Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Wear A Floral Without Looking Like Grandma's Kitchen Wallpaper

Every spring, designers bring on the floral print to remind us that the snow is gone (hurray!). Flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, trees are sprouting. We all choose to celebrate by getting our wardrobe inspiration from the natural world. After all, fashion imitates life.

Now, here's the rub. As someone who works at a clothing store, I've encountered three types of women who have issues with floral prints.

1) The woman who thinks that floral prints are for children.
2) The woman who feels like grandma's kitchen wallpaper.
3) The woman who feels like grandma.

Women who love a floral are few and far between. Apparently. It's become a challenge to convince a woman to wear this print because of the above-mentioned reasons. Floral anxiety is a real thing, ladies and gentlemen, and we must overcome this irrational fear. Just because little girls are forced to wear floral dresses to garden parties, it doesn't mean they are reserved for them. If you're grandma is wearing a floral print, she's just vintage chic and you should strive for that look, not avoid it.

Here are a few clues to help you with your floral choices.

1) Larger flowers are a better option than smaller ones. While small flowers are reminiscent of granny's kitchen, large flowers are bold fashion statements. Don't you forget it.

Did this look like granny to you?
via blog.uncovet.com
2) If you're afraid of a floral, you cannot go wrong with a floral accessory. Add a floral printed scarf for a touch of spring that won't scream for attention.

Perfect accent, no?
via glambistro.com
3) Try a floral dress or romper for a girly spring look. If you pair it with a nude sandal or pump, it will go from casual to chic before you can say "grandma's kitchen wallpaper".

Are you also dying for those shoes?
via lolobu.com
4) Combine your floral bottoms with a printed top, say stripes. Nobody has two wallpaper prints on their wall. You'll just look like you know how to rock mixed prints like a pro.

Colour. Colour. Colour.
via thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com
5) If you're going to wear floral pants, make sure your other pieces are in subtle colour schemes. You don't want to scream "hi, I'm tacky."

via fashionstylemag.com
Are any of these women children? No. Are any of them your grandmother? No. Point made.

Which look are you ready to wear this season? Are you prepared to embrace the floral?


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