Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things Fashion Girls Hate: Rain

You wake up in the morning and flip through the newspaper absentmindedly eyeing the headlines. You stop at the weather. The forecast? Rain on Monday. Thundershowers on Tuesday. 40 per cent chance of rain on Wednesday. You can't bear the continue. And the only thing that crosses your mind is that you're probably never going to get to wear those brand new white jeans. It's not a good day for you.

One of the things we all seem to forget in the winter is that spring is often a series of rain showers. We tend to associate the new season with flowers blooming and grass growing, but why do we always forget the rain part? Selective memory? Other than washing away the snow, rain seems to have no positive properties.

It ruins our hair.
It imposes rain boots on us. Every day.
It forbids us from wearing those light colored jeans we've been looking forward to all year.

In fact, it's a bit of a dictator.

So, how do you fight a dictator? How do we conquer rain?

This seems like an impossible feat due to the fact that mother nature cannot be controlled BUT we can still stay fashionable in the worst weather conditions. Isn't that the sign of a true fashionista? Are you ready to accept the 30 day challenge?

Here are some suggestions:

1) A polka dot umbrella (or floral if you want to be ironic)
So cute, right?
via Flickr
2) Leopard print billy boots (because fashion girls like a wild print)
Obvi with a dab of pink.
3) A Burberry Trench (or an H&M knockoff...whatever floats your wallet)
How chic is she?
via The Blond Salad
4) Rainproof Handbag
Yes, that's Chanel. And it's plastic.
5) A Vintage Head Scarf
A la Audrey Hepburn
So, don't fret. Fight the rain. Don't give up because Mother Nature is probably just on her period.


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