Monday, May 12, 2014

Celine Is My Chanel

I'd like to apologize for my blog negligence yesterday. I was too busy celebrating mother's day to write about it (like everyone else in the social media world). In case you were wondering, we went out for dinner. It was lovely. But you probably weren't and just like everyone else, I decided to over-share anyway. 

On another note, I've made a very bold statement and you're probably anticipating some form of explanation. As you know, every season, there's an It-bag. In the fall, Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi Baguette was a fashionista favourite along with its fluffy toy accessory. This season, Karl introduced the Chanel backpack and it's rising to it-bag status as we figuratively speak. Some follow these bag trends, purchasing the next big thing every time it hits the racks. Others opt for the traditional Michael Kors or Hermes bag in a classic black that will remain timeless and suit their every need. Many girls are Chanel girls and this is a category on its own. Fashionista or not, everyone has heard of Chanel and if you survey most style conscious women in the upper middle class population, they will probably tell you that their dreams are filled with Chanel bags. Mine are filled with Celine.

Red Celine, yellow Celine, green Celine, purple Celine, beige Celine, whether in its miniature satchel form or as a large tote, if I could buy them all, I'd have a closet full of Celine bags to match all my outfits. The shape is perfect for any woman's lifestyle and undeniably chic. My love for Celine bags is equivalent to Rose's for Jacques Dawson. Romeo's for Juliet. It's powerful, but alas, just like the love between these star-crossed lovers, it cannot be. I'm restricted by my own ability to reason and rationalize. Like the average consumer, I'm torn between my love for fashion accessories beyond my reach and my inability to rationalize such a hefty purchase. As I attempt to justify this type of purchase, I consistently lose the battle against myself. 

Many women will create excuses for themselves. It's my birthday. It's Christmas. I got all As in school. Obviously, I deserve Celine. Right?

I don't fall under that category. When I'm trying to reward myself, I might opt for a shopping spree at H&M. On my birthday, I'll probably hit the 100$ mark and press the stop button. And fashion god's forbid I purchase a knockoff. There's no bigger faux-pas. 

So, how do you actually justify Celine in a normal world? How do the Chanels justify a Chanel bag without the accompanied guilt? How do the Hermes gals justify putting themselves on a waiting list for a handbag that costs more than their rent? Is this merely a YOLO affair? Do we just succumb to debt and proudly sport our new bag at our next family event? Do we sacrifice cheap fashion fixes for the sake of one signature bag? Do we become one of those people with fancy bags and trashy clothing?

Unfortunately, I can't answer any of those questions. All I know is that sometimes the journey is better than the destination. Perhaps we can simply enjoy the dream of those Celines, Chanels, and Birkins. After all, dreams and anticipation are two necessary ingredients to a more exciting life.

Happy Monday! 


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