mind, even if it happens to be in the teeny tiniest way. I can't help wondering what everyone's wearing at Coachella and what it would be like to be there right now instead of the confines of my bedroom. I'm dying to check out Alex Wang for H&M because he's one of those designers that exudes cool vibes. And as for the MTV Movie Awards, Twitter provides me with all the information I need as I take ten minute breaks between paragraph editing.

The art of multi-tasking creates the balance needed to lead a fulfilling existence that prevents depressive behaviours. So, in this dire time, I encourage you to contemplate your holiday outfits, think about what you'll be wearing to school tomorrow, stay involved with Coachella updates, get mentally excited about Alex Wang to stimulate your writing capabilities, and perhaps check out the red carpet hits and misses  tomorrow. It may be exam season, but it's important to remember that fashion keeps us sane (or maybe that's just me).

Good luck on your exams. Happy Passover and Happy Easter. Keep calm and get excited. It's a festive time. Let's indulge.


Friday, April 11, 2014

#IconCity: Mindy Kaling Is My Soul Sister

I absolutely adore Mindy Kaling for a number of reasons.
1) She's smart.
2) She's funny.
3) She's an incredible writer.
4) She's 100 per cent herself. No bullshit.

Not only did Mindy just casually WRITE HER OWN SHOW, but she happens to be the leading lady with a killer sense of style. I've loved her from the moment she stepped onto the office as Kelly Kapoor and currently, I have a girl crush on Mindy Lahiri. Her on screen characters are relatable and every girl next door, which makes her every woman's icon.

Here are some of her best looks:

Because burgundy looks GORG on Mindy. And because she's wearing leopard stilettos. And because she's accessorizing with a smile. We LOVE her.
via Pinterest
Mindy clearly knows how to pick her colours. This baby blue dress is uber classy and the punch of green at the centre is a sign of a true stylista. Let's not forget those radioactive shoes.
This girl can sure rock a romper. Love this look from the Despicable Me 2 premiere. A bold neckline and classic blazer are the perfect compliments to this outfit.
Pretty dress? Check. Sexy stilettos? Check. Pretty woman? Check.
And finally, one of my favourite and her most recent look. Love the crop top and pencil skirt combo. Let's not neglect to mention those gorgeous Louboutin stilettos.
via Refinery29
Do YOU love Mindy's style as much as I do? What's your favourite look?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Window Shopping Syndrome

Do you ever get that sudden urge to shop, but your bank account won't permit it? Do you try to justify yourself by saying "I just want to see what's out there" when you're really hoping for a love at first sight moment? Do you eagerly anticipate the arrival of a new season to check out the new store windows for eye catching pieces?

You have window shopping syndrome.

The funny thing about window shopping it's that it has that "look can't touch" quality that makes it all the more enjoyable, much like muscular arms. It's eye candy and a total tease, but its desirability is precisely what forms its appeal.

Why we torture ourselves, you ask? I couldn't tell you. The truth is, window shopping is an illusion. We all think we're going to just stop by and peruse our options, making a mental wishlist. In reality, we're hoping to fall in love with an item of clothing and purchase it on impulse. No matter how little money we have in that account, sometimes it's worth it.

Today, I decided to take a break from paper writing to check out the shops and "prepare myself for summer". This preparation generally involves online window shopping followed by store appearances to get a quick glance of what I want to buy. I like to call it "living on the edge" because the will power that's required for window shopping is at a supreme level. However, I'm a little dangerous, so I occasionally like to tease myself without any intention of buying (only a tiny one). If the opportunity arises, I may concede to my desires.

As a major advocate for window shopping, I think it is an excellent way to map out that future wardrobe. If you shop once a year, you may miss out on some of the best pieces. It also ensures that you know when the deals are coming and how long items have been in store. So, take a mental note and prance about the shops. It's time to indulge, ladies.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Hair And My Crayola Box Have A Lot In Common

When I was 16, I finally felt like an adult (even though I wasn't even legally an adult...). There's something about that sweet 16 that feels different. You've crossed the bridge of preteen anguish and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as you enter your teens. That year, I decided to cut my waist length locks, donate them to Locks For Love, and sport a brand new shoulder length do. When I stepped into school that day, my friends were in awe at my bold decision and the squeals of excitement awoke my internal butterflies. For the first time, I had made a brave decision about my hair and I felt as though my entire world would change.

