Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gingham Is (NOT) The New Plaid

It's common knowledge that plaid is everyone's favourite fall print from hipsters to trendy fashionistas. In the spring, people tend to believe that plaid is SO last season. You know you love your plaid, but alas, it reminds you of that Christmas sweater that you'd rather not think about. What do you do?

You find the next best thing: Gingham.

While gingham is a slightly more wholesome print, it bears the closest resemblance to our beloved plaid. It may look like your picnic blanket, but in a way, that makes you feel like summer is finally here and a picnic in the park is in your future. Doesn't that just make your stomach flutter?

Not really though.

Let's get one thing clear. Gingham and plaid are completely different prints and one cannot be likened to the other.
While gingham is for little girls bringing cookies to granny, plaid is for the edgy tomboy eating all the cookies herself. While gingham may be country chic, plaid is for the city girl.

Each print has its own personality and one cannot possibly confuse one with the other. Essentially, girls who wear plaid would not wear gingham because they simply aren't that wholesome.

I, for one, cannot tolerate the gingham print. Sitting for a picnic is less than my cup of tea and as much as I love taking long walks in the park and socking in those rays, eating outdoors will never appeal to me. Gingham reminds me of bugs in my sandwich and worms up my skirt. Not very chic.

So, as a rebel with a cause, I refuse to replace my plaid with gingham. This summer, I will continue to proudly sport my plaid as though it weren't seasonal because frankly, it's just a print. Despite popular belief, plaid is not synonymous with winter. Don't fall into the trend trap.

Happy Sunday!


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