Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When Backpacks Are On Trend, It's A Really Good Day

You're 12 years old again and the most prominent thought on your mind is that you are about to become a teenager. Almost there, you think to yourself. At this stage in your life, you feel all grown up and you know your life is about to change. You realize that it's time you invested in looking smarter and more sophisticated. While backpacks were all the rage in elementary school, it just won't look cool in high school. So, what do you do? You buy an oversized purse to carry on your shoulder.

On the first day of school, you prance around campus with your brand new oversized tote filled with the bare essentials: a single notebook, a pencil case, your wallet, and your makeup bag. You feel like a real woman as you strut down the halls like you own the place. And then, homework happens and it dawns on you that your school books won't all fit. You try to force your laptop inside and it just isn't working, much to your dismay.

In these circumstances, you're faced with two options:

1) Take out your old backpack and risk looking uncool.
2) Carry the surplus in your arms like all the other girls.

Once upon a time, this was a real dilemma. Today, you can wash away your fears. Backpacks are back and more stylish than ever. When Karl Lagerfeld decided to have his models walk down the runway in Chanel backpacks, it officially became the trend of the year. Taking them out in the springtime signalled that it was no longer a mere school essential, but a trendy street style must-have.

Gone are the days of sore shoulders, backaches, and books collapsing on the ground. Fashion is looking at a more practical future as designers transform this basic school staple into a fashion accessory.

Here are some backpack ideas that will make you want to wear them in lieu of handbags.

The Leather Backpack
It's a known fact that everything made of leather is instantly cool.
via Pinterest
The Whimsical Backpack
Every woman needs one of these on the days where she's feeling her silliest.
The Edgy Backpack
There's nothing edgier than this Chanel backpack and by virtue of being Chanel, it's automatically cooler than every other handbag.
via LA Social Fashionista
The Boho Backpack
This summer is all about fringe. Get yourself a fringe backpack stat to stay on top of the hottest trend of the season.
The Glamorous Backpack
It's leopard. Need I say more?
Which of these are you planning on wearing this season?



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