Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I May Have Yellow Fever

Don't panic. I don't actually have yellow fever as defined by Wikipedia. I merely refer to my condition as yellow fever, because I've always hated the colour yellow (gasp). Until now.

For some inexplicable reason, we all have that one colour that we just cannot imagine ourselves wearing. Mine has always been yellow. I associate yellow with the above-mentioned yellow fever, jaundice, yellowing nails, and urine. I also have bananaphobia, which doesn't help my cause. Though I pride myself on not being a trend follower, I've seen so much yellow this season that I think I may have caught the bug. Last year, I warmed up to mustard yellow. I still don't own anything of the kind, but I've decided to come to terms with the fact that it looks good on certain people. This season, I keep seeing yellow and somehow, my brain is sending me signals and telling me that I want all of it.
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Perhaps the fleeting presence of the sun has caused me to fantasize about the colour yellow due to my basic human desire for all things unattainable. Maybe the arrival of spring has inspired me to experiment with colour. The reality is that our likes and dislikes are not a simple science.

As children, we are coerced by our parents and grandparents into tasting a variety of foods even though we'd rather not. Often, there are certain kinds that we can never imagine ourselves eating. For me, it has always been bananas. For a while, it was honey. Currently, I've developed a liking for honey. I cannot say the same about bananas. However, like most people, I've acquired a taste for foods I used to hate as a child. Perhaps yellow is an acquired taste.

Will I ever warm up to bananas? Doubtful. But the colour yellow may find itself in my wardrobe in the near future and maybe that's the first step to getting over my bananaphobia. Sometimes it's best to escape the comfort zone, because as all clich├ęs say, "you might surprise yourself".



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