Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kate Moss and Topshop: The Best of Great Britain

It's official, your favourite British model has collaborated with your favourite affordable British label. It's a big day for all British wannabes (myself included).

I invite you to scream like a little girl now.

For all those Canadians, at exactly 12pm today, the launch commenced (probably to a bunch of screaming girls like yourselves or perhaps you were there...). This is wonderful news for two major reasons:

1) Kate Moss is the coolest dresser you've ever seen.
2) There will be fringe.


An icon and one of the remaining original supermodels in the biz, we all love Kate Moss for her laissez faire attitude, signature shoulder length blond locks, and edgy sense of style. Apparently, they're starting to call us "Mossaholics" (if you don't know what this is, you can look up "Beliebers", "Gagarazzis" or "Smilers"). Bonus points for those who can guess which fan name belongs to who. But I digress.

This collection with its 70's style vibes will attract fans of the Moss mainly because they are fans of the Moss. As you may know from H&M collaborations, ladies everywhere will sit outside the store for hours awaiting that launch and rustle in like animals merely to grab whatever they can, pay for it, and try it on at home. They probably won't return it because it's a piece from Kate Moss's collection and they WILL make it fit. Do they have to love it? No! They just need to be cool enough to own it. Or perhaps owning it will make them cool. I leave that to you to figure out.

Are you one of these, ladies? Did you attend the launch at the Bay?
Or even better, did you book yourself a ticket to this Kate Moss extravaganza in London? How much of a Mossaholic are you?



P.S If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the launch video live from London and a link to her new collection at the Bay:

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