Friday, April 25, 2014

#IconCity: Olsen Twins Fashionably Twinning

Let's discuss the two women who can wear a sack of potatoes and still look fabulous (and they often do): The Olsen Twins. Growing up, I loved the Olsen twins for a number of reasons. 

1) They were freaking hilarious.
2) They knew how to solve every impossible mystery (they were badasses like that).
3) They ALWAYS got the hottest guys.
4) They looked killer in overalls.
5) I'm a twin too and therefore, we're basically part of the same exclusive club.

As a fellow twin, I've decided to omit usage of cliches when describing these two exceptional women. However, I've put them together in this post to honour their distinct senses of style that are equally enviable.

From the days of Full House to a sequence of chic flicks to their current status as fashion designers of two fashion brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, to the new release of their perfumes, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, these two don't seem to have a pause button. Currently, they are style icons that are invited to the hottest shows at Fashion Week and we all just want to be as cool as them. Has anything changed really? Perhaps the fact that they are no longer compelled to dress in identical outfits and can finally express their personal tastes through their style choices. I think it's safe to say that these two have come a long way and their style just keeps getting wilder. Here are some of my personal favourite looks:

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the queens of oversized fashion. From bulky vests to fabulous fur, these two know how to add the perfect layering pieces to a look. The matching sunglasses are an added bonus.
via fabsugar
These two may have their own individual style, but they're always twinning when it comes to their eye-catching eyewear.
via fabsugar
A fur vest and a red lip? These twins can teach us all a thing or two about statement making fashion choices.
via fabsugar
Can I have BOTH dresses please? Is it possible that I can't decide who looks more amazing in this photo?
via photobucket
In these sheer skirted dresses, these two are big time twinning at the 2010 Elle Style Awards. Who do you think is the evil twin? 
Which Olsen's style do you prefer? Are you a fan of Ashley's glamorous and feminine choices or Mary-Kate's boho chic looks? 

Have a good weekend!


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