Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Hair And My Crayola Box Have A Lot In Common

When I was 16, I finally felt like an adult (even though I wasn't even legally an adult...). There's something about that sweet 16 that feels different. You've crossed the bridge of preteen anguish and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as you enter your teens. That year, I decided to cut my waist length locks, donate them to Locks For Love, and sport a brand new shoulder length do. When I stepped into school that day, my friends were in awe at my bold decision and the squeals of excitement awoke my internal butterflies. For the first time, I had made a brave decision about my hair and I felt as though my entire world would change.

For a woman, hair is not just a series of strands that fall down your head. It's our power source. However, it does not define us. When we're about to take a big step in our lives, many of us opt for a dramatic haircut as a symbolic gesture to mark this moment in time. It has the power to completely change our mood and it's as easy as a pair of scissors. Sometimes, in moments of passion, we allow our siblings to snip at our bangs or perhaps we accidentally get gum in our hair and need a quick fix. When those locks tumble to the ground, we often shed a tear and when anyone compliments our mane, the joy wriggles through our bodies as we offer a shy "thank you". Hair is everything and if a hair salon is easily accessible, it makes change all the more enticing, hence why celebrities changes their hair like underwear.

Last year, the pixie was the biggest celebrity hair trend and as it trickled down to the public, it became a sign of an empowered woman with enough sex appeal to pull off a shorter do. Before that, ombre was the fad that every girl wanted in order to be simultaneously blond and brunette (best of both worlds, right?). And before that, every woman was changing her bangs on the fly to get that playful look that they provide. These past few months, it's been all about the colour. And I'm not talking about bleach blond.

Recently, Nicole Richie went lilac, Kristen Stewart went burnt orange, and Katy Perry just introduced her slime green locks on Instragram. It turns out, all the celebrities have spring fever and what better way to indulge in the disease than with one's hair? Will this look make its way to the general public? How far will people go? Will hair become a flavour of the week? What colour is next? Is Rihanna's bright red look so five years ago?
All I know for certain is that I probably wouldn't go green. Perhaps purple heads have more fun?


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