Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Are You Loyal To Your Makeup?

You've finally hit puberty and the awkward stages are only just beginning. You start to notice girls talking about periods and training bras. Every now and then, you catch your friends using terms like "PMS" and "Brazilians" in every day conversation, but you're still slightly confused as to their definitions. Suddenly, their eyes are getting bolder, their lips are getting sultrier, and their cheeks are getting redder. It's not the sun. They've simply discovered the magic of makeup.

As a young adult, you begin by stealing your mother's makeup from her closet as a means of experimentation. Once she catches you in the act, you have the "talk" and agree to ask her before you decide to borrow her lipstick. At a certain point, you realize that it's time you own a makeup product and fill your own makeup case. Depending on whether you're a little alternative or a pop princess, you opt for a no name brand eyeliner pencil or the new L'Oreal lip gloss you spotted at the pharmacy while your mom was checking out face creams. It was your right of passage, a symbol of your adulthood. As a wise woman we call Britney Spears once said, "you were not a girl, not yet a woman."

But your coming of age is not exactly what this post is about. I'm here to bring to your attention the concept of brand loyalty.

Does it exist? 

There are different types of female consumers. 

The one's who stick to one brand of makeup and buy every product from that company.
The one's who choose specific brands based on the product.
The one's who experiment with different brands to find the perfect fit.
The one's who couldn't care less.

I'd have to say that I fall under the third. An obsessive reader of makeup reviews, it often takes weeks for me to choose my brand of choice. Once upon a time, I would only buy drugstore brands. As soon as I started reading magazines, I became a self-proclaimed makeup snob and decided that Sephora was my new destination of choice. With the abundance of incredible products, choosing one is often a challenging process. 

I know what you're thinking. Do I have the time or patience for any of this? Aren't drugstore brands just as good? Does it even matter?

The answer? Yes. While the au natural look is de rigueur for spring, that only makes it more important to find the right products to ensure you don't look like your makeup is painted on. You may not need to invest in the gazillion products on the market, but choose your top three and take the time to read some reviews. I guarantee that this process will be worth your while. Once you've determined your top 3 most important products (mine are: lipstick, mascara, and blush), you can proceed to purchase any other items at the drugstore. Makeup is about play, so have fun ladies.


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