For a woman, hair is not just a series of strands that fall down your head. It's our power source. However, it does not define us. When we're about to take a big step in our lives, many of us opt for a dramatic haircut as a symbolic gesture to mark this moment in time. It has the power to completely change our mood and it's as easy as a pair of scissors. Sometimes, in moments of passion, we allow our siblings to snip at our bangs or perhaps we accidentally get gum in our hair and need a quick fix. When those locks tumble to the ground, we often shed a tear and when anyone compliments our mane, the joy wriggles through our bodies as we offer a shy "thank you". Hair is everything and if a hair salon is easily accessible, it makes change all the more enticing, hence why celebrities changes their hair like underwear.

Last year, the pixie was the biggest celebrity hair trend and as it trickled down to the public, it became a sign of an empowered woman with enough sex appeal to pull off a shorter do. Before that, ombre was the fad that every girl wanted in order to be simultaneously blond and brunette (best of both worlds, right?). And before that, every woman was changing her bangs on the fly to get that playful look that they provide. These past few months, it's been all about the colour. And I'm not talking about bleach blond.

Recently, Nicole Richie went lilac, Kristen Stewart went burnt orange, and Katy Perry just introduced her slime green locks on Instragram. It turns out, all the celebrities have spring fever and what better way to indulge in the disease than with one's hair? Will this look make its way to the general public? How far will people go? Will hair become a flavour of the week? What colour is next? Is Rihanna's bright red look so five years ago?
All I know for certain is that I probably wouldn't go green. Perhaps purple heads have more fun?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

End of Term Blues, Greens, and Pinks

The decision to wake up in the morning is becoming increasingly difficult as the term comes to a close and sweatpants seem to be the only appealing article of clothing in your closet. Your brain is clogged with information and there simply isn't space for fashion choices.

Karl Lagerfeld once said: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants".

There's something about sweatpants that smells like defeat (not just because you couldn't run as many miles on the treadmill as you'd hoped) and the stench follows you throughout the day as each task becomes more and more daunting. The desire to select an outfit diminishes as your internal anguish translates into your wardrobe. You don't have time to fix your hair, so what's the point of wearing something cute? Your patience is limited to a quick dash of eyeliner and perhaps some lipstick, but somehow, you still don't feel refreshed.

The reason: Exams.

During exams, fashion dies. We hibernate in the library and study for consecutive hours devouring one coffee after another to stay awake. But, we CANNOT allow this to happen. It's time to stop letting your exam stress dictate your fashion choices, or lack thereof.

Let's all take a moment to remember that it's spring. The warm weather is approaching, the grass is getting greener, and the sun is getting brighter. It's time for pastels and bold florals. Don't let your mood permeate your wardrobe, but invite your wardrobe to save you from your misery. Bright colours release endorphins and can potentially stimulate your brain flow. Colours are known to ignite a variety of emotions in human beings, so get rid of those blacks and greys in exchange for oranges and pinks. The brighter the wardrobe, the brighter your future.

Good Luck!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Are You A Trendista Or A Fashionista?

My obsession with quizzes and categories has finally translated onto my blog. We're all dying to know if we're a high heel or a sneaker, if we're more Kim or Khloe, and if we're an apple or a peach. Quizzes have become integral to identity formation and thus, it's crucial to ponder our responses to achieve accuracy. One of the most important questions that every fashion girl must ask herself is: am I a trendsetter or a trend follower? Fashionista or trendista? Do I really like leather pants or do I find them atrociously sticky and uncomfortable? Will I be wearing combat boots just because I saw Olivia Palermo wearing them (something I've never seen her do)? Do I have my own personal style or have I gone through my entire life listening to the dictates of fashion designers when constructing my wardrobe?

Enter existential crisis here.

Today is your lucky day. I've decided to create a short quiz to help you find out where you fall. If you're a fashionista, embrace your bold nature and continue to shine. If you're a trendista, make sure that you're conscious of your ways and certain that this is where you'd like to be.


1) What Kind Of Bag Do You Own?
a) Michael Kors, duh.
b) Celine. Because I'm a rich bitch and it's really beautiful.
c) Um...Urban Outfitters? With fringe...

2) What's Your Favourite Spring Nail Colour?
b) Neon. Neon. Neon.
c) Depends on my mood.

3) What Do You Think Of The Peplum?
a) SO last year.
b) Timelessly classy.
c) Hell no.

4) What Jacket Are You Planning On Wearing This Spring?
a) Bomber, obvi.
b) Denim.
c) Same one I wore last year...with a few more patches.

5) Who Are Your Favourite Designers
a) Michael Kors, Chanel, and Herve Leger
b) Celine, Isabel Marant, and Marc Jacobs
c) Prada, Mary Katrantzou, and Peter Pilotto

6) Have You Ever Heard Of Canada Goose?
a) Um yeah. I own like 6 coats.
b) I don't live under a rock.
c) Yeah. Every other person on the street owns one. TURN OFF.

