Thursday, May 8, 2014

Obnoxious Logo Shirts We (Secretly) Love

As a self-proclaimed fashion girl, I'm a sucker for a high-end label (as we all are) merely because I stalk too many celebrities and watch too many entrancing runway shows. However, I'm also a realist with a vivid imagination and a limited budget. Admittedly, Balmain is not within my grasp at the current time, nor Saint Laurent. Though I eagerly anticipate fashion month every season to derive inspiration from my favourite designers, I won't kid myself into believing any of it will reach my wardrobe. It's a reality that many of us face as we head over to Forever21 and H&M to pick out cheap duds that will probably belong to the Salvation Army within a year. We know it isn't ideal, but it's just real life.

And then, a new trend surfaces where ladies begin to sport a witty plays on designer names across their chests. As we all know, fashion loves its clichés, but as language becomes more important in the fashion world, clichés are transformed into word play and who doesn't love a #clevernotclever play on words?

Here are some of these notorious t-shirts with a sliver of commentary, because as you know, I can't resist.

Celine Me Alone
Fashion girls love to be moody. Models walk the runways with their serious face on, Anna Wintour only smiles on special occasions, and unless it's a toothpaste ad, nobody is smiling in a designer campaign either. Naturally, "Celine Me Alone" encapsulates exactly what everyone is feeling. It verges on corny, but who's counting?
Verdict: 8/10 (for accuracy)
Where to buy: Etsy
Ballin Paris
Ever since Rihanna became a good girl gone bad, it became sexy to be a so-called baller. I'm not precisely sure what this means. From my understanding, it refers to basketball, but I'm not sure this girl plays sports. Fortunately for us, the amazing thing about fashion is that you don't have to be a baller to wear this shirt. Nobody will question you because you could just claim to love Balmain and that's perfectly acceptable.
7/10 (it's inaccurate, but compensates for getting picked last in gym class)
Where to buy: Alex and Chloe
Homies New York
Apparently, if you add an accent to the E in homies, you get Hermes...(sort of). Conclusion: girls who wear Hermes are major homies. No, they do not like to stay at home nor are they literally homies from the "hood", but they look insanely cool wearing a t-shirt that deceives the eye. Right?
Verdict: 7/10 (inaccurate, but raises coolness status)
Where to get it: The Bay
Comme Des Fuckdown
If Erin Wasson is wearing it, it's probably the coolest shirt ever and you immediately need to own it. In case you didn't know, Comme des Fuckdown is meant to represent "Comme des Garçons". This shirt is proof that when vulgarity is involved, it doesn't have to make grammatical sense (Fuckdown should be plural). People will purchase it for the shock value and frankly, they might have not even heard of the actual designer. Thankfully, nobody will ask because they're too preoccupied with the word "fuck" being worn in a public place where children walk their dogs.
Verdict: 6/10 (inaccurate, nonsensical, and vulgar, but successfully shocking)
Where to buy: End Clothing
via Glamour
Confession: I had to google this one. I could probably decode the word "radar" and assume that had to do with either Rodarte being on your radar or you being on someone else's radar (on account of you being so famous and all). After a thorough search, I've come to the conclusion that we're all still pretending to get it so we don't make a fool of ourselves. In other words, can somebody PLEASE (privately) explain to me what this means?!
Verdict: 5/10 (confused)
Where to buy: Opening Ceremony
Which one would YOU wear? Would you even WEAR this? Is this fashionably acceptable or "trying too hard"? What's YOUR verdict?



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