Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How Do You Feel About Overalls?

Due to the 90s revival that began last year, overalls have made an unavoidable comeback. You can finally dress like Rachel Green again. It's a really good day. Or is it?

Some people are nostalgic and eager to take out their overalls from 1997. Others are excited to feel like they're 12 again. And some already look 12, so to the overalls they'll say, "no thanks". In case you were wondering, I fall under the latter category of individuals but wish I belonged to the second. Whichever category you fall under, the reality cannot be denied. Overalls have returned to the shelves of every store and nothing can be done.

But alas, like every trend that stimulates the eyebrow, overalls require figurative balls. A woman who can wear them and own them demands attention. A woman who can wear them with stilettos is of an even higher caliber of human being. Overalls with heels? Unheard of!

If you're contemplating this trend, here is some inspiration to push you past your comfort zone. I guarantee, it's not such a bad place to be.

Wear them with one sexy strap removed like Rachel Green (a.k.a Jennifer Aniston).
via Pinterest
Or like Katie Holmes, Dawson's Creek pre-teen style.
via Pinterest
Try it Olsen style: oversized pants or country girl shorts.
Gather your girls together and get yourselves matching overalls in pretty colours like TLC.
You always have the option of modern overalls a la Leandra.
via Man Repeller
Sold yet? My inner extrovert is tempted. After all, I'm convinced fashion is not meant to be taken too seriously.


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