7) What Are Uggs?
a) My favourite brand of boot.
b) UGGly
c) Boots every girl has in her closet. Not me, though. I don't believe in boots.

8) Do You Believe In Normcore?
a) No.
b) Normcore is my middle name.
c) Now that it's a trend, I'm not sure I do.

You're a TRENDISTA...with a captial T. You make it a point to know about all the latest trends and follow them religiously. The newest bag just landed on the racks? You NEED to have it. You're ready to spend the bucks on the best brands in the market. But does everything you wear reflect your personality? Not always, but you don't care as long as everyone wants what you have.

You're in the MIDDLE. You like to check out the trends for inspiration, but don't consider them to be the holy bible. You're willing to experiment, but if you don't like it, it won't land inside your closet. You probably own at least one covetable item, but for the most part, you try to stay true to your own personal style. Perhaps you are undefined, but that doesn't bother you.

You're a FASHIONISTA. You love to fantasize about your favourite brands, but you know you probably can't afford to wear them. You take everything as inspiration for your DIYs. You know who you are and aren't afraid to make a bold choice despite public opinion. You may commit fashion crimes every once in a while, but that doesn't stop you from owning everything you wear.



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Are You Going To Coachella? Yeah, Me Neither.

Everyone's talking about Coachella like it's the Royal Wedding and naturally, I'm inexplicably addicted to Coachella talk. The strange thing about the Coachella Film Fest is that it is one of the only famous celebrity parties that does not require a gown. It's the Grammys in denim cut-offs and nobody gets to take home an award. Last year, Diane Kruger was spotted wearing H&M shorts (and when I found those shorts, it was the best day of my life, guys). The problem with celebrities wearing fast fashion is that it makes us believe that common folk can attend Coachella, even though it remains reserved for the fashion elite. It's actually just an excuse for celebrities to dress like hipsters or like it's 1975, except the cause isn't revolution. It's music.

Essentially, Coachella is a reminder that we are all human and that the one thing I have in common with Alessandra Ambrosio is that we both love our indie music. In Montreal, we have Osheaga. There are no real celebrities attending nor paparazzi snapping shots of classy ladies in short shorts, but simply Canadians reaping the benefits of summer in their scantiest garb. 

What do these two events have in common?

Both Osheaga and Coachella are celebrated in the spring/summer months, giving us a reason to shop for some ripped denim, gladiator sandals, tribal tops, and rompers (not that we need an excuse). We've all got spring fever and with that comes the Coachella disease. 

Last week, I stepped into Winners and found myself drawn to a pair of pale denim cut-off overalls. 

My thoughts: "I would totally wear that to Coachella" (followed by a series of tank top ideas scampering around my brain).

No, I am not going to Coachella, but fashion is about fantasy anyway, isn't it? Perhaps it's merely a reason to celebrate the approaching summer heat that we're all anxiously anticipating. This month, I invite you to indulge in a pair of denim shorts in honour of Coachella. Let's all get in the mood as we celebrate the one thing we all have in common as human beings: a deep appreciation for summer. Okay, I'll stop saying Coachella now.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, April 4, 2014

#IconCity: Man Repeller Does NOT Repel Me

Let's ignore my awkward play on words for a second and take a moment to honour Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller, a blogger who is awesome for a number of reasons. In a few short years, she managed to launch a website, invent a new term, spread trends like a designer, and write her own book about her love for overalls (and her life and such). How much have you done in your early twenties? Don't beat yourself up over it. Most of us aren't quite so accomplished, but we can still learn from her bold style choices to take a few risks and perhaps rise to the ranks of Leandra (or try). Several months ago, I wrote about my experience reading her book when I came to the realization that she was clearly my spirit animal. For dresses on pants, for the white sneaker revolution, for drop crotch pants and those of the high-waisted variety, let's all honour Leandra's fashion choices by observing five of her best looks.

Are you ready for this?

This look may date back to 2012, but it's still totally chic. The Ostwald Helgason colour blocked skirt is beyond amazing and of course, the matching blue sunnies are the perfect final touch.
How cute are those furry lil' shoes? Taking the pyjama trend to another level in Marni for H&M and Alex Wang shoes.
via Man Repeller
Too cute for words much? Though Leandra is known for her masculine twist on women's clothing, she loves to bring out that girlish side with a skirt every once in a while. An advocate for Tibi, it's no wonder she selected this one from their collection.
Spotted at Fashion Week in this white shirt dress and a bold gold choker. Who else is obsessed?
Nobody looks this cool in a sneaker. Leandra teaches us how to take a break from those high heels while remaining stylish.
That's all for now, folks. If you want to check out more of her style shots, check out her blog The Man Repeller