Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Summer Shopping (Is A) Challenge

No, this is not a contest. Though the title may suggest the hint of a contest, it simply aims to point out the various challenges that present themselves when shopping for summer clothing. Summer is a magical time of year where everyone needs a new wardrobe or a reason to leave the house. It's no longer an excuse to get out of class or kill time between bites of your peanut butter sandwich. It's a requirement or as some like to put it, your reward for a year's work. Whether a fashion girl or someone who's realized that their wardrobe is composed entirely of winters hoodies, everyone races over to the shops to find something lighter to wear for the upcoming warmer months.

Shopping spree?
Now, here's the rub. Everything is transparent, cropped, or excessively short. And if you don't like sheer blouses in short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, crew neck, v-neck, boat neck, you'll probably have to walk home empty handed. You may walk up to the sale's lady only to receive an apologetic look that says: "Sorry, that's all we sell here. But it comes in every single colour". If you're a little more conservative or your style isn't Coachella every day all day, this shopping experience is rather unpleasant. There goes your reward. Maybe you can settle for a lipstick.

So, what do you do? How do you resolve the summer shopping challenge?

Well, I can't redesign all the clothing stores. However, you can pop in more frequently. If you have a moment, step into a store every other week. Check out the merchandise. Keep track of new arrivals. Get thee to a wifi zone stat and peruse the websites of your favourite stores. Or just do what all the cool kids are doing nowadays and shop online. There's always time to check your iphone during your lunch hour, right?

The stores may seem to have all had the exact same ideas this season, but you never know when one might get innovative and present a drop-dead-gorgeous-can't-live-without-it-hit-a-home-run kind of item. It really can be love at first site in that cheesy-cliché-romcom-hollywood-blockbuster-touching-hands-in-popcorn kind of way. And don't we all dream of that moment we find a cheap item that looks expensive? Isn't that how we make all our life decisions?

Think about it,


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