Monday, May 5, 2014

Why The Met Gala Feels Ridiculously Intrusive

The Met Gala isn't like every other award show. That's probably because it's not an award show. It's like the Oscars without the tedious part (the actual awards ceremony). And isn't the red carpet all we really care about anyway?

For those of you who need a history lesson, the Met Gala is an honorary yearly event that takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City. It's an event that invites celebrities to gather in extravagant outfits based on the theme of the latest fashion exhibit. The event was established in 1971, and back then, it was referred to as the Costume Institute Gala.

The Met Gala is also an excuse to watch celebrities without any other reason, but to judge their outfit choices. There is no performance element, nor is there a glimpse of the actual exhibit, but merely a conglomeration of fashion's elite. Why do we watch it? Because we like to fantasize about the unattainable, the rich and famous, the glamorous world we only know a smidgen about. It often feels slightly intrusive when we find ourselves staring at a screen merely to spot celebrities in designer garb, but what the heck!

This is what last year looked like.
Last year, the theme was Punk: From Chaos to Couture. This year? Charles James: Beyond Fashion.


In case you're as confused as I was, Charles James was a popular couture designer in the 1940s. In other words, he was around way before my time.

Judge my ignorance as you please, but even Marc Jacobs was a little bored by this theme. And the opinion of Marc Jacobs is essentially fashion law. Can you really step into a couture themed ball in a lace dress and boxers? Probably not. Our favourite conscious uncoupler, Gwyneth Paltrow also decided to skip it this year. It's likely she decided she had better things to do as soon as she got the memo about the theme.

So who am I looking forward to spying on this year?

Anna Wintour: Because she'll probably be wearing something very Chanilla.
Nicole Richie: Because her hair is still purple. Not very couture, is it?
Marc Jacobs: Because (hopefully) he'll break the rules.
Sarah Jessica Parker: Because she'll probably be dressed in an over-the-top Carrie Bradshawesque dress.
Lupita N'Yongo: Because everything she wears is a dream.

Do you have MOFO? Are you in dire need of a best-dressed list? Stay tuned tomorrow.

Now, why are you even reading this post? There may be no live streaming this year, but you can still catch the arrivals on Twitter.


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