Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's A Normcore?

via Vogue UK
The fashion industry is not only known for dictating fashion trends from the latest runways, but also for inventing new terms to describe the ways of the fashion people (yes, we are a people). Eventually, there will be a fashion dictionary (if there isn't one already) and nobody will understand fashion speak without one. It'll become a course offered at universities such as Harvard and Yale involving translation classes for those who wish to pass on their knowledge to future fashion girls. And like "selfie", words will slowly be added as the years progress and technology advances. The newest addition? NORMCORE.

According to Vogue UK, Normcore is defined as a "bland anti-style". It may be a trendy word, but it doesn't believe in trends.

Synonyms: boring, bland, blah, meh, dull, mundane, insipid.
Antonyms: WTF, OMG, WHAAA.

Yes, I am just as confused as you are.

To clarify, normcore is for the classicists. It is a wardrobe filled with recyclable basics that are logo free. To the lady with the Michael Kors MK bag, this is not for you. And to those who loved the Moschino Hershey dress, you won't like this either. However, it has penetrated the fashion world, particularly the M.O.D (models off duty, not the movement).
As a lover of mixed prints and bold colours, normcore is not usually how I like my coffee. However, I do believe that it has certain benefits.

1) If you can't afford the labels, normcore is your BFFAEAEAE.
2) If you're feeling lazy, throwing on a white t-shirt and jeans is the latest laissez-faire look that everyone's coveting (SO Parisian chic).

All the cool kids are doing it. So, let's take a break from our wild selves and radiate cool vibes for a second. There's another kind of fashionista in town.